Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have 14 weeks until we go to Hawaii. Seriously - I am beside myself with disbelief! Consequently we will be coming back Sept 1, which is my outlined start date for IVF. So I have a few countdowns going at the same time. Not to mentioned I never stopped my debt countdown, although I have completely ignored the weight countdown :\) Whatever. Let the new Countdowns begin!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sloshing Back

Alright enough wishy-washy emptiness. In the fall we are doing IVF again. Between work, new primary insurance, and a company discount we can afford it. If not we'll charge it. What is another ten grand right? September. I am ordering my medical records from Walter Reed this week. I'll get a yearly pap, and a new referral - perhaps Tricare will pay for the office visits or something, if not UHC will cover what my deductible doesn't.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sookie Go Bye-Bye

I have a ton of Sookie Stackhouse novels (can you really call them that?) on loan from a co-worker. I am on book two - and there I shall stay! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO 50 Shades of Gray! Just bought the trilogy.... Pray for me - seriously - I just keep reading more and more filth and loving it!

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's A Pain In The Ass

Both sets of parents are here. I am pretty sure that is enough said.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great Parenting 101

At 8:45 today my phone rang at work, It was C. I say "Hey C why aren't you at school?" (he should have left 45 minutes prior) to which he replies "oh that, I don't know, I just called to say hi." 

The sitter never came to get him. I left work in a rush and was able to get him to school by 9:45. An hour late. Please also note that it is Monday, and all Monday's in FX County are half days. C was at school a grand total of 3 hours today.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Oh Man, It is almost summer!!!! We just paid for C's camp, planned our family VK, and mapped out all the fun! Plus I mowed the lawn, took C to CCD, warded off some J-Ws, paid our bills, shopped, and still had time to relax a bit - topping it off - it is only two o'clock. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Funny Things

I heard a co-worker refer to our place of employment as "the fertility farm". If I wasn't part of the IVF patient herd at one time, I may have found that funny. I still like my nick name better. 

Funny things that have happened this week:

C used the word "interpretation" yesterday by commenting "the books interpretation of this movie ..." LOL - sorry kiddo - is the other way around - but kudos for using such big words!

At C's annual IEP meeting today one of the teachers comment on how big C has gotten, to which I added "I know - all of his clothes are too small and the newer ones too big." and then his teacher added "I know - Last week his boxers were below the end of his shorts." Obviously I expressed the fact that S gets him ready for school these days :P)

At the Baby Factory a women asked if she could go into the "collection room" with her husband. I said no and she ask why. I explained that it is against policy and she proceeded to tell me that her husband has a tough time getting an erection due to an accident and he really needs her in the room. I then replied "although I do sympathize with your situation my best advise is to collect the sample and home and bring it into the office at the specified time" to which she replied "well that is gross." ... Really - you'd rather do the nasty in the doctors office??? I was a little baffled.

In other Baby Factory antics: A patient forgot their medication chart on our desk. (happens almost daily) I gave her a call and let her know that she can come by before four or I can fax it to her if she'd like. She said "isn't that a HIPPA violation?" To which I replied "Okay, so you'd like to pick it up than?" Then she went on to tell me how inconvenient that would be and why was I unwilling to make this process easier. I almost started to laugh right then and there but I held off my giggles.