Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pack It On Pack It In

Well we're off to Massachusetts for VK.

There is so much going on lately that I cannot even get it all down. Briefly, me being sick is a biggie, packing, traveling, Christmas, hospital trips, and trying to find time to pack.

More riveting updates to follow. See you next year Dear Diary!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Sickness Continues


I am still sick. Today, I wanted to go out to Bolling AFB to the doctors and run some errands, but it isn't happening. For one: I feel like I am on a merry go round, For two: I actaully have no idea where my keys are.

I haven't taken the percocet today. After last night, I think I need something else. Apparently I got up a decided to take a shower in the middle of the night. I have no recollection of this. Also according to my dear husband, I kept walking out of our room in the buff talking about all kinds of stuff. I do remember taking my shirt off at one point because I was so itchy, but that is all. Anyway - it is obvious, I cannot handle this medicine. Honestly, it isn't really working. I still have a horrible headache and side effects are what I'd classify as extreme.

I am hoping that after I get all this medication flushed from my system I will at least feel steady on my feet again. Both of us are a little concerned that what ever this is won't go away by the time we are suppose to leave for Massachusetts. But I'm thinking I will okay. I spoke to my sister this morning for almost an hour and felt like I was coherent 99% of the time. So that it good.

Okay - time to go lay down. Whooooo, and there is just so much today.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho It's Off to the ER We Go!


So, all week I'd felt blah. I had a headache and couldn't really stay motivated. Plus everything seemed like it was the worst ever and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. At first I thought I had food poisoning from Chinese food, but then started to feel a little better, then my friend T said one of her kids was sick with the same symptoms and since we were just at the water park with them I thought maybe we all had the same thing. However her little ones were throwing up, and I never did - in fact I just kept thinking if I could that would be a relief. I was such a jumbled mess that I opted to just equate it to my period. Seriously, I just thought I was hormonal or something. But, the headache was getting worse.

Yesterday morning I took Maggie to the groomers and met S for breakfast. After breakfast he went to pick up C at church and I headed over to Kmart to do a little shopping. But things turned for the worse. My headache went from annoying and throbbing to the worst pain ever and I couldn't even drive home at first. I sat in my car just praying I could see straight. After about twenty minutes I was able to get home (less than a mile away). S took me to the ER right away.

I had a CT and a spinal tap done. Everything was negative. The good news: it isn't my gall bladder, which I was afraid it was. The bad news: The doc really has no idea what it is. I was sent home with three RX's. One for Oxy / Percocet, one for pepcid, and one for some type of anti nausea medicine. It all seems to work, a little. But the headache is so intense that the meds just take the edge off. Actually every time the medicine starts to wear off the headache feels worse, which I didn't think was possible. Tears, lots of them.

Church is in eighteen minutes. I don't think I am making it. Kinda of bummed there, I kept hoping I'd be able to move by now. About two hours ago I had S bring me the computer. I have to keep taking breaks just to post this and a blurb on FB. I think I am going to have to just call the weekend a wash and hope I feel better soon. The MD said if I didn't feel better to return to the ER. I am hoping I can wait until tomorrow to see my regular doc.

Please note: I am as high as a kite, spelling, continuity, and making sense aren't exactly my strong points. Just wanted to post for myself - posterity I suppose.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chaotic Choruses

What a whirl wind of crap. Just to highlight:

  • C is out of control. Seriously, so much so that I am taking him to a therapist on Monday. I could blab about that for 1000 words or better, but I've already talked about it until I'm sick of hearing myself.
  • E's Christmas present, which I ordered on the 13th of November is back ordered. I canceled the order and ordered it from someplace else. It cost more. Errr.
  • The other half of E's gift arrived today, it wasn't complete. I am missing items. When I called the company they determined that the items were delivered to NJ. They can't reorder and get them either here or home to MA by Christmas. The only hope is that who ever got them returns them to the shipper (UPS) today, then maybe there is a chance... but probably not.
  • School was delayed two hours today because of the snow. C was great this morning but then lost it at the bus stop. Throwing snow at another kids face just before the bus got there. As previously determined the child is out of control. I dealt with it as best as possible but I swear steam was coming from my ears as I got home. To calm down I took the dog for a walk. I sprained my ankle. I also forgot Maggie had a vet appointment at the same time. Errr. I rescheduled.
  • I cannot get pictures to load on a digital photo album. There is no software. I cannot figure it out. I am annoyed.
  • My husband called this morning, he is getting bumped from his flight - he'll be home a few hours late. He got 400 dollars worth of free vouchers to use for the airline at another time. He wants to use them on Sunday. Seriously, this Sunday. It isn't all that exciting of story; he is 2000 miles shy of flying 100,000 in a year. If you hit that 100K mark you get all kinds of airline perks. He wants his perks. Sunday - really. Just fly to Atlanta and back? Moron.
  • The computer is running a little sluggish. I filled it with roughly 3000 + songs. Now I cannot erase them. It seems my computer just keeps archiving them and moving them to all kinds of different folders. If I erase them they go into "recently changed" documents, if I erase them from there they go back to the recycle bin, erase them from there and back to "recently changed". It is a cycle of deleting madness.
Is someone playing a joke on me? Seriously it is His birthday season not April Fools! Yah, yah, deep cleansing breaths. Manic day. Manic lows not highs. I suppose you're not technically manic anymore- now it is Bi-Polar. So a bi day?? That sounds good.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And The Shocker Is ...

I called Grandma L yesterday. We talked just under an hour and I was reminded how blessed I am to have her. She'll be at my parents for Christmas and I am looking forward to that. Although she admitted that she was a little worried because she's been so sad [ missing grandpa ] and she doesn't want to spontaneously burst into tears in front of C. I assured her she does not have to hide her feelings and that I've already talked with C about how this Christmas is bittersweet in so many ways for our family. I think Gram felt a little better in the end and I was glad I got to talk to her.

In general it always surprises me when someone says something sort of old fashioned. While talking to Grandma she mentioned that "a wife cannot interfere with the husband on that matter". I always pictured her as a woman's lib type; afraid not. Imagine that, people surprise you. On this subject I found it quite old fashioned and almost shocking. Wives are important, they do have a say; heck my mother ran the whole ship - or so it seemed, well maybe she was just louder; but always my parents were side by side not one in front of the other. Evolution at it's best?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Crude Kid

C: Mom did you fart?

Me: No

C: Are you sure because it smells like Diet Coke and ice cream over here?

Me: Yeah - I'm sure

C: Seriously mom you've got to smell this

Me: Enough, drop it

C: You mean like you dropped that fart?


Oh Man what a weekend! T and I took her three (triplets) and C to GWL, the huge indoor water park in Williamsburg, VA. Water, water everywhere! Pictures don't really do it justice, but man was it fun. So many pools, attractions, slides, and fun. We saw an Undercover Boss episode on this place and were so looking forward to going. All the kids had a great time, but I swear we are all so tired. I actaully considered keeping C home from school today - but thought better of it :D

The best part of the place was certainly the water park, but there was tons of stuff to do in the hotel and in the outside portion of the park (that was closed because it is winter - although we didn't even notice it was there until the second day because the place was so huge!) I loved the slides. C and a I went on this one where you carry a tube up to the top and then they send you down together. It was a blast. Being with T and the kids was so much fun. Her kids are too cute. And they all did so good. As over stimulating as that place can be for kids we really had no troubles. Fun for all.

Thank you USAF for the great deal! We could NEVER have afforded to go there if it weren't for you!

Scout Disclaimer

I am floored. I got a three paragraph apology email from the top scouts leader in our area. My email to him was so simple, just a two line, was the meeting canceled? Can you add to your email address? That was it. He emailed me a long winded explanation that there were so many email lists and the cancellation notice didn't go out to everyone. Fair enough, accidents happen. The good part is that he explained that the Tiger cubs just doesn't have that many kids but the next group has so many that they can't really combined it because kids would just get lost in the mix. Unfortunately their line of thinking failed because all the Tiger cubs got lost in the mix as a result. But on a good note they've sent out a schedule for the rest of the school year with actual Tiger Cub meetings, times, dates, addresses, and reall information. So here is hoping the best.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Our Luck??

I perhaps am to upset at the moment to be rational about this; but for crying out loud!

Boy Scouts stinks. I am just going to put it out there. Since September it has been popcorn, popcorn, popcorn. Since September my son has not really had any Tiger Cub meetings - they've all been lodge meetings while they try to find a leader. Tonight we were suppose to have a meeting and we get there to the HOA club house (an HOA that we are not a part of) and there isn't even a light on. No one was there.

There are no phone numbers on any emails of these 'leaders', there are no address to the "club house", and there is no freaking information for anything related to anything other than popcorn! My kid is upset. He is really upset. He worked so hard with daddy to get his first badge and he was excited to tell the "leader" he was finished.

I was the calm mommy; hypothesizing that maybe I messed up the day or confused the information. We ooooo'd and awed over the Christmas Light Displays and just made the best of a ride around this well off neighborhood. But once we were quiet I heard C crying. So here we are; home; I checked the email; I made no mistake that I can tell, unless there is more than one club house or something. But I was able to go on S's email and see that there is a pack meeting on the 20th, so I emailed the people asked to be added to the email list and if the meeting was canceled or if I had the wrong address. I told C about the "real" meeting date and he seems fine now.

So unfair that S isn't home. I am so annoyed.

Constantly Reminded

A conversation between R, my neighbor, whom is a grandmother of three infants of which she is the day care provider during working hours.

R "the kids are growing out of everything."

Me "I know, I cannot believe how big they've all gotten in just a few months"

R "Especially M he is only 10 months and already the size of the 15 month old twins!" [laughing]

Me "Well I suppose you all will be able to have one killer yard sale this summer."

R "Oh no, we don't want to get rid of stuff to fast, both of my daughters are already talking about their next ones."

Of course, people save baby stuff. Of course; they want to use it again soon. Of course.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Day Off


Just a quick note to self: Seriously, don't ever drink three cups of regular coffee before bed, EVER. I feel like I didn't even sleep. LOL. I read a few chapters of my book before I dozed off and dreamed about it all night long. Ahhh, I'm an idiot.

Oh well, off to the bus stop, then walking the dog, then SHOPPING!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feast of Immaculate Conception

I don't often talk about my faith on this blog. Plain and simple; I complain. A LOT. Rest assured fellow saved constituents, I write and say here what I'd never admit to in public. [inserting political correctness here] It isn't a full picture of our family and how we live our lives; just a glimpse into my mind.

Today is a Holy day in the Catholic Church. The conception of Mary to Ann and Joachim. It is one of my favorite Holy days. Today in church the Priest gave an amazing homily. He was telling us a story about himself in the 80's when he was teaching a group of 40 adult RCIA students. (Adults who want to be Catholic) He was in Canada and his 'students' were mostly Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish immigrants whom as a whole asked him more stumping questions than any other group, ever. On one particular night he brought the group into the church to show them the beauty of our traditions through the stations of the cross, the alter, and the sanctity of Mary's sacrifice. Just as he (the priest) was about to start a lecture one of the students said "Please, I am seeing eight different versions of Mary, tell us
, which one is the one." The priest tried his best to explain that they were all right, that they were all created through God's gifts, through the artists vision of truth. And if something, anything is created through truth than it is right in the eyes of the lord. Profound.

The church had the typical American Mary, blue eyes, blond hair and Our Lady of Guadalupe, plus Mary of the Street which is a dark haired olive skinned version from Italy. All beautiful and all "right".I was having this same conversation with my Mother in Law last week. We were discussing the different perceptions of Mary. I love getting that connection, like the sermon was meant just for me. Like I was the only one there, like the message was all mine for the taking. I know it isn't a far stretch; a priest talking about Mary on a Holy day about Mary; but I swear the words he used were exactly tailored to me.
Profound thinking: "It is right if it was made from truth". I can apply that one in so many aspects. Certainly mine for the taking. I have been up and down this week. Struggling one minute and then dancing the next. My desire to have larger family is so strong. Quiet just makes me cry. It isn't suppose to be like this, and I've been constantly praying that I'd know how to carry on his will. That I would know where we are suppose to "go" next. There is nothing mysterious about this work; it was plain as day; seek ye first the kingdom of God, the truth, that is what is right. The truth is I was praying for his will but vying for my own. Mary, truth: I see see a brighter path.

PS: When searching for pictures of Mary on the internet do not just type in MARY on Google Photo. Nothing holly about that scene! Yikes.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Can it be Done?

Some how this morning as C and I drove S to the airport the idea of going to Hawaii came up... again. C and I have more or less been badgering S to go there every few months. To our surprise this time when C said "What about Hawaii?" and I said "I'd love to go there next Christmas" S replied "I was thinking the same thing. Actually I was thinking of surprising you but I think it might work best if we look into it together."

Seriously? We can go? I don't know. Plane tickets are roughly a grand per person, however S already has enough miles for two people to go for free from United! Well, sort of. United's flights don't open up that far in advance, so I put in dates in October. Here's hoping it is close. Next I looked up Bellows Air Station - a full blown two bedroom house is 65.00 a night. Or we could camp directly on the ocean for 12.00 a night. It is in the low 80's there in December with high humidity, so it looks like that would be great for swimming.

If we go, we are not going on any major VK's this coming year. That is quite a commitment. After all we LOVE our vacations.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dear Virginia Department of Transportation,

It occurs to me that no matter what you do you cannot make anyone happy. It has not gone past me that you don't try, either.

For two years I sat in traffic for up to two hours everyday to go nine miles to get home after work. When we moved our traffic problems seemed to subside and we blissfully enjoyed our ignorant view of commuters, SUCKERS. And then it dawned on me; I still plan my days around your crappy construction and horrid merge ideas.

Case in point: See multiple postings here referring to DC traffic killing my day. Also note that Thanksgiving week traffic from NOVA to DC was so bad that we had to pull off and get on the train! Then on the way home we figured it was midnight so the ride would be smooth. We were so wrong. After a forty minute train ride we sat in a twenty five minute back up on 495 N. Once the traffic dispersed we both were elated and figured we'd be home in twenty minutes, tops. Then we got to our exit... OUR EXIT THAT WAS CLOSED! The traffic going southbound was completely stopped and people were out of their cars, so turning around, following the detour was not an option. In fact because of that back up our side was starting to pile up too. We ended up taking Georgetown Pike to get back to Herndon.

I might have to learn to be a hermit.

Annoyed in Northern VA

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I Heart Shopping. It was certainly the best part of my day, so far. We're putting up the tree later - so that sounds promising. But this afternoon was rough, ended up sleeping for most of it - but here's to a better evening!

This morning I went to Khol's and got a ton of stuff; a blazer, a jacket, skinny jeans, two tank tops, one sweater, a pocket book, a skirt, matching scarf, hat, and gloves, plus one really nice blouse for 130.00. I am saving the clothes for Christmas VK; Although I just put on the jeans one tank and a sweater, plus the best boots ever. (the reason for the skinny jeans) S probably wont care too much, but since I spent our money I figured I'd at least show him what I bought :D)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I picked S up at the airport today and then drove him directly to work: he sure is busy these days.

I feel for him. He was up at quarter to six Denver time, quarter to four our time, to go to the airport. Then as soon as he's here he had to go into work. (There is some typical office drama there) Later he is going to call us to come pick him up, hopefully it isn't too late because C has scouts and kids night out tonight. First Friday of every month; C goes to the community center and S and I head out to the movies. I know Joe wants to do it all. He'll insist we go out, insist that C goes to his night out too; after all it makes him feel even worse if we blatantly sacrifice.

What's a wife to do? Well, I figure we could stay home and rent a movie; maybe just hang out and play cards after we sneak out for just desert. What ever it turns out to be I hope we enjoy each other. Sometimes Joe gets a case of the crankies (who can blame him after all that flying and working long hours) and I get a case of the "suck it up moron's". One can only portray complete perfection so long. (ha, ha)

I hope we have a good weekend; he travels next week and the week after that too. To top it off we won't even see him next weekend. (by choice) S flies home on Saturday, next week, but C and I will be in Williamsburg enjoying a mini VK with my friend T and her triplets. We get home Sunday and S flies out to another work destination. I am so excited that he has time off over Christmas. I know I need it; he must need it ten fold.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Open Letter To Various Retailers

To Whom it May Concern,

Please, install better toilet paper.

Thank You,

Slightly Chaffed

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wild Weather

So, who decided it was a good idea to walk the dog during a tornado warning? This girl. I didn't even make it a quarter mile; the wind was pushing me backwards. When I turned around, the wind was pushing me forward. Funniest part: I wasn't the only one!

I drove the neighborhood kiddos to school and on the way back I saw my neighbor walking his schnauzer, Blitz. So I figured it couldn't be that bad. LOL - by the time I got to the stop sign at the end of the street with my pup, he was on his way back too. Normally we crisscross paths a few times in the morning, but not today! We were basically both running with the dogs to get to our homes.