Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Go or Not To Go

I have the worst sore throat on the planet. In fact even NyQuil hasn't kept it at bay. I've been up since 3:30 sipping hot tea and nursing a bag of cough drops only to give up and switch to Diet Coke. The cold actaully feels slightly better. Regardless it is almost impossible to swallow and it feel like razor blades running down my throat with every deep breath. Also, my brain may be turning to mush as, I have been watching two straight hours of Teen Nick.

I need a flash light - Maybe I have white marks, isn't that the sign of Step? Maybe I should go to the ER? Blah, blah, blah ...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacation Days

Wow, this summer has flown by. A brief run-down;

1. Gymnastics camp for C (2 weeks)
2. Camping at Salomon's Island for the fourth of July
3. Vacation with the S's to the Poconos. (I loved it there)
4. A trip to MA for the week (C went to beach for a week with his cousins)
5. The cousins visited us for a week
6. Skateboarding camp (1 week for C)
7. Friends visited us for a week (Super fun)
8. My parents visited us for week (With in that week we went to Beach for a few days)
9. Camping next weekend for Labor Day (we're working on that)

Crazy and wicked fun. Last week my parents drove down from MA to stay for the week. It was a really nice visit. We went to Salomon's for a few days, went to the waterfall park, visited the skyline caverns (really nice tour), went out for a celebration anniversary dinner (my parents 39th) at a Japanese Steak House, and played a lot of golf. It was so fun and as usual bittersweet to see them leave.

C starts school next week. I think I am going to take him out tomorrow or Wednesday and buy a few school clothes for him. So far all we've picked up is one pair of warm sweat pants and a matching shirt for gym days. It is hard to think warm when the temp is 95. However I did manage to get all of his school list crap. When I say crap, I am being nice. The list is quite detailed and quite ridiculous. Clorox wipes, zip lock bags, 20 glue sticks, 8 boxes of 48 count crayons (never did find those, just bought 16, 24 counts), and so on and so one. But at least this year I was able to get all the stuff. Last year we shopped to late and I couldn't find half the stuff on the darn list. In the end the list cost 25.00. I am sending his same pencil box from last year, rulers that were free from a base event last year, a used binder, and notebooks we already had; at least I saved a few dollars there. Oh well - the life of a soccer mom... minus the soccer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear Procter & Gamble

Dear Procter & Gamble,

I am writing you today to inform you that your Crest brand of Glide dental floss is defective. Yes, my pearly whites are gleaming, and yes, I floss daily, however today I have discovered a defect.

I enjoy flossing my teeth in the evening. Last night I opted to floss while having a "seat" in the bathroom. Normally it isn't my practice to kill two birds with one stone (or turd as the case maybe) however, last night my better half was also at the sink brushing his teeth and it was crowded. Before you get all grossed out on me, yes we do all those things in front of each other. But I digress, so there I sit; flossing away when the secondary business ends. So I leave the container of floss on the side of the tub, take care of some paperwork and proceed to the sink to wash my hands and use mouth wash (sorry, that is Target Brand).

Fast forward to this afternoon, when I again use the bathroom and notice that the shower is dripping. As I fiddle with the handle for the water I notice my container of floss. Hmmm, flossing - that sounds like fun I think. (I ate popcorn) So I grab the container and attempt to pull out a huge string, only to find it has adhered to itself and can no longer be pulled through the little hole. No finagling in the world could make my floss unstuck. It is obvious that the mint flavoring was way too sticky for the floss and when it got wet from the shower it dried in one big lump. I would like a refund please.

Also, you may want to write a warning on the side of the packaging that reads "Do not get wet" or "Do not use while pooping" or "Don't be a dumb ass" or "Jamie, don't be a dumb ass" which ever you find most fitting.

Your Loyal Un-flossed Customer.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I love My House

Nice & Clean.

I wish we could take this house with us when we move next time. I sort of love it. I remember when we looked at it and thought it was so small; we couldn't picture where our furniture would fit or how we'd set up the computer, C's toys, or anything for that matter. But a year later we are comfortably basking in the fact that we make 500 dollars a month extra and that that was more than enough to pay the utilities and the cable all year. In fact according my my spread sheet (such a geek) we actaully made just under 1600.00 in 12 months. So the USAF paid us to live off base and gave us cable. Plus, the house is bigger than we thought, we basically have three living rooms, two small bedrooms and one large, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and two bathrooms; all with a great layout.

Speaking of cable... I ordered Fios the other day. Our cable bill from Cox came last week and I noticed our amount went up by 80.00! WOW, that made the bill 220.00! I wasn't really upset, it was obvious that our promotional rates all expired, so I called the company and canceled all the premium channels, lowered the internet speed, nixed the HD, and still the bill was 178.00. I told the girl that was way too much and asked if there was anything else she could offer. (this is where it gets good)

Cable Girl: "Let me see" (extreme amounts of typing heard and long pause) "Mrs W, yes, I can offer you the same package for a two year agreement at your old rate."

Me: "My original package or the one you just created with no extras?"

Cable Girl: "The new one."

Me: "So, you mean I have to agree to carry Cox for two years for that price and if I don't, what there is a cancellation fee?"

Cable Girl: "Well, military just has to submit orders to get out of the fee"

Me: "Yeah, sounds like extortion to me"

Cable Girl: "I am sorry, what?"

Me: "Extortion"

Cable Girl: "Great, so hold on the line and I will have a supervisor witness the agreement and we will lower your bill to your old rate."

Me: "No, extortion is a bad thing."

Cable Girl: "Huh?"

Me: "No new agreement, please lower my bill to the new package you just created and I will call Verizon when we hang up."

Cable Girl: "Great, so thanks for Calling Cox cable, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Me: "Am I talking to an automated voice system?"

Cable Girl: "I can switch you over to the phone tree if you'd like to access those services"

I hung up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chain of Events

Is it normal to do spring cleaning at the end of summer? Well; if I have to ask, probably not. Besides, I already did spring cleaning; it is just that the house got a little grungy with all the company and I got a little lazy, cutting corners so I could enjoy the summer heat. And now, I have a list:

  1. Organize Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Mop behind the fridge and stove (so nasty!)
  3. Organize Maggie's food and toys
  4. Steam Clean the Carpets
  5. Pick up and reorganize the Office
  6. Change the sheets in the guest room
  7. Dust the light fixtures
  8. Mop the base boards
  9. Wax living room & Dining room floors
  10. Clean the bathrooms

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Over Zealous

What a freaking day; both good and really annoying. 1st I went out to DC to see my friend T and the triplets. Had an awesome time visiting and seeing the kids have a blast. However, the traffic there was insane and the traffic back even worse.

DC is a nightmare sometimes, zapping the fun out of me. The only solace in the going home traffic was that C and I had just gone to the commissary ( I haven't been to one in months and months) and we had a car full of food to snack on. We opened the chips, the Power-Aid, the fruit snacks, and some mints. The second saving grace is we weren't the ones in the accident. There was a flipped tractor trailer and a smashed mini-van. We heard on the traffic report that there were fatalities. I suppose that was the major point, we weren't the cause, but we did find reprieve in the snacks before we saw the accident, so it isn't as ungodly as it all sounds. Anyway...

Once we got home and starting unloading the car I realized I haven't cleaned out my cupboards in a long, long, long time. They were a mess. Well, they still are. I started cleaning the food cabinet out and realized that job sucks. Granted at some point I'll have to finish it because as it stands right now one cabinet is spotless but the crap that was in it is all over the table and the counter.

In other news: I've had IVF on the brain lately. I so badly want to go back to work but at the same time I am wondering if it might be time to give it another go? Obviously the last round screwed me up, and is still swirling around in unnatural ways in my brain, but it doesn't make me want to crawl under the covers and suck my thumb until my mommy calls anymore. Maybe if I go back to work, I'll have better insurance??? IDK, it is all so expensive and we're still paying for last years rounds. In fact I almost fainted when I added our two credit cards together. Mind you I can tell you how every dollar got onto them, but when you add it up, holy shit! Let's just say - S doesn't make that much in a year. Seriously. Student Loans, IVF, two car repairs, one dermatologist visit, 6 cavities and one crown in two years, and boom a black whole. Yup, still thinking of IVF - surprisingly the money isn't really scaring me - it is more like a hurdle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have a lot of details I've been forgetting to write about; Obviously I am way too important and busy. HA. Seriously though, I don't really want to forget it all. I like the details of vacations, visitors, and the daily grind. For example, today I fell in exercise class, while standing still. Just a little stumble, but really pretty funny. Also during the same class I managed to kick the instructors balance ball, count out leg lifts as "1,2,3,6, I mean 8, oh wait, what?", and I realized by deodorant really wasn't working. But I digress my point: I've had a lot to say but haven't been able to.

T & B's visit. We had fun. At night the grown ups stayed up playing Uno. It was pretty funny to see all of us getting so into such a simple game. B and I lost terribly. Still, the great Uno Challenge of 2010 was awesome. Besides being dorks, we also went to see the usual sights and touristy stuff in the area. The kids (they have two boys) all seemed to get along fairly well. C wasn't all that enamored with the pair of them. However, he loved each boy on their own, too much sibling rivalry for his taste. It was cute to see C and D (the youngest boy) get dressed up in costumes and run around for hours playing battle. It was also super cute to see C and CB (their oldest son) curled up on the sofa watching TV together. It was sweet seeing our kids play. It was also bittersweet when they left.

I wished they could have stayed an extra day or two. However, it was nice to have my family to myself again. :) I also proved my theory that after you spend a significant amount of time with another family you really, really appreciate your own. For example, every time we got in the car their was a problem; either someone didn't want to sit in the way back or someone was starving, even though I offered them all snacks just before we left. Nothing to get my panties in a bunch over, really, I can just block out all that stuff, I just noticed the nice calm quiet about it all the next day :) Our friends have a rough road to travel, having one son who has some special needs. It creates a cycle of doing anything just to keep the peace. They do the best they can with what they got; my heart goes out to them.

On the brighter side here are some funny things I overheard during the visit

D: "Cooper you need to just leave"
C: "I like sorta live here."
D: "Well I am not going anywhere in your mom's car!"
C: "Okay, want to play outside?"
D: "I miss Sophie" (that is his 4H cow who is the cutest thing I ever saw and D is sooooo cute when he talks about her)
C: "Me too. Want to play Lego's?"
D: "Sophie is mine!"
C: "Well, I'll be playing Lego's"

I don't think the boys were having the same conversation there. Here is another between CB and D their two sons.

CB: "Cooper is watching stupid music videos."
D: "I like them"
CB: "Mom doesn't want us to watch them."
D: "We're not"
CB: "They are on TV and I am going to tell her to ground you for life because you like them"
Me: "Coop, just change the channel"
D: "I am going to go wake up Daddy and tell him you are going to tell Mom on me, Sissy"

D calls CB sissy as if it is his name. It is so wrong that I find that hilarious. I giggle just about every time, especially when CB got upset over it. Mean, Jamie. A few more that I found funny:

CB was sort of pouting one morning and I asked him what was wrong. He said "Well, Maggie looked at me and now won't leave me alone." The dog was sleeping at his feet ....

C was stuck on the swing set. He tried to climb around the outside and got freaked. "Life isn't fair, I want to do all the cool things D can do." Crying and sniffiling. B ( the mommy) is right behind me and says "Now, that is one I haven't heard before." Wicked funny.

D had an afternoon shower after a small mishap. His mom and I were talking about something totally different when he came out and said "Did you tell Jamie!?!?!?" His mom said no and we kept our conversation going and I hear D say "You better not tell her women" under his breath of course. Kids crack me up. He no doubt got that line from C who thinks calling me women is the funniest thing on the planet.

Between CB and T (the dad): "you should just ground D, why don't you ever ground him?!" T: "If we did that we'd never see D." AHAHHAHAHAHAH

A few other details I keep forgetting about:
  • I went to a funeral a few weeks ago. My Uncle Ed died after a long battle. I was in Jersey dropping off my cousins and was able to stay for the funeral. It was more like a memorial luncheon, very sweet, and very calm. A few tears but mostly just a lot of good memories being shared.
  • My parents are coming to visit next week and we are going to Solomon's Island for a few days. (super excited, although S won't be there)
  • S is in Denver this week for work, next week he'll be in Baltimore
  • I am actively looking for a full time job ... it is a slow go.
  • I am reading the Kite Runner - interrupted the Dead Lie Down - but both are so good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mr. Sandman

I had the strangest dream this morning. It was 4:50 AM and I dreamed that my father was standing next to my bed and leaned over me while yelling "HEY!" That was the whole dream. I woke up and just layed there until S's alarm went off about a half hour later.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Ham Sandwiches

I should be more productive today, but I am thinking that isn't really going to happen.

I pissed of a guy named Brent today and am feeling a little bad about that. The story is pretty dull; but I will enlighten my readers with it anyway. Actually I could go quite into detail ...

Once upon a time Jamie wasn't all that in love with her in-laws. In fact she was down right ticked off at them and vowed to stop complaining and even spending an ounce of effort on them. And she actaully did quite a good job at this. Then something happened: They started being nice and stopped being negative and down right mean. I also started ignoring the majority of their behavior. (I have enough self confidence to take my credit in the situation :P) ) So, here we are months later and another something happens. We get screwed by the USAF and out of kindness and no ill will the in-laws help us fix it, with cash, lots of it. And then when we try to give it back to them, they say "Keep it, you need it, buy your self a couch and put the rest in C's college fund." and they meant it.

... Just a side note, the USAF didn't totally screw us, all parties involved made mistakes that ended up delaying a huge payment of over three grand to S's government card. The minimum payment was half of that and if we withdrew our money from our savings account to pay for it we would have had to cancel our trip to Florida and Pennsylvania. S told his parents we were thinking of canceling the Florida trip and they basically told him we'd worked hard for that money and would like to lend us the 1500 bucks until the USAF pays us back. We accepted. Me with a chip on my shoulder (bad Jamie). Being proved wrong, as I thought for sure that it would be a problem later on, especially since we have been vacationing ALL summer, has never been so sweet.

So moving on: I bought our couch used in Minot for 35.00. The person I bought it from asked if her husband could deliver it the day they move out (like a week later) and I agreed. The husband worked for a furniture store and said he'd bring it over after his delivery on base. A week later when they arrived they delivered a similar couch but it was all wrapped in plastic. And it had a tag on it. New. I called the store right away to tell them but they insisted that wouldn't happen. I went back to the house I bought it at but they'd already moved. Almost ten year later and the couch is gross. It is ripped on the side of two cushions, it is missing a leg, and it sort of smells. So we are on the search for a new one.

We've been to a few stores but haven't found anything. All the couches look alike. Brown and expensive. Yesterday I was browsing on Craig's List and found one that looked really nice. I arranged to take a look at it today at 11:00. (this is where I get back to pissing Brent off) So I get to this house with C, who was wearing a nija costume, at this house at 10:50. I called first and got voice mail. So I knock, it was pouring rain, a cute puppy starts barking in the window, and we wait. Nada. So we ring the bell. The dog goes crazy again and we wait. Nada. So we leave.

Once I get home I check my email to see if I missed a reschedule. Nope, the guy is home but his phone is dead. (no word on weather he is deaf or not) So I email him and write :


Looks like we missed each other. Cute dog, by the way.

But really, after I remeasured our rooms it looks like unless we could reconfigure the sofa it would block our entire fireplace.

Thanks anyway,

Then he writes back:

When did you come? I have been sitting here waiting for like 40 minutes, I had a bunch of other people that wanted to come then but I told them you were coming. The dog in the window is a dog we are dog sitting and has never touched the couch.

Okay, really I could cut and paste the entire banter but basically he thought I was being sarcastic about the dog so I emailed back assuring him we love dogs and we really just missed each other. But in the end I just deleted him because he seemed pissed. Oh well, the search continues.

BTW: Lunch ='s ham sandwiches, and they are delectable.

Monday, August 9, 2010

DC in a Nut Shell

Our friends are here! They've only been here one entire day so far, but we are having fun. Yesterday I took them to see Arlington Cemetery and some monuments. The heat was insane, but everyone did pretty good. We almost killed on of their kids, if you asked him anyway, hee, hee. Poor thing didn't like the walking. But really all the kids were so good. I think my friend, B, was worried about her kids behaving. No need, they are so sweet and really pretty good sports, after all they have never even met my C before and now we have three boys in one room and are forcing them to pose for pictures together at every stop :P) I love vacations.

Baseball game tonight. 1.00 tickets and 1.00 hot dogs for the Single A Nationals. I love it, Can't wait.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Life is good today. Woke up in a good mood and stayed that way. We've got company coming tomorrow evening and I am starting to get really excited. I love company and chaos. I always say: We breed chaos; can't breed anything else, but chaos we've got down.

So, In the good news department. The guest room took only a few minutes to spruce up. I washed all the bedding yesterday after the puppy decided to sleep there after a rainy afternoon; muddy prints. Shame on me for not closing the door :P) Anyway today I remade the bed, dusted up, and ran a quick vacuum. C's room is going to be done later this afternoon. Then that is it, we are ready for our guests.

In other good news department my sister has a new job starting in a little over a week. For some reason I am finding great joy in her accomplishment. I just know how much she detested working for Boston University and always hoped she'd leave on good terms and find something to make her happy. Sappy, sappy.

More good news; I got an email from an employer that I applied with sometime ago. It takes months and months to get an interview there. Anyway, I received an email asking me to take a few employment tests - so that is a step in the right direction. Also I have a tentative interview with Kaiser in a few weeks. We'll see how that goes. They might not want to wait a month for me to be ready to work. I am going to call them here in a bit.

I think I am going to go walk to pick C up today. It is perfect outside. 85 Sunny, and low humidity; compared to the first half of the week anyway. And on that note, I'd better run. Skateboarding camp is officially over in 11 minutes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

3:27 PM & I'm In My PJs

Seriously, I am in my pajamas; it is raining buckets and I had just got out of the shower when I realized I am exhausted and need to just relax. Seems like I am always gearing up for the next big thing; understandably as on Saturday my newest BFF and her family get here. Zippidedoda. So, this afternoon, I am just lounging around. I hope for once it keeps pouring, that way I have more of an excuse than the truth.

The truth of course is that two days in a row I have spent about 12 hours catching up on old Days of Our lives episodes, plus three HUGE episodes, and two Army Wives, so that would be 17 hours of TV in two days. I feel my arteries hardening just thinking about it. My only justifiable action, I had three gym classes this week. I have to catch up on all my shows before B and her family get here, LOL just so I can build the DVR back up again :P) Plus I need some sleep. I've been watching all this crap at night after the boys go to bed. Soooooo Tired.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The M's Go To VA

So, they are gone. I had three extra kids for a week and now it feels so quiet here. :P) We have so many funny stories: like E trying to pick up or dog, who weighs more than her, and getting hit near the eye with Maggie's tooth - E got a black eye. A had a match a few days later when she kneed her self in the eye. Yes, she kneed her own eye. CM was a pain, he's 13 and thinks he is too cool for everything - but when no one is looking he can still be a kid again, like when he played cops and robbers with the littler ones - and it was all his idea. My C loved it all, every minute of every day. We all had fun. Trips all over the place including the DC Zoo, The Air & Space museum, the movies, mini golf, water park, and a concert in the park downtown. The M's are hilarious. The one liners are never ending. It was so cool to see them in action. It was also really cool to see then in action with their mom as they drove out of my grandparents driveway...

At the moment I have a quiet house. C is at skate boarding camp. He is loving it. Yesterday was the first day and he wasn't all that excited about it, but as he was getting ready he started to get into it. When I dropped him off he was like "well mom, see you later, I know the guys over there, so you know don't kiss me." Too funny. Then I picked him up later and he actaully rode his board over to me! When I dropped him off he couldn't even stand on the thing! I was super impressed.

Actually C has been really agreeable lately. Three straight weeks of VK served him well I suppose. He's even been going to Taekwondo do with out complaining and actaully doing great.