Saturday, January 30, 2010


Found a babysitter for Monday. Actually I fished for one. The girl who invited me to the book club - I asked her if she knew anyone and she said she'd ask her husband to watch C. She even invited me over for dinner. Too nice, or just lucky me?

Tuesday I think I can drop C off at the daycare in the community center. It ends at nine, so I'll miss fifteen minutes of my class, but it is better than paying a sitter ten bucks an hour.

Next month we get to do it again. S will be in California the first week in March too. After that it is training in Alabama. Good Times

Friday, January 29, 2010

So Get This

I just paid the bills. All of them and we still have money left over. In fact we got extra bills this month like the car registration, the water bill, and a Knights of Columbus one and still - we aren't broke. I wonder what I am missing.

S is off helping a coworker move. The boy with the bum knee... He says the guy just needs help moving small stuff. On a Friday night? Good times.

Book Club is Monday - Zumba Tuesday and our babysitter hasn't returned my email and her cell phone is no longer in service... Headache. I am destine to have a nonexistent social life.

S's mom called today and offered to come visit so I could go to my friends wedding in May. Very sweet but the timing is off. First I thought I'd go to the wedding in Vegas on the 22nd of May. Then S found out he'd be away for some school. Then as soon as I get an offer for babysitting S verifies the dates, he gets home on the 21st. That won't work. I can't leave the day after he has been gone for six weeks. Sorry BR Jones. I feel like shit over that one. I really wanted to see her get married.

M, my sister wants to come visit in the spring while S is away. I hope that works out. I could use a good ski ball challenge.

I spent the day very disorganized. Moving from one task to another with no plan or reasoning. The house is a mess and I am not too sure my store inventory is very orderly either. I feel like I am in a fog of some sort. Can't quite put my finger on it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blue Van

Every time S and I see an old Ford Econo van with blacked out or no windows at all we think of those terrible After School Specials that use to be on in the late 70's and early 80's. Those movies were always warning everyone of the dangers of drugs, sex, and child-molesters. The rusty old blue van had a creep hiding in it more than once. Well this morning during a dream, a really scary one, I was driving said van. While driving I even wondered why I would drive an Afternoon Special van, or why I was back in high school, where I had just come from. I'm all confused. It went something like this.

I was rushing to get to homeroom and accidentally went into the wrong class. I sat at a table with three boys and realized they were way younger than me. I left and went to a different one but then just as the teacher was asking me for a hall pass I was in a restaurant that served the best chili on earth, although the guy serving it was a little weird. Next thing I remember is S joining me and thinking the chili wasn't all that great. Then the bell rings and I grab a book bag and go to the parking lot and jump in my After School Special van. It is hot, so I roll down the windows. Once I get going I realized I needed money so I stopped in a plaza that had an ATM machine and took out $200.00. Once I got my receipt it instantly turned dark. My van was a little ways away and I was walking and trying to put my wad of twenties in my book bag when I noticed there was someone with a gun chasing another guy. I panicked when I reached the van and threw my cash on the floor of the drivers side through the window. I couldn't find the keys. Finally I find the keys but the men are already up to me. So I pressed the panic alarm button on the alarm key ring (yeah - 80's vans don't have those) and one bad guy said something to me but I do not remember and then the guy with the gun ran off. I hoped in the van and told the other guy who was being chased to get in. I never looked at him. I kept my eyes straight dodging shopping carts trying to get out of that lot fast. I asked him where he lived and told him if it is a bad neighborhood I would leave him off at the main road. Then this guy just starts talking to me, saying oh I you can just take me to my work. He doesn't say anything about being chased by a gunman, almost dying, my life being in danger, me helping him even though I have a totally recognizable van - and I am starting to get heated. Then in real life my dog burped in my face and I woke up.

After a few moments I went back to sleep and ended up back in the van but the guy who was really big, in fact his body was spilling over into my seat, is gone. The air is really yucky, smog and fog and that weird wet tire smell after rain on a hot day. As I drive past my house. A home I might add is a house I have never seen before but I know it is mine. Then I head up to the high school and start the dream completely over again. This time it ends with me driving off from the parking lot chase alone but knowing my $200.00 is gone.

In one dream last night I remember breaking my left thumb nail really badly. This morning while getting dressed I wondered why it didn't hurt and then was inspecting all my fingers until I realized it was a dream. In fact there were a bunch of dreams over the last few days that were short and weird that when I woke up I wasn't entirely sure if they were real or not. For example, I took C his lunch at school because he forgot it, I sang really loudly in church, I twisted my ankle putting out the recycles, and I got rid of the dog. All of which I had to think about a few moments. Everything is just so vivid and real.

I am currently on hold (9 minutes now) to make an appointment for this crap. It feels like I am up all night watching movies, scary ones sometimes. All though most of the immediate danger has subsided. Christopher Walken isn't trying to kill me with Play Dough, and no one is shooting me directly. It is just a lot of creepy feelings and a lot of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other concerning part is that the dreams are weaving into one another and then a few times have repeated.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Did That Come From?

I had Zumba last night. It was the first class I have been able to make since December. There was a winter break and then I missed two in a row because we were on VK and then S was in California. So finally I was able to join again. Somehow I ended up in the front row. This class has almost thirty of us in it and the new teachers are awesome. Anyway there I am bouncing around, yelling whooooooo on cue, and sweating my tush off, and of course looking utterly ridiculous as I miss every other step and go left when every one else goes right. It was great. I loved it. On the way out there were some new girls who were saying they could never be upfront. One said maybe if it were step aerobics she could do it. So I said, "I love it up front, I am so bad at this that it makes it easier because I cannot see how good everyone else is, so I feel much better about myself at the end." I made them laugh. But it is true. May this new found confidence take me far.

I was looking forward to next week when I got home, thinking that Monday I have book club, Tuesday I have Zumba, a busy start. Then right before bed S told me that he is going to California again next week. Sitters are so hard to come by, and so expensive. I already paid for Zumba and don't want to pay a sitter on top of that. Then book club is a little bit of a ride. Errr the life of an Air Force wife. Normally travel doesn't really bother me, but this time around - I am not happy. He just got back; that topped with the idea of him being gone for six weeks in the spring is just a lot. Boo, poor me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Over Yet

Today has been really busy. Which I suppose isn't really the worst thing ever, as last week I did nothing but catch up on Days of our lives, eat, and read. (man, last week was AWESOME!)

I had the meeting with C's school this morning. They have agreed, again (?) to test him. Realistically he won't receive services until next September. I was given the evil eye when I suggested he stay back. Apparently I am not PC enough. Whatever, the poor kid is having the hardest time both academically and socially. It is my job to be his advocate. Weather he needs to be retained in grade one or not will be decided at the end of the year - I just wanted to know a ball park kind of figure. They are so weird, this might be because it was about 85 in there - I was so stinking hot! LOL.

After that I met up with my friend A for lunch. It was really nice. We met up at Ruby Tuesdays, even though I had just eaten there last week. Still, we found one in between us. It was only 13 miles from me, but it took 40 minutes. I could have gotten all the way to Alexandria on the highway in that time - but oh well, so worth it. We had a great time and her children were delightful and funny. I am so going to miss them!

Since the luncheon I have been filling my store back up. Man did I let it run dry for VK. Now it seems like so much work. My pile is never ending. I suppose that is a good thing. Tomorrow the Goodwill near us is having a 25% off day. I will probable go over there in the morning and see if I can get anything else. I did score a great set of Waverly curtains at the other junk store yesterday I only paid 5.00 for the set and they normally sell for about twenty used. I put them in my store, but priced them high - I might stick them on too.

Anyone interested can check it out:

Monday, January 25, 2010

TriCare - Go Fuck Yourself

I got a letter from our insurance company today explaining that due to budgeting and manning all Obstetric appointments will now be held a different hospital. They console me by saying that they understand my pregnancy is unique and assure me that the new hospital is of equal care.

The letter was dated the tenth of December. Assholes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Call it the Nixon's

as in Trot Nixon. Oh why did I eat real food??? Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh.

I know classy right?

Friday, January 22, 2010

In Which I am Porked

I am not feeling well today. It started yesterday after eating at Ruby Tuesdays. It wasn't their food. I only had bare chicken and broccoli, but man was I stuffed after. Also I was having some other issues that rendered me dehydrated after awhile and it wasn't puking. Then today I woke up still feeling stuffed and weary.

Once I got C to school I took the dog out. It was cold. Really cold. I bundled up and wore my rain jacket as it was a mixture of rain and sleet. After a mile and a half I was exhausted and just freezing. I went back to bed at 9:30am and read Hunger Games until 10:45. From then on I slept until after 2:00. Unreal. I am not a nap person and only pass out this much when I am sick. I am not sure what is going on. The other issues have subsided and I have plenty of fluids in me, now I am just run down and really cold.

While asleep I was, of course, dreaming a horrid realm of insanity. I tried to use a check at a Red Box and the girl behind me was threatening to kill me - I believed her. Then I lost my husband and son in a McDonald's. The series of dreams just strung together for hours each one working its way into another. At one point I was locked out of my home in the rain because we failed our housing inspection (which we really did - but got fixed the same day by replacing our filter in the furnace) and we were not going to be able to move back in so I was trying to make up the shed as a house from the shed I heard a firetruck and suddenly knew they were coming to my house then I couldn't find the dog and was running around town telling my sob story and trying to return a movie to the red box. There seemed to be a few steps in between that I am missing now - but it was exhausting. I woke up every hour or so and just sort of moaned and went back to sleep - just continuing where I left off. Eventually the mini series ended with me realizing our registration renewal for DC is due and might be overdue.

After making myself eat (gross!) I made my way to the bill pile and found the paper. It is actaully due on the 30th. It was sent to us in November. We have a choice - pay it and pretend we are eligible or S will have to switch his license over to VA and register it here. Either way it is pricey and we totally get screwed because our leave date is 2/11/11 and we pay in two year increments, when we only need the darn thing for a year and 12 days. $230.00 - yuck. At least there is no excise tax here. Still we paid a high premium to register the car in the first place - like 750 dollars high and I don't want to pay that to VA too. Maybe I better check some prices and call the insurance company - they always seem to know what to do. Go USAA. In all fairnees we have have no idea what will happen with our orders here. We could end up staying. S could end up doing his year in Korea or something similar after this and in that case I would stay here. Either way - it isn't a win win.

C is home from school and so excited to play video games. Weekends only is working like a charm. I love it. I think I am going to take advantage of the time and go take a shower. Then maybe go back to bed. Blahhhhhh.

A few more tidbits. S is volunteering for the National Walk For Life today. In the rain and sleet he is marching in DC and carrying a sign for our church. I am really excited for him. Actually I wish I could have gone but the timing for C just didn't work out then again I am sort of relieved considering the "issues". He also got a call this morning saying he would be going to some sort of school for the USAF in March. It use to be held in Mississippi and is now in Alabama - he isn't too excited about that. I am not too excited about him being gone for six weeks plus two weeks on and off in Feb for TDY - not to mention that he just got home Thursday from California. I know, I know - I have friends whose husband is gone six to twelve months at a time, I am small potatoes. Potatoes - barf! Man the thought of food is making me queasy..... I think the issue is returning - better run.... or runs as the case may be.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food for Thought

We got our annual Catholic staple, the request for more money for the Bishop Fund. This church wants us to use direct deposit and sign up for a year of monthly debits. I suppose it is easier for everyone that way, but it seems a little impersonal. We can also sign up to have our weekly tithe debited too if we wanted, but again - a little impersonal. Although you might say that is because we don't give if we don't go and you'd be right. Hmm maybe I will sign up for the direct gift programs. S always cringes when I want to hand over extra cash. I gave an extra twenty on Christmas and I thought he was going to faint. I had a thought of rushing around trying to find a paper bag for him to breath into to. He is all for donating but has his limits.

Speaking of the hubby. He is in California and the weather is so bad that his partner and him decided to leave Santa Maria and drive to L.A. to avoid one leg of a flight tomorrow. He called from the road and said people just don't know what to do when it rains there. Which reminded me of a really funny happening there. In the fall one year when we lived in Lompoc at Vandenberg AFB, we bought a new Ford Explorer almost a year later I was driving and actaully had to pull over the vehicle because I had really never the wipers and it was raining! I couldn't find the darn button / switch. It rained so infrequently there that normally we just stayed in if it rained. Even then it normally only rained for a week or so in February.

I talked to C tonight about his schooling. We had snuggled up in our room and were reading a book. I noticed he was quicker to identify words and was quite pleased. When we were done I asked him some specific questions about school. Boy did the flood gates open. I was trying to be objective and still kind and loving towards him and his teacher during the conversation. Basically what I got out of it is this: C fakes it, he pretends to do some of his work so he can play. He doesn't like the rules of math station and doesn't think it is fair that you cannot play with the blocks. He gets upset over it and cannot concentrate. He doesn't think he has to be there and the whole world is there for his entertainment. His teacher lets him get away with a little more than she allows other students (I have a meeting with her soon - I hope she isn't too overwhelmed). And lastly, while he is making progress in some areas he is loosing ground in others. The class doesn't seem to stay on a topic long enough for him.

This last part is of major concern. For one, I worry that he just isn't quick enough on the uptake and all the tutoring in the world might not change that. And two; he sees this as great because then he just doesn't have to do it anymore. He is elated that they aren't counting change anymore or doing time. He was ecstatic that he doesn't have to remember last weeks history lesson or even practice skip counting anymore. This meeting cannot come soon enough.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I just finished Idol - nothing much to report there, it was kind of dull and predictable. Auditions aren't my favorite part anyway. Stranger than the Army guy singing a horrid rendition of an unidentifiable song is the Lifetime movie, Speak, I turned on after. It has Bella in it. She is a few years younger but sounds exactly the same. An unknown before Twilight I supposed - but alas I've been wrong before. So I Googled her. (BTW Googled just got underlined as misspelled, how is that not a word yet?) I searched for a teen actress on the web. No I have nothing better to do with my time. What the heck is wrong with me? I don't know. Anyway Bella here is quite the seasoned actress. Also I learned she was born in 1990. And at that I ended my search feeling old and retarded.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vegas Pictures

Me at the Wynn
View From our Hotel

Us on Freemont Stree

The Water Show

A Fast Read

I finished Shutter Island yesterday. I bought it in the airport on the way to Vegas on the recommendation of my book club and my sister. Now I cannot wait to see the movie. It was a really good book. As in normal suspense nomenclature there are a few twist at the end. One of which I detected the other of which I did not and had to reread a few pages at the end because I was dumbfounded. Really good book. Next I am on to Hunger Games as also recommended by a member of the book club, my sister, and a friend. I am on a reading kick lately, cannot get enough. Funny, this from the girl who hated to read most of her teens and twenties.

In other news:

I am having a great hair day.

Scott left for California this morning, with a hurt foot and without his hat thingy for his uniform or his government credit card... dumbass. He isn't really sure how he injured his foot (btw) it just started hurting the first day we were on Vk, he thought maybe because he dropped an iron on it a few weeks prior but isn't sure.

C is on video game overload already. It is 10:41 am.

The dog scared the crap out of a golfer a few minutes ago. It was hilarious. I was in the kitchen pouring a glass of soda when I see this guy come walking up to our fence. He drops his club and begins to hoist himself over our fence! He just about got one leg over when the dog comes taring around the yard from the behind the shed and the guy practically falls backwards as he tries to go back. HA. Moron. Good Dog. Funnier part - the ball wasn't in our yard. I spied it about ten feet out after he left.

My sister is in the hospital. Sad and funny. She feels like crap and should be going into surgery any moment to have her gallbladder out. Hopefully all goes smoothly there. The funny part. Her and I are always joking that at a family party, or any kind of get together actually, someone is going to tell their story of the gallbladder removal. My dad's mom, "After my surgery I felt so good we went out to dinner" my father "well, I knew something was up and sure enough I need mine out too" and now my sister "fuck it hurts."

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Like Whoa.

There is no secret I love me some trashy TV, but this weeks episode of Secret Life tops all cakes of craziness. Ricky whom is the town man hoar, who tried to reform but is not doing that hot at 16 has a new booty call this week, Ruthie from the Camden's is his newest conquest. I am watching it online now. I can't believe it. Ruthie is iconic for child actress cuteness from 7th Heaven and now she appears as a newest sex partner for Ricky? I might have to stop watching this show from a week to week basis. The acting is horrid and the story line is insane! Ruthie - really? Oh how sad.

Walk Much?

What is a little jet lag among family? Well it means I sleep in until ten and wake up to every house light on, two TV's blaring, all video games on the floor, two boxes of cereal open and left in the den, play dough on the kitchen table, a diet coke by my head, and a flat bread and cold mac-n-cheese sandwich on my bedside table. Worth every minute of extra shut eye! The dog ate the C special breakfast sandwich and I cracked the diet coke even before heading to the bathroom. After waking up that late coffee making wasn't an option so C and I went to Dunkin' Donuts. Yum!

Vegas was a blast. I think my mother and aunt were about to kill each other by the time we got home, but what else is new. Those two do great for about three days and then get on each others nerves. Once when I was a kid we went on VK to the Pocono's with Aunt P and her kids and we ended up leaving early. I always thought it was because my sister and I weren't getting along with our cousins, but now that I am older I can see that there may have been more to the story. But whatever -back to the 'oh so important' ME.

Vegas was great. We went to see two shows. One was the amazing Jonathan. He is on comedy central and S had mentioned a long time ago he'd like to see him. So we got tickets. It was so raunchy and funny and vulgar. I laugh just thinking about it. At the beginning of the show the comic got this chubby hick looking guy to come up on stage. He made him join him for the entire show and kept taking his money, making him do funny stuff, and then there was the skipping. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. He had this chubby manly man skipping around the stage and it was so dumb it was funny.

The second show we went to see was called V. It is a long time running variety show and we have seen it before but it did change somewhat. We sat in the front row and for a few of the acrobatic acts we had to lean our heads all the way back. It was really neat.

One funny story: the day we saw V we had been walking the strip and gambled in the Wynn and Encore casinos. The we decided to take the bus down the strip over to MGM and Hooters. (Hooters was so gross and old looking) We ended up getting show tickets at PH for V after that. When we were paying for our tickets S noticed that he had a ticket for Wynn in his wallet for over seven bucks. But it just cost us six to get to this end of the strip. Errr. So we end up walking all the way back and forth to change out this ticket in record time. LOL poor S had a what we thought was a pulled muscle in his foot and although he was trying not to complain I knew it was killing him. He was limping pretty bad at a few points. But he refused to take the bus back because it would counter act the money he just got from the casino.

After all the shows and all gambling S lost sixty something bucks and I won just over thirty. Cheap trip. So home we are. Jet lagged and a little sore but home just the same. Our own bed felt amazing and I missed C so much I couldn't stop hugging him. Yesterday we woke up in our own house in our own wonderful room and it just felt so good until S says "Hunny, I think my foot is actually broken." There was this bone thing protruding from his ankle and it was super swelled up and bruised. So off to get X-rays we went.

Luckily it isn't broken. We think he has a ripped tendon because it has curled up at the end and caused this ball type thing there. The bone thing isn't there now but he is still in some pain. Imagine walking on that for a week? Ouch. We know we walked a ton because S had this pedometer from work for some special walking contest they are doing. So on day one we walked about 14 miles and day two was 12. Each day we walked a little less, but never less than 10. Crazy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is apparent that I am idiot. This is not to say I have neglected to learn essential life lessons or basic kindergarten fare, it means that I am a moron of my own doing. For example, today I lost the sugar. I couldn't find it anywhere. Eventually after I had given up and used Equal in my coffee I found the darn bottle on the window sill.

In other idiot news: We have a mouse in the house. Everyone does around here but I swear it make us feel so dirty and gross. Anyway last week or the week before sometime when I was sweeping I found the evidence. I swept everything up and cleaned a little more thoroughly. I figured it was the first real snow and they critter just came in because of the snow. A week or two goes by and I see no new mice droppings and I forget about it. That is until the other night when I was watching TV and could hear a critter in the wall behind the paneling downstairs. It was so loud and creepy I just went to bed. I went to bed without doing the dishes and in the morning there was mouse crap all over the counter and in the plates. Drives me crazy that my husband doesn't' put dirty dishes in the sink - but still can't blame this one on him, I said "leave them, I'll get them later." So yesterday I had to clean up from a mouse yet again. I power cleaned the kitchen and made sure every nook and cranny was addressed. Under the counter I found two small little holes and plugged them up with steel wool. So hopefully that was the entry point... for now I will just hope the critter doesn't make an appearance when my mother and aunt are here. Anyway -this would be how I lost the sugar.

More idiot news: Yesterday I put together a collage of pictures that go into a really pretty frame my aunt got us for Christmas. I meant to print out eight 4x6 pictures but instead printed out those eight plus a few 8x10's because I kept forgetting to change the size on the printer pop up before hitting print. What the heck and I going to do with an 8x10 of S, C, and I standing outside Camden Yards. When you blow the picture up that big you can see about 100 people in the back ground that we don't know and their bald spots.

One more idiocy: I hurt my pointer finger on my desk. I have done this before, but this time I think it is infected. When I opened the drawer my fingernail slipped behind the little metal plaque detail of the handle. It is brass and old and apparently very germy and now my finger is swollen and basically it is a big boo boo.

An obviously none of this matters because I am off to Vegas. We leave in the morning and I cannot wait. I am already packed. Just have a few chores to do around here before the troops arrive. Life is good my friends.

Friday, January 8, 2010

One Blood One Body

I came across this random bible study on the internet. Normally I study books at a time or if not really studying them just reading one chapter at a time. Any way I did a quick Google search for a multibook study and found the one I am doing now. It isn't as inspiring as I thought it could be because the focus seems to be on change. I am half way through and am realizing this study was set up for new Christians or people whom need convincing. I think I am going to run out to the store this afternoon and search for a new one in the bible store next to TJ Max.

Ha - just now getting to my point. This morning I read my friends blog and got on a tangent while responding to her post and I mentioned 1 Corinthians 12, the whole body part - part, anyway then I decided I was going to study for awhile and took out my material. Today's lesson - read 1 Corinthians 10-13. Kind of a neat coincidence, but the study provided no new insights, so I am off to the store.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh So Important News

Maggy is 91 pounds. That is two pounds over weight according to the vet. I walk her 6 days a week at least a mile sometimes two. She runs around like a maniac in the backyard and loves to chase C. We switched her from puppy food to adult food last month so hopefully that will take her two pounds off. Apparently that is really bad for a dog. I feel a little bad about that, after all I am the one who gives her the last bite of my PBJ at lunch and sneaks her a Ritz when no one is looking.

This morning I walked Maggy around the neighborhood. Our normal loop is iced over and we have had to go another way. It isn't actaully all that great a neighborhood for walking because it has a half circle shaped major road connecting both sides of our perpendicular street. Normally I walk on the outside edge of the entire half circle. Anyway, both are pretty busy. Normally it isn't a problem but it is nicer on the loop rather than going in a neighborhood across the street and walking and running on a bunch of dead end courts. I feel like we just don't go as far.

In other news: Biggest Looser is back. I pretty excited about it. Seems like the teams are pretty diverse and most of them seem nice. On some seasons you see the claws come out in the first episode. Not sure who I am voting for yet, but I did like the green team; the Puerto Rican mother daughter team were a hoot.

My mother and aunt come on Sunday to stay with C for the week. I am so excited. I cannot believe they doing this for us. We fly out on Monday so we will have most of the day Sunday with them. Life is good. Talked to mom last night and she requested Diet Coke (like I'd ever run out), light cream (I have to go to a special store for that - but that is okay), and chicken wings. I think I can handle that. My aunt just wants Diet Pepsi. Easy guests. We are going to have my aunt sleep in the guest room and my mom in our room. The first night she is going to crash on the couch - which she likes because of the big TV. Always room at the inn.

I gained nine pounds the week of Christmas and News Year. Without too much effort I have managed to loose five of those in a week. I must have just had cookie over load. Vegas shouldn't cause too much disruption in that. When ever I have gone I have walked off any buffet delights I've indulged upon. Plus S is doing this Biggest Looser challenge at work that coincides with a pedometer challenge. He somehow ended up in a group that pledged to walk 6 miles a day for a month. He gets in two miles at work just doing his job and runs a mile every morning. That leaves three he'll have to squeeze in. Yowzaaa. In Vegas I am sure I will be roped into the six miles a day. Good Times.

I have discovered I think I use to play on this site pre-kid. Anyway, they have Scrabble and Boggle my absolute favorite games. Although I haven't really seemed to be able to loose on Boggle which takes the fun out of it. Some people even asked me to leave a "room" or "table". I don't chat with anyone accept to say Good Game at the end of a round so I just left. I'll have to check out the site more and see if maybe there is an advanced room or something. In Scrabble there is adavanced rooms which I love becuase if you play the computer they go really fast and use words I have never heard of or seen which is the way I like it. A challenge. Not like I have a ton of time on the computer. Actually I have tried to keep it to 30-45 minutes a day for fun stuff like blogging, F/B, and games. I fail miserably when I get this long winded. Ahhh, I am just so riveting and important. HA!

In semi interesting news: S got notice at work the other day that he needs to start filling out his extension paper work. It is so strange. We only found out in the summer that his extension was granted in his job until Feb 2011. Now he has to start on 2012. It seems so far out. I am so tired of living for the next thing, the next assignment, the next move. I just want to enjoy this one, weather that is realistic or not. I am glad I am not the one filling out the paperwork and channeling it through supervisor after supervisor. Small blessings there. I wish S could just tell me when to pack, I would really be happy if I didn't know all the work it took to get an assignment or stay in one. Just surprise me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

You Have GOT to be KIDDING

BAH went down! I didn't even know they could do that. We are loosing 120.00 a month starting now. How crazy is that? I am trying to see the brighter side of it, but I swear - it isn't there. Our rent is lower than BAH but it has to cover utilities too. Turning the heat down to 67, shutting off all the lights, and thinking of nixing some of my beloved cable stations... Not fun news to get just before vacation. It is kind of a lot because this money was tax free and it paid for the oil every month. Really - are you kidding me?

I was going to ask S if he minded if C and I went back home in January while C has a four day weekend - but that didn't really come up as S was cussing out the internet sources he used to compare our rates.

We didn't really let it ruin our night but still it threw us for a loop. Still searching for the silver lining...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Day of Sin

I have spent the entire day. Like - 8 hours, watching the History Chanel with S. They have a series that covered the seven deadly sins, which converted to seven one hours episodes plus one on rapture. I am not sure one can watch such an event and come away feeling good -but somehow I have. LOL - I am such a sinner.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Can I Just Tell You

My husband is unbelievable. He checked online this morning to see if his professor posted his grade for his capstone project yet. The capstone seems to be the latest is degree requirements taking the place of the term thesis or graduate study. Anyway, he killed it. He got a 100 on the thirty + page research paper and 99.6% grade overall. He also received a high honors dean list letter in the mail this week and he only has three classes left! The man is a machine. I really did believe he would do well in college this time around and I am just so proud of him. My husband the geek - who knew? LOL.

In other news: we rang in the new year with our friends A&D and their munchkins. It was practically perfect. The kids again played uninterrupted and were happy to do so. Both A (she is 4) and C (6) stayed up to watch the ball drop. The grownups played board games and then cards for hours on end while eating left overs and drinking Coke Zero and Sparkling Cider. It was casual and easy going and zipped by. A (the mom) really is a good friend, and I am really going to miss her when then move. But I have until February for that, so I can certainly not waste that time :P)

In random news: I have made it on to a family forward list, of which I am not a member of the family. So far I have half a dozen emails asking me to pray for cousin Daniel who is in the hospital - which obviously I will do after reading their sob story. I have also gotten an email from Francie telling me that they are back from VK and mom loved watching their cat. Francie was nice enough to forward a few pictures of the cat. To which I replied, hope Daniel heals quickly, we'll be praying - but you have the wrong email, and Hey, Great PICS - but I am not so and so, we are the W's in VA. It is day three of the emails and they continue.

Nightmare of the evening: I ran out of Diet Coke, which could have been a real nightmare in itself, but I digress. I ran out of soda and went to the store to buy more. After I check out I went over to the Red Box to rent a movie and all the movies had Christopher Walken on the cover.

In TV news: Big Love starts a new season on the 10th. I am what a rocker / skater would call STOKED over the idea of Nikki screwing up the entire season while Bill becomes so big he tears his family apart. Now that is good trashy television. A new season of Secret Life starts on the 4th. I am looking forward to see how they screw that show up too. I think it might be a train wreck. All these teens having sex and living like their parents are no where in sight. Don't get me wrong I love trash - but this show actaully got boring last season, so I am not sure my loyalty is going to hold. I don't have an update on Tree Hill, but I am hoping they have new episodes soon - as that just got a little good. In new trash - I am now loving the Ghost Hunters Academy. Steve is a hard ass and it is perfect. And of course IDOL is coming. I am gearing up. Biggest Looser too! Whoooo I am so excited for sweeps that I feel a little faint.