Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blue Van

Every time S and I see an old Ford Econo van with blacked out or no windows at all we think of those terrible After School Specials that use to be on in the late 70's and early 80's. Those movies were always warning everyone of the dangers of drugs, sex, and child-molesters. The rusty old blue van had a creep hiding in it more than once. Well this morning during a dream, a really scary one, I was driving said van. While driving I even wondered why I would drive an Afternoon Special van, or why I was back in high school, where I had just come from. I'm all confused. It went something like this.

I was rushing to get to homeroom and accidentally went into the wrong class. I sat at a table with three boys and realized they were way younger than me. I left and went to a different one but then just as the teacher was asking me for a hall pass I was in a restaurant that served the best chili on earth, although the guy serving it was a little weird. Next thing I remember is S joining me and thinking the chili wasn't all that great. Then the bell rings and I grab a book bag and go to the parking lot and jump in my After School Special van. It is hot, so I roll down the windows. Once I get going I realized I needed money so I stopped in a plaza that had an ATM machine and took out $200.00. Once I got my receipt it instantly turned dark. My van was a little ways away and I was walking and trying to put my wad of twenties in my book bag when I noticed there was someone with a gun chasing another guy. I panicked when I reached the van and threw my cash on the floor of the drivers side through the window. I couldn't find the keys. Finally I find the keys but the men are already up to me. So I pressed the panic alarm button on the alarm key ring (yeah - 80's vans don't have those) and one bad guy said something to me but I do not remember and then the guy with the gun ran off. I hoped in the van and told the other guy who was being chased to get in. I never looked at him. I kept my eyes straight dodging shopping carts trying to get out of that lot fast. I asked him where he lived and told him if it is a bad neighborhood I would leave him off at the main road. Then this guy just starts talking to me, saying oh I you can just take me to my work. He doesn't say anything about being chased by a gunman, almost dying, my life being in danger, me helping him even though I have a totally recognizable van - and I am starting to get heated. Then in real life my dog burped in my face and I woke up.

After a few moments I went back to sleep and ended up back in the van but the guy who was really big, in fact his body was spilling over into my seat, is gone. The air is really yucky, smog and fog and that weird wet tire smell after rain on a hot day. As I drive past my house. A home I might add is a house I have never seen before but I know it is mine. Then I head up to the high school and start the dream completely over again. This time it ends with me driving off from the parking lot chase alone but knowing my $200.00 is gone.

In one dream last night I remember breaking my left thumb nail really badly. This morning while getting dressed I wondered why it didn't hurt and then was inspecting all my fingers until I realized it was a dream. In fact there were a bunch of dreams over the last few days that were short and weird that when I woke up I wasn't entirely sure if they were real or not. For example, I took C his lunch at school because he forgot it, I sang really loudly in church, I twisted my ankle putting out the recycles, and I got rid of the dog. All of which I had to think about a few moments. Everything is just so vivid and real.

I am currently on hold (9 minutes now) to make an appointment for this crap. It feels like I am up all night watching movies, scary ones sometimes. All though most of the immediate danger has subsided. Christopher Walken isn't trying to kill me with Play Dough, and no one is shooting me directly. It is just a lot of creepy feelings and a lot of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other concerning part is that the dreams are weaving into one another and then a few times have repeated.


Kim said...

Yikes what a dream. Ha Ha I remember as a kid I was terrified of those vans because I thought whenever I saw one it was a kidnapper.

I hope life can only get better said...

Those after school specials...we had a religon teacher who used to show us them all the time in highschool. Ask S if he remembers him. He had tapes upon tapes of them and this was in 1993. He also showed us Casulties of War with Michel J Fox, what that had to do with religon I don't know. But those vans still creep me out to this day. In college I wrote a short story about a Vietnam Vet and he lived in one of those Ford vans...but, I degress..
I really hope the doctor can give you some releif from those dreams, it is scary to live like that! My prayers for you....thank god the Playdough is gone though

Jamie said...

Wow, still no relief huh? Craziness! I hope you were able to get an appointment. You so need a new doctor...