Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Did That Come From?

I had Zumba last night. It was the first class I have been able to make since December. There was a winter break and then I missed two in a row because we were on VK and then S was in California. So finally I was able to join again. Somehow I ended up in the front row. This class has almost thirty of us in it and the new teachers are awesome. Anyway there I am bouncing around, yelling whooooooo on cue, and sweating my tush off, and of course looking utterly ridiculous as I miss every other step and go left when every one else goes right. It was great. I loved it. On the way out there were some new girls who were saying they could never be upfront. One said maybe if it were step aerobics she could do it. So I said, "I love it up front, I am so bad at this that it makes it easier because I cannot see how good everyone else is, so I feel much better about myself at the end." I made them laugh. But it is true. May this new found confidence take me far.

I was looking forward to next week when I got home, thinking that Monday I have book club, Tuesday I have Zumba, a busy start. Then right before bed S told me that he is going to California again next week. Sitters are so hard to come by, and so expensive. I already paid for Zumba and don't want to pay a sitter on top of that. Then book club is a little bit of a ride. Errr the life of an Air Force wife. Normally travel doesn't really bother me, but this time around - I am not happy. He just got back; that topped with the idea of him being gone for six weeks in the spring is just a lot. Boo, poor me.


I hope life can only get better said...

Wish i could watch C for you!! I would never have the courage to do Zumba, you rock!

Kim said...

Zumba sounds fun. I could never take that class. I am so uncoordinated it aint funny. I would hide in the back. Thats gotta get old w/ S leaving all the time