Friday, January 1, 2010

Can I Just Tell You

My husband is unbelievable. He checked online this morning to see if his professor posted his grade for his capstone project yet. The capstone seems to be the latest is degree requirements taking the place of the term thesis or graduate study. Anyway, he killed it. He got a 100 on the thirty + page research paper and 99.6% grade overall. He also received a high honors dean list letter in the mail this week and he only has three classes left! The man is a machine. I really did believe he would do well in college this time around and I am just so proud of him. My husband the geek - who knew? LOL.

In other news: we rang in the new year with our friends A&D and their munchkins. It was practically perfect. The kids again played uninterrupted and were happy to do so. Both A (she is 4) and C (6) stayed up to watch the ball drop. The grownups played board games and then cards for hours on end while eating left overs and drinking Coke Zero and Sparkling Cider. It was casual and easy going and zipped by. A (the mom) really is a good friend, and I am really going to miss her when then move. But I have until February for that, so I can certainly not waste that time :P)

In random news: I have made it on to a family forward list, of which I am not a member of the family. So far I have half a dozen emails asking me to pray for cousin Daniel who is in the hospital - which obviously I will do after reading their sob story. I have also gotten an email from Francie telling me that they are back from VK and mom loved watching their cat. Francie was nice enough to forward a few pictures of the cat. To which I replied, hope Daniel heals quickly, we'll be praying - but you have the wrong email, and Hey, Great PICS - but I am not so and so, we are the W's in VA. It is day three of the emails and they continue.

Nightmare of the evening: I ran out of Diet Coke, which could have been a real nightmare in itself, but I digress. I ran out of soda and went to the store to buy more. After I check out I went over to the Red Box to rent a movie and all the movies had Christopher Walken on the cover.

In TV news: Big Love starts a new season on the 10th. I am what a rocker / skater would call STOKED over the idea of Nikki screwing up the entire season while Bill becomes so big he tears his family apart. Now that is good trashy television. A new season of Secret Life starts on the 4th. I am looking forward to see how they screw that show up too. I think it might be a train wreck. All these teens having sex and living like their parents are no where in sight. Don't get me wrong I love trash - but this show actaully got boring last season, so I am not sure my loyalty is going to hold. I don't have an update on Tree Hill, but I am hoping they have new episodes soon - as that just got a little good. In new trash - I am now loving the Ghost Hunters Academy. Steve is a hard ass and it is perfect. And of course IDOL is coming. I am gearing up. Biggest Looser too! Whoooo I am so excited for sweeps that I feel a little faint.


Kerry said...

Congratulate S for his achievement for me. What will S's mom think about her son doing so well in school without any help? I am glad that S has someone that truly believes in him. I guess you have something else to add to your open letter. :-)

Jamie said...

That's great about S's school. He & Z are both doing amazingly well! What's up w/the emails? That's so weird! lol Glad you had a great time celebrating New Years! We were invited to my friends/neighbors but "it was too cold" in the words of Z. He's such a party pooper :(

I hope life can only get better said...

Awesome for S!!!!! Give him a high five for me. Wish I had the nerve to go back to college. I always think about it and never do it! New years eve was boring for us. Hubby and I ended up watching Twilight for the third time after the kids went to bed. AHHHHH the mundane