Monday, January 4, 2010

You Have GOT to be KIDDING

BAH went down! I didn't even know they could do that. We are loosing 120.00 a month starting now. How crazy is that? I am trying to see the brighter side of it, but I swear - it isn't there. Our rent is lower than BAH but it has to cover utilities too. Turning the heat down to 67, shutting off all the lights, and thinking of nixing some of my beloved cable stations... Not fun news to get just before vacation. It is kind of a lot because this money was tax free and it paid for the oil every month. Really - are you kidding me?

I was going to ask S if he minded if C and I went back home in January while C has a four day weekend - but that didn't really come up as S was cussing out the internet sources he used to compare our rates.

We didn't really let it ruin our night but still it threw us for a loop. Still searching for the silver lining...


I hope life can only get better said...

:( Feel your pain

Kim said...

That stinks. They always take our money away one way or the other