Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walk Much?

What is a little jet lag among family? Well it means I sleep in until ten and wake up to every house light on, two TV's blaring, all video games on the floor, two boxes of cereal open and left in the den, play dough on the kitchen table, a diet coke by my head, and a flat bread and cold mac-n-cheese sandwich on my bedside table. Worth every minute of extra shut eye! The dog ate the C special breakfast sandwich and I cracked the diet coke even before heading to the bathroom. After waking up that late coffee making wasn't an option so C and I went to Dunkin' Donuts. Yum!

Vegas was a blast. I think my mother and aunt were about to kill each other by the time we got home, but what else is new. Those two do great for about three days and then get on each others nerves. Once when I was a kid we went on VK to the Pocono's with Aunt P and her kids and we ended up leaving early. I always thought it was because my sister and I weren't getting along with our cousins, but now that I am older I can see that there may have been more to the story. But whatever -back to the 'oh so important' ME.

Vegas was great. We went to see two shows. One was the amazing Jonathan. He is on comedy central and S had mentioned a long time ago he'd like to see him. So we got tickets. It was so raunchy and funny and vulgar. I laugh just thinking about it. At the beginning of the show the comic got this chubby hick looking guy to come up on stage. He made him join him for the entire show and kept taking his money, making him do funny stuff, and then there was the skipping. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. He had this chubby manly man skipping around the stage and it was so dumb it was funny.

The second show we went to see was called V. It is a long time running variety show and we have seen it before but it did change somewhat. We sat in the front row and for a few of the acrobatic acts we had to lean our heads all the way back. It was really neat.

One funny story: the day we saw V we had been walking the strip and gambled in the Wynn and Encore casinos. The we decided to take the bus down the strip over to MGM and Hooters. (Hooters was so gross and old looking) We ended up getting show tickets at PH for V after that. When we were paying for our tickets S noticed that he had a ticket for Wynn in his wallet for over seven bucks. But it just cost us six to get to this end of the strip. Errr. So we end up walking all the way back and forth to change out this ticket in record time. LOL poor S had a what we thought was a pulled muscle in his foot and although he was trying not to complain I knew it was killing him. He was limping pretty bad at a few points. But he refused to take the bus back because it would counter act the money he just got from the casino.

After all the shows and all gambling S lost sixty something bucks and I won just over thirty. Cheap trip. So home we are. Jet lagged and a little sore but home just the same. Our own bed felt amazing and I missed C so much I couldn't stop hugging him. Yesterday we woke up in our own house in our own wonderful room and it just felt so good until S says "Hunny, I think my foot is actually broken." There was this bone thing protruding from his ankle and it was super swelled up and bruised. So off to get X-rays we went.

Luckily it isn't broken. We think he has a ripped tendon because it has curled up at the end and caused this ball type thing there. The bone thing isn't there now but he is still in some pain. Imagine walking on that for a week? Ouch. We know we walked a ton because S had this pedometer from work for some special walking contest they are doing. So on day one we walked about 14 miles and day two was 12. Each day we walked a little less, but never less than 10. Crazy.


Kim said...

Well at least you guys had a fun vac. I didnt see or maybe I missed it but how did S end up hurting his foot anyway? I love watching comedy shows even if they are raunchy and vulgar they sure are funny and I love to laugh.

I hope life can only get better said...

Glad you guys had a good time!! How did S hurt his foot? Was it Vegas's fault? lol