Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Hike


I had the best day. I hiked at Great Falls NPS in Virgina. The falls were absolutely amazing and the colors were breath taking. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear Laundromat,

Yesterday I ventured over to your Sterling location and pretty much got the scare of my life. So much so that I didn't even dry my clothes there - just got out as fast as I could. Driving home with wet laundry and looking over my shoulder the whole way.

As you are aware this laundry service location is a massive store with lots of extras like flat screen TV's and a convenient store selling soaps, snacks, drinks, and lotto tickets. There had to be at least 100 washing machines and even more dryers. The place smells like Tide and Downy, has clean floors, and bright lights. Well, it is all a facade. After all it is still a laundromat; complete with crazies and unattended children running around banging their heads on folding tables.

When I first walked in I felt perfectly safe. It really wasn't really crowded, after all it was noon on Tuesday. So I picked out two machines (The Super Loaders @ 5.75 a load) and squeezed a weeks worth of laundry in each. That part was sort of impressive. Once my loads were spinning I leaned against the folding table and watched the Spanish Soap Opera that was on; only catching the main idea not each word. 

As I am watching TV another patron put his clothes in the washer next to mine. He screwing up the directions and trying to turn the washer on before he put his clothes in. I nicely told him that he had to load first then add money. He seemed grateful for tip and went back to his work.  Then things start to get a little weird. 

This man then asks a clerk to change the channel to either 4,5 or 7. The clerk was trying to help him by handing him a remote but he wouldn't take it. "It is your job not mine" is what I thought he said, but that certainly couldn't have been,  or so I thought. So then the clerk puts on channel 457 and I notice this and say to the man, "I don't think she understood she isn't turning on your channels, she combined them to four-hundred fifty seven."  Here is where things got scary.

The guy was staring so intently at me and just spewing A LOT of racists remarks really loudly, telling me all about his life in the Navy and how he can re-up anytime but then telling me he was in in the 70's. He wouldn't stop talking. I just sort of said a lot of 'uh-ha' and 'oh's. But I said nothing in response to any racist comments. He was basically ranting to himself for 40 minutes. I tired to look busy at a snack machine - he just followed me. I crossed my arms over my chest; he still stared. I attempted to talk to another lady - she didn't speak English though. Then when my wash was done he says "so are you just heading back to your house now - I am not busy or nothing, I could follow ya." To which I replied "Oh well thanks, interesting listening to you, have a good day." And then I ran ... FAST. OGLING RACIST CREEP. 

Obviously you need to add to the sign that says "Fluff and fold services" to explain to dumb ass hicks "No racists rapists allowed"


One Who Cannot Wait to Have Her Washer Back!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Countdown

Last Month:


This Month:


Not bad for 30 days! And that includes C's cavity. The AMEX is gone! This months goal is to finish up the last of that pesky student loan  and start on the Volvo. I have been selling lots of stuff lately so I am going to use that money for groceries and use my grocery money to pay off that debt. I just need to figure out what to do when I am out of crap to unload.


I am down a few more pounds! Yippee!!!!! I might fit back into my skinny jeans just in time for them to go back out of style :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My family is doing another round of Game On. We did this a few years ago and had a lot of fun competing and having an excuse to talk to each other every day. Dieting group style. Here we go!

Just to recap for my geriatric future self: Game On is a fun diet. The idea isn't really loosing a ton of weight but to build new good habits and get healthier. Everyday you score your eating, sleeping, living, and water consumption up to a certain amount of points for four weeks. Once the weeks are through you total the team points and see who wins. We are all betting $40.00 to see who will take home the prize and bragging rights. I plan on winning, obviously. [ I got my $40.00 from selling stuff on Ebay and Craigslist last week - I am not taking it away from the budget - go me!] 

My team consists of two of my aunts out in OR. One I talk to pretty regularly but the other I just see on Facebook once in awhile, so it will be nice to talk to her more. Plus they can remind me to stay away from my bad habit - which would take away 50 points from my score every time! My bad habit: spending money outside of the budget. I am keeping my oath of working down that debt. No shopping for clothes, gifts, or kitchen gadgets (I've got an illness there). In fact, I am going to replace my bad habit with a good one (well that is just part of the game) A new good habit: I shall not complain about the mother-in-law. I know, I know, I have professed this one before, but this time around - she'll be here! And although I do not rant about her antics on this blog like I use to, I still have work to do. I will appreciate her. I will accept that she might be a little wonky but tries to be sweet and kind. I will acknowledge that she only means the best. I will not harp on the fact that she ...... nope, not going to say it, and I am going to try like heck not to think it.

All right, Game On!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Arts

I am reading The Help. So far A-. I am only halfway through so the A, or A+ could still happen. Even still, I cannot put it down at night. That part of history is so compelling yet foreign to me;  it is hard to believe it wasn't all that long ago. 

I am listening to She & Him. So far C+ ish, maybe a B-. I read in Entertainment Weekly that their newest album was more or less folksy and cute ... it is more like listening to the oldies station with a small clue that it might be recent. I am mildly entertained.

I cannot find my MP3 favorite player anywhere. I keep thinking it might be in my mother's car. I haven't seen it since vacation. Anyway it might be in a suitcase somewhere or hidden under a seat in the car. Every day I go to reach for it and it isn't there. I am annoyed that I keep forgetting to ask mom and actually put effort into finding it. Certainly not like me. I mean I don't stress when I can't find something, I always say "it will turn up." And low and behold eventually it all does. But since it has been over a month this time I am not so sure.

My media content on the computer is insane. I have 3000 + songs and totally need to start  burning them to CDs,  erasing the crap, uploading them to one of 4 MP3 players between C and I. C cannot get enough music. I was even thinking of getting him a CD player for Christmas and making him a bunch of CD's. Right now he just hooks up his MP3 Player either to my alarm clock (odd feature) or his iDOG speaker but I know he'd like to be able to sort the music better. But, one thing at a time; pictures first.

I am working on organizing all my family pictures and making CDs of all the digital pictures. Originally it was a daunting task that I hated. However, now it is so fun. For a couple of hours a week I have been rearranging, getting things in order, ordering copies of digital prints for albums, and attempting to trim down and streamline the photo albums. I have found quite a few treasures. I have also vowed to continue keeping those organized.

In other project news, I was looking for a small craft project C could construct for Christmas presents. There is a cool idea with buttons that I like in one of my magazines plus a few ornament / picture ideas we might try. But as of yet nothing is speaking to us, most likely because it is October.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Okay, You Can Call Me That

I am off my rocker. High and low, up and down, an all around Hot Mess. At least I do not lack focus. The big countdown is moving along. Today is payday and as promised the American Express is now paid in full. I called to cancel the card this morning but they won't let me, apparently it is the one and only thing in my husbands name. (How'd that happen?) Next on the list is some random school loan. As reported on multiple occasions on FB 'THEY'RE PAID", well apparently I lie. There is one left for 750 something. Those things just sneak up on you, I swear. Then in crushing big countdown news we totally had to use a credit card in the last month. C had a cavity (257.00!!!!) and S put gas on one by accident. Still we owe less this month than we did last. For some reason my spreadsheet is for the 21st of each month. So I suppose I'll wait until then to calculate, who knows I might manage to pay down a little more before then. We've been selling crap from the shed like hot cakes.

Which leads me to the baby stuff. Seriously my heart aches just thinking about it. To think that it only got used by one little guy and a few babysat tots just seems so ... unplanned. I sold the pack and play yesterday and the only item left to sell is the highchair. Next week is the big city clean up where they'll take all your big items (they do it twice a year) and we are putting out the changing table and a few other random baby items. Well, along with all the crap my husband wouldn't let me pay to have picked up. Still a sore spot! Once the trash picker uppers come all the baby stuff will truly be gone. I just want to feel happiness when I think about that not that we won't be using them again. So; I'll keep the memories not the heartache of what should have been. 

The other countdown is weight related. I lost two pounds last week. I am pretty happy about that but sort of annoyed that it could have been better. Over long weekend we ate like crap. I swear S and I make each other fat. We are such food hoars. But alas we are both counting the calories. He's even been riding the bike every day in the den. Battling the bulge is way harder than admitting you have a credit card problem.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emotional Eating & Hoarding

It appears we are worse than I originally thought. This weekend the husband and I cleaned the back shed. Good God there was a lot of crap back there. The items found including a swimming pool pump, we got rid of the pool last year, and a cover for the pool. Then there were piles of lawn care products (most expired) and lots and lots of sports equipment. So much sports stuff that we were able to sell some of it to a sports store later.

Among other disastrous things were totes of maternity clothes that I never got to wear, an old highchair, a changing table, and multiple other baby / toddler related stuff. Insert instant bad mood once the maternity clothes were found. Realize too that the this was totally missed by my husbands radar. We were pregnant once; you know for that whole 6 weeks, and my friend was so excited that she dropped off all her maternity clothes. Hope for a minute, that's what we had.

If you need me I'll be searching for peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. I'll diet again later.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Might Be A Red Neck If...

You know that wedding I said I'd be in? The one I told my self was going to be so much fun because the dresses were going to be pink? Yeah that one ...

There's been a venue & theme change. It is now going to be held at a dude ranch and have ... wait for it... a NASCAR theme. I seriously was told the groomsmen are going to wear pit crew outfits and the bridesmaids need to wear Jeff Gordon colors. 

You just can't make this shit up. God I love the bride, really, really, really, love her. Thank you for giving her the foresight to plan the wedding a year in advance, it gives her plenty of time to change her mind. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Countdowns

For the last two weeks I have finally been on a real diet. No craziness, just 1750 calories a day and exercise, and low and behold I lost five real pounds. Because lets face it I could eat only meat and cheese and loose five pounds in a day only to gain seven the next day because I added a glass of milk. Anyway real pounds gone. This got me thinking; this is the first time in about three years that I haven't been dieting to get ready for IVF. I am not trying to get pregnant. That means I can run until I am blue in the face if I want. I want. That means I don't have to stop as soon as I reach 185, which I always do because then it would seem to be time for another cycle. Go ahead GASP at the number now. It is no secret that I am not a Skinny Minnie. But maybe I can be? This should be interesting. The countdown begins. For now of course the goal is my pre-IVF cycle weights which is the gasping 185. Interesting idea that I do not have to stop there. 

As you may or may not know, but certainly should know, the newest season of Biggest Looser is on. The show is always so darn inspiring until I hear that they are running marathons and working out 15 hours a day; then reality sets in that I am in no way willing to do that. Hmm, maybe that show is a little counter productive. Who cares? After all, I normally watch it while riding my stationary bike. 

In other countdown frenzy news the debt ceiling is crazy but still on track. Get this, I have actually been able in the last 30 days to balance my checking account. People, this has NEVER happened. Ever since on-line banking took over I sugar coated the notion of balanced books by accepting the fact that the bank does it for me. (I have an accounting degree! Insert another gasp!) So imagine my surprise that our accounts are exactly what I think they are to the penny. Imagine me, Jamie W knows what the balances are and what has cleared and what hasn't. I am confident our plan will work if we keep this going. 

And in non-relate go-me mews: My mother said yesterday "oh I got my first Christmas present in the mail yesterday." To which I replied "you mean you ordered something for someone already?" and her nonchalant reply "Yup a dress for your sisters doll." I could go on with the details of this one but just think about that. It is the first week in October, so the shopping was done in September, and my sister is 33. ????? I love my mother and told her so. I am not shopping early this year. You've heard it here. I am not shopping early this year, nor am I going black Friday shopping, nor am I ordering anything on Cyber Monday. This year I am simply going to wait and see. Last year Wal-mart tried to kill me. You can read about it HERE. I post this one to Facebook whenever someone complains about the place. Craziness. I don't want to over spend so we are just going to wait and see what we really can afford before we purchase every Lego set for C and un-needed nick-knacks for the family. The stores however have different ideas. Way different. More on that later.