Monday, October 17, 2011

The Arts

I am reading The Help. So far A-. I am only halfway through so the A, or A+ could still happen. Even still, I cannot put it down at night. That part of history is so compelling yet foreign to me;  it is hard to believe it wasn't all that long ago. 

I am listening to She & Him. So far C+ ish, maybe a B-. I read in Entertainment Weekly that their newest album was more or less folksy and cute ... it is more like listening to the oldies station with a small clue that it might be recent. I am mildly entertained.

I cannot find my MP3 favorite player anywhere. I keep thinking it might be in my mother's car. I haven't seen it since vacation. Anyway it might be in a suitcase somewhere or hidden under a seat in the car. Every day I go to reach for it and it isn't there. I am annoyed that I keep forgetting to ask mom and actually put effort into finding it. Certainly not like me. I mean I don't stress when I can't find something, I always say "it will turn up." And low and behold eventually it all does. But since it has been over a month this time I am not so sure.

My media content on the computer is insane. I have 3000 + songs and totally need to start  burning them to CDs,  erasing the crap, uploading them to one of 4 MP3 players between C and I. C cannot get enough music. I was even thinking of getting him a CD player for Christmas and making him a bunch of CD's. Right now he just hooks up his MP3 Player either to my alarm clock (odd feature) or his iDOG speaker but I know he'd like to be able to sort the music better. But, one thing at a time; pictures first.

I am working on organizing all my family pictures and making CDs of all the digital pictures. Originally it was a daunting task that I hated. However, now it is so fun. For a couple of hours a week I have been rearranging, getting things in order, ordering copies of digital prints for albums, and attempting to trim down and streamline the photo albums. I have found quite a few treasures. I have also vowed to continue keeping those organized.

In other project news, I was looking for a small craft project C could construct for Christmas presents. There is a cool idea with buttons that I like in one of my magazines plus a few ornament / picture ideas we might try. But as of yet nothing is speaking to us, most likely because it is October.

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