Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days & 40 Nights

It is the eve of the event. The crucial moment in time when I give up social networking for an extended amount of time. Currently, I am wondering why I would deprive myself this way. I am questioning weather I should post some babbling brook of useless information about upcoming events, random thoughts, open letters (I actaully have a few floating around in my brain), or just keep it simple.

My commitment is to abstain from social networking in order to fill my brain with more positivity. There really isn't anything else to it. In the up coming weeks we will be starting IVF, going on a small VK to the beach, saying goodbye to some dear friends who are moving, S will be testing for Master Sgt., C will be starting gymnastics again and going to spring break camp, and I ... will be fighting the urge to post up to the minute status feeds. 

Alas, there is no use in delaying the inevitable.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can I Just Tell You?

I so love my new job. I keep hoping that the honeymoon phase lasts and lasts! I have worked two days so far and have enjoyed it very much. Starting Saturday I will be working just every other weekend in the mornings and I am so excited about it. Can I just tell you: This is the first job I have had in over a decade that is actaully clean and comfortable and nice and where the 'man' actually wants you to do well and gives you all the tools to do so.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Classic Jamie

As proof that I am a flake:

  1. I thought that Lent started today. It starts next week.
  2. I managed to take a double dose of my Migraine medicine last night. I had to call the MD this morning and ask what to do about it. MORON. Yeah - me not the doc :)
  3. While walking the dog this morning I didn't realize I was belting out a rousing version of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover until I passed some construction workers (putting up signs in my neighborhood - joy) and realized in order to say good morning I needed to stop screaming the song currently playing on my MP3 player.
  4. My sister gave me a new MP3 player for Christmas - I managed to screw it up, the songs are on there but the it will only play 4 out of 134. My former MP3 player was zapped by lightning - hasn't been the same since - the one before that I found in the bottom of a box recently, I am afraid to update it for obvious reasons.
  5. At my first day of work yesterday, during orientation I asked, after be told the policy, "Do I need to have a drug test?" To which the response was no and I replied "Oh Good." MORON! Then I back peddled and said, "I mean it isn't problem, just good that ..." and thank God the HR rep had compassion and filled in the blank by adding something about not having to jump through hoops before I actaully start working on site.