Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days & 40 Nights

It is the eve of the event. The crucial moment in time when I give up social networking for an extended amount of time. Currently, I am wondering why I would deprive myself this way. I am questioning weather I should post some babbling brook of useless information about upcoming events, random thoughts, open letters (I actaully have a few floating around in my brain), or just keep it simple.

My commitment is to abstain from social networking in order to fill my brain with more positivity. There really isn't anything else to it. In the up coming weeks we will be starting IVF, going on a small VK to the beach, saying goodbye to some dear friends who are moving, S will be testing for Master Sgt., C will be starting gymnastics again and going to spring break camp, and I ... will be fighting the urge to post up to the minute status feeds. 

Alas, there is no use in delaying the inevitable.

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Becca B said...

Going to miss you my friend!I will have to pick up the phone and call, I could never do that at this time, too much networking going on with my writing and all my house searching. So Kudos to you!!! I actually envy you. How about a return to the old fashioned letter? I was thinking about doing a blog post on the dying breed of postal communication. Imagine having to wait a few days for your communication to get there...torture!!!