Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which I Steal, I Chart My Cycle, & I Save $$

Well, D, my nurse at Walter Reed called today to schedule our FET.  I didn't exactly get the dates I'd hoped for, but what can one do when their cycle is in a completely different time zone then the rest of their body.... Anyway - I start injections of Lupron in mid July followed by lots and lots of estrogen and progesterone with a  tentative transfer August 9th ish. Actually the dates work out well for S so at least that is a plus. Day 6 Blast here we go. 

In other news: I canceled C's summer camp for next week due to the funeral arrangements. The community center was so nice about us canceling. They told me that if we ever need to cancel anything for any reason we have up until four days before the activity to get a 100% credit to our account but then the girl I spoke to added that if there is something like a family emergency it is case by case, so I would have been covered even if skate camp started today.  She really didn't have to add that and I just thought that was so nice. So now the three of us will be going to NJ and C can enroll in a different class or camp to use the credit. (Surprisingly S was able to take the day off on Wednesday and can no travel to NJ with us)

Next order of business: I went to Walmart today. I know, I hate it there, they did after all try to kill me. But I digress. I was on a mission to find blow dry lotion that didn't cost 15 to 20 bucks a bottle. And I was not disappointed, Dove brand 4.88 - JACKPOT! Well, almost more of a jackpot. The following story either makes me sound like the worlds largest idiot or a saint...

I bought a whole bunch of random things, blow dry lotion, a t-shirt, grape soda (C's request), tape, milk, shrimp, anyway you get the idea. So I check out (In front of the worlds slowest customer that had three separate transactions that included a credit card rejection on the third one) and during checkout I read almost an entire issue of COSMO. I was mortified at an article that told me my husbands anus should be treated like my G-Spot; of which I am sure no one has ever found mine! But back to my cart; I pay, I load the bags into the cart and head to the car. I unload the cart and notice the blow dry lotion in out of a bag and then realize that I never paid for it! Oh great, just add theft to my list of crap to talk to the therapist about. Anyway, I take the hair product and go back to the store. I explain to the clerk that I didn't pay for this and I am really sorry. She was super nice and said a bunch of nice things about me and my honesty but really I just wanted to pay and go, secretly wishing they had self check out. 

More random news I cannot stand to keep inside: We are headed to SC for VK in just a few weeks. I cannot wait. But, there was a small problem. We had planned on driving my station wagon down there but after some recent car trouble we were rethinking that. Personally I keep flip flopping on weather to just go out and buy a new car - but S is pretty against it because he doesn't know where we will be in 12 months. (he is right) So anyway, my car, the mechanic recommended an entire slew of repairs including new axles, new timing belt, breaks, seat belts, lock system over hall, and more. But here again, we don't want to sink a bunch of money into it if we are just going to sell it before we move. So we opted to rent a van for our VK (We need extra seats because we are VKing with friends) and use S's frequent traveler points to pay for it. But even with discounts and free days it still ends up being just way too expensive. But I solved the problem. 

I took my car apart. I took the jump seat out of my Volvo and put it in the back of the Hyundai. There are locking hooks in the back to secure the seat and it was really easy to get it secure. The seat has a spot for a seat belt to go through it, so I just ordered a seat belt extender off Ebay so that the belt would reach around the seat. Now when we go to the beach I will just sit in the back and go with out a seat belt and C can use mine in the new 'way back'. Our friends and their sweet little one will all fit with the right seat belts. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I assume I was in shock. I spent 5 hours shopping today. Half way through I realized the last time I was in a particular store I was there with my Grandma. I got news earlier today that she passed away. (we knew it was going to happen soon) After the realization that she was gone and wasn't going to be shopping with me again, I called my mommy. She was having lunch with family, my sister, cousins, and aunt. They were all upset and joining together ... I was shopping ... solo. Living so far from family stinks. 

Anyway the funeral is next week and I will be trekking up to NJ with C. Scott is going to have to stay here in VA; too much work and work related travel. The poor guy sounded pretty upset over it all. He had always been fond my grandparents. I know I wish he could be there; but I do understand.

Not long ago S told me a funny story about the first time he met my grandmother. I was there but didn't hear this part of a boisterous family dinner. Anyway it was mother's day, 1994 and S came to my house after working the day at CVS. He brought over a bunch of roses that they were handing out in the store that day and gave one to all the girls including my grandmother who responded "What are you doing, trying to suck up?" Ahh Grandma L, always the curmudgeon. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Zigged; They Zagged

As stated earlier (in multiple posts) I do enjoy making an ass of myself. Last nights Zumba class was no different. I went left the crowd went right, I zigged and they zagged, I clapped and they screamed, I screamed and they clapped. Gosh that was fun! My rhythm is nonexistent, my dancing ability pretty close to nil, and my sense of humor - well that is pretty damn good, which is why I had a blast. I would like to point out that I did not fall, not even once, nor did I trip over my own to feet. Also, I wore my clothes that were too small. What the heck; after all there is no hiding why I need to be there. Besides everyone wears spandex anyway and even skinny girls have rolls somewhere. Who needs to spend their time concerned with that, after all we're in a gym, sweaty, and breathing like we just ran a marathon, who cares what we wear?!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Now that I have the doctor's go ahead I am headed to Zumba! Oh how I miss routinely making an ass of my self as I prance and dance across the gym. Sadly however my work out clothes don't exactly fit. So unless I plan on wearing my birthday suit I may need to suck it up and purchase a set of dare I say XXL sized clothing. OUCH. However obviously the silver lining is that by going back to the gym I will eventually fit back into my clothes. 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dizzy is as Dizzy Does

I am certain my funk has lifted. Recently being medically cleared to resume life as usual certainly has helped. The symptoms of OHSS have subsided completely and I am so excited to bike, run, walk, and be silly again. This my friends is good thing considering all the possibles we have pending. 

First order of Business

Dear United States Air Force,

Why on God's green earth did you put an air base in middle of the desert? Holloman AFB is quite ironic to the statement of God's Green Earth. But I digress, if you insist on sending us there please make it possible for a clean house and a good school. Currently my online searches have left me wishing for other possibilities. 

Furthermore if the orders to "Buffalo" pan out; You will NEED to inform the entire USAF that Buffalo is not ROME! Oh yeah that is right; those who forwarded S's resume to "Buffalo" really thought that was near ROME where the job actually is located. Oh Good lord my life will go full circle won't it?  My being there as a tot just wasn't enough for you? We always suspected you had tracking devises in our teeth. I just wasn't aware they'd been there since age 2.

Just to recap: New Mexico, Make the best if it and Rome does not equal Buffalo. 



Dearest Neighbor,

My bad. I didn't mean for my dog to slam into the side door of your car this morning. You see C and I were just trying to teach her how to run next to our bikes on a leash. It was going great until she saw you in the car and wanted to go for a ride. Again, my bad. 

But man wasn't she cute?! We had a blast going up and down  the street as fast as her four huge legs could pull us. I know as usual we were quite the sight to see. We wear it like a badge of honor. 

As you can see we were just having a good time. Thanks for having such a good sense of humor. 

Jamie & C

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laptop Test

Testing. Randomly this computer is working???

Summer TIME!!

It is the first full day of summer vacation for my little one! It was so nice not to go to the bus stop this morning :) Instead we took Maggie for a big walk and then went to the movies. One of the local movie theaters (Regal) has movies for $1.00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer. Granted they are last years releases, but who cares - we love going to the movies! We saw Megamind today and man was that funny and cute. The main character pronounces almost everything wrong and that just tickled my funny bone.

Later in the afternoon I suggested a bike ride and C was all for it. We biked about three miles and stopped at a local playground and 7-11 for drinks along the way. All in all we were gone for two hours. Once we got home we were dripping with sweat and so hot and bothered that I thought for sure we'd both just pass out. But alas, ten minutes later C says "Hey mom, you wanna play some catch?" Gosh darn I wish I could bottle that energy :) He settled for a game of Clue and an episode of Drake and Josh. 

On the bill for tomorrow.... POOL! I sure hope the weather holds. Hot and Sticky is perfect pool weather.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Snap Out of It!

"The position comes with a chance to deploy"

This is the only line I heard regarding possible orders to New Mexico yesterday afternoon when S called from the office. In a tizzy I checked out the AFB online and was instantly struck with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I don't know about this one. It makes Buffalo look like a dream. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

P.O.ed & Then Again Not

Cryptic notes at best:

1st: Things did not goes as I thought they would go regarding swaps. I am not sure if I am a sucker or just miss understanding the whole ordeal. To top it off I am too chicken to ask. There is an entire therapy session nested in between those lines. 

2nd: I am not the one to call for gossip masked as "trying to help". Leave me alone!

3rd: Buffalo, Colorado Springs, and now some random place in New Mexico?!?!? 

4th: I've only lost 5 of the 20 pounds I gained during the whole IVF / OHSS ordeal.

5th: We were cleared to start another round of IVF and were encouraged by the doctor to do so but there is no way we can afford it. We are going with the FET even though the chances are bad because we only have one. FET is still $2250.00. 

6th: I am pretty sure my extended family is on the cusp of falling off the ridges of reality. 

7th: I supposed being sort of ticked off isn't the worst thing in the world, but I tell you there are a few things that are really stuck in my craw. And some of them are really bad thoughts about really sad situations. 

8th: Thank GOD vacation is only is around the corner. I cannot wait to go to the beach and see our friends.

9th: Just one more thought: Dearest Bullshitter (Surprisingly the word Bullshitter is a real word - who knew?) If you don't mean it just don't say it. You have no idea how phony you come off. Don't call me, I'll call you...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Be Facebook Redundant

An open letter to the PGA

Dear PGA,

     Please stop hosting tournaments in my back yard. Well actaully not literally, that is a different golf course, I mean in neighboring towns. The traffic is crazy with old men wearing hats in big old Cadillacs who cannot merge. I am sure you understand. Please move to the west coast or Florida - that is where we send the grandparents, in case you forgot.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamie: The Sitcom

Proof that I should be the star of my own sitcom: 
  • Good Lord I am a hot mess. 
  • I have great one liners
  • I associate with those who are also hot messes and have quick quips 
  • I also associate with those who are sweet and kind and everyone on earth likes them
  • I'm Sassy & quite frankly a little crass
  • Yup, not afraid of the fart joke
  • I've have been and plan on being in many more situations that can be classified as comical misadventures (yesterday and today are so proof that)
  • My family; especially the in-laws
  • I am not afraid of the catch-phrase and plan on developing many such as Hot Damn and Dy-NO-Mite

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to Life

So the trip to Williamsburg was awesome! The weather was HOT HOT HOT, and it made for a great day at Busch Gardens. We rode every ride we wanted to multiple times, it was so hot that the tourists stayed away. There was us and a few schools and that was it! The park was empty and there were no lines and no waiting all day. Mid afternoon it rained a little and that made the schools leave early. It was awesome. On some rides we just stayed on at the end for a second round. C as usual is a great vacationer, quite comparable to the energizer bunny, he just keeps on going, and he stays in a good mood. It was fun, lots of fun. As usual none of us wanted to leave. We had gotten to the park right when it opened at 10:00am and before we knew it it was already 1:00. The next time we checked the time it was 4:00 and we were headed to the car for a change of clothes and a snack. By 6:30 we had ridden every ride and were thinking we'd start to head home (3 hour drive and I had to work at 6:00am on Saturday) but before we left we wanted to just ride the sky ride across the park. It was so nice! On the farthest side of the park we started our trek towards the exit. But we couldn't resist all the rides a second and third time! The next time we looked at the clock it was a few minutes before 10:00pm and the park was closing! What a complete joy to spend that time having fun with no worries or cares!

So we headed home late and I got up early for work. I certainly was dragging a little but it was so worth it. I just kept on smiling and trying not to show how tired I really was. After work we all went to C's last baseball game of the year. His team as a whole has improved so much since the spring. All the boys and girls were hitting the ball well and fielding well too. But it is still a sweet reminder,even though all the kids have grown like weeds over the past few months, that they are still just little kids when you see them all racing towards a bug found on second base during the game. 

Saturday night we went to a surprise party for a friend and again had a great time. The party was outside and they even had a dunk tank! All the kids had a fantastic time with that. S and I met another couple that was really nice. As it turns out they go to our church. It was cool to talk with them through most of the party. 

Sunday I also worked and was still tired, but we got out of the hospital early and it was a relatively painless endeavor. After work I met S and C in Arlington for S's championship wiffleball league games. C and I played a lot of catch and watch some of the first game. It was pretty fun but it was just about a hundred degrees and there was absolutely no shade. C and I opted to leave a little early and headed home for some air conditioning and moving watching. In the end I am glad we did, S's team kept winning and actaully played 3 full games with breaks in between and came home pretty sun burned. The raccoon eyes from his sun glasses were awesome. And his bright white feet were hysterical next to his dark brown/ red legs. But really, laughing now - melanoma later. Yikes!

So that brings us to Monday. We all got up extra early to take S to the airport. (L.A. this week) C has school and this afternoon my sister, M will be here! I'd say everything is back to life as usual. We are busy again and not just whining about IVF this and IVF that. (Although we will be soon as we talk about a possible ROUND 4! - Crazy!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I woke up in the worst mood. Completely rotten. I went to bed that way too. S joked that I stayed up to late, that sure 'got my goat'! I did not! I am just tired of trying to make life decisions during the commercials on TV! Also if you are going to watch TV with me, can you please engage in it and get off the darn computer!???!!!

I need a long walk with the pup and Diet Coke. Men.

Two Hours Later:

I feel better. I am not sure what my deal is by man is my husband bugging me. Regardless, I'd better get over it quick because we are headed to Williamsburg tonight. Tomorrow we will be going to Busch Gardens, which I am pretty excited about. Last year we didn't have time to go down and this year might be our last year here.

I suppose the deal is stress. Yesterday he called me to ask me if I'd mind moving to Buffalo! Then over dinner he wants to discuss IVF and how that impacts him going on a remote! He's talking Korea or Turkey people! And apparently Vegas is off the table. They loved him, they want him, they are 150% overmanned; that is how Buffalo came to be, apparently Vegas recommended them to a counterpart there. Please oh please just come home one day with orders and stop throwing around a zillion what if's.

Many More Hours Later:

All my errands are ran, Maggie is at the kennel, the library books are returned, the items made at Clay Cafe have been picked up, New underwear bought at K-mart (funny note there), We're all packed up and the house is picked up. I'm ready to go on our trip. Scott is stuck at work in Maryland, off site, and says he's "trying to get out of there". At least he could call and let me know, right? He thought for sure he'd be home already but he is at least two hours away. The Highway Awaits!

**Funny Note**

I do 85% of the laundry. S does a few loads here and there, but mostly its me. Anyway as I do the laundry I pitch underwear and socks that have holes or ... stains. Anyway I noticed that S was doing a little more laundry than normal, but only his own clothes, and when I'd go to put them in the dryer I'd notice only socks and underwear. Weird, they don't take up a whole load, I thought. As it turns out he only had a handful of each left! I'd thrown out almost all of the man's underwear! LOL. The funniest part, he didn't really notice he just thought I was behind on laundry so he opted to do a few loads of the necessities. Cracks me up.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boxes Checked

  • Summer Camp Sign Up
  • Book Dog Kennel
  • Returns to the following, Wal-mart, K-mart, CVS, Khol's
  • Buy New Key Board for Computer
  • Insurance Claim for Scott's Phone 
There is more on the list, but these were the biggies. I feel vindicated that it is only 1:00. 12:58 to be exact, time for Days of Our Lives! My day just keeps getting better.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My to do list is crazy. Yesterday I even snapped at S over it. We hardly argue, but man was I ready to swing for the fences. Instead we went to our separate corners and just chilled out for a bit. There isn't much of a juicy story, but the long and short of it is; I was complaining about mundane parenting issues and S asked if I had signed C up for summer camp yet. I was mad. It isn't my sole responsibility to plan the summer for our son, and I told S that exact thing. Then he offers to do it for me, but the way he says it makes it sound like he'll do it if I ask him too. Drives me crazy. Obviously I am super reasonable and say "no thanks, but thanks for offering." yeah - no, I didn't say that at all. I believe it was a very aggravated "F.O.R.G.E.T. IT!" and off I went to drown my sorrows in an episode of Days. 

The to do list is really weighing on me. As always we have so many balls in the air that it is difficult to commit to other things. On top of this S comes home everyday with more news about orders. Last month the talk was all about Vegas, he even asked me to look up neighborhoods and schools. This month he comes home and is talking about so many different places because Vegas is over manned. Furthermore he has said that we could be out of here as early as September. At this point I don't think that is plausible, but the words are out there and they still cause stress. I just keep thinking if we end up overseas or on the West Coast I want to spend more time with my family and don't want to sign C up for a bunch of summer activities. 

Okay enough whining. Today is going to be a gorgeous day, in the low nineties and I know one little boy who would love to come home to the kiddie pool set up! Today's to do list can certainly have some fun stuff too. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is Good

Best Quotes of the past week

  1. C: "Mom did you see me catching today? My glove was like a magnet, man I'm a good catcher."
  2. C: "I'll be riding my bike and then I'll come in for a beer!" Yup, he's seven. I yelled back "A ROOT BEER!"
  3. C: "Those fireworks were awesome and loud sort of like thunder or a fart only louder"
  4. Random Golfer "Is my ball in your yard? Nah never mind I suck" 
  5. Grocery Store Clerk to me, Jamie: "Jenna, how are you - haven't seen you since Friday, how is Maddy?" It was Sunday ... Do I have a doppelganger out there somewhere?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Day in the Life

If all our bills come out of our bank account today, we will have negative fourteen dollars. Hmm, good thing I transferred $$ from savings. We paid our deposit on the beach house/ condo this week. (fun, but such a big OUCH in the account) Anyway the transfer won't go through until tomorrow.

In the good news department: I bullied my way out of the second half of the dental bill. I just kept calling and complaining to the office and the insurance company; anyone who would listen. I even wrote a letter requesting that the dentist stop accepting United Concordia because his office cannot provide the services covered. I CC'd the insurance company too. Eventually the dentist's office got tired of hearing my voice and seeing my faxes and they said "alright, we'll send your check back to you and close the account." Victory is mine. Obviously what the doctor actaully meant when telling me they'd close the account is something along the lines of "you crazy Bitch, stop calling, stop writing, stop faxing, and suck it." I did promise Never To Return, obviously for their benefit.

The in-laws left today. The visit was pleasant enough. I was mentally checked out for most of it, as discussed previously I kept thinking about swimming pools, so things stayed pretty peachy. They're in-laws in some respect they will always be ... you can fill in the blank. Of course my husbands in-laws are magnificent. I say this with a complete straight face.
I am feeling better with the OHSS. I am surprised at how long recovery is actually taking. Last night we all went out to dinner and I was so darn thirsty. I drank five huge glasses of water and then realized that I was feeling other OHSS symptoms again. When we got home I hit the Gatorade pretty hard and took a few Tylenol. This seemed to do the trick but today I was pretty tired and achy, luckily our company left early and I had a few hours to veg out before I needed to be somewhere.

Around 11:00 T came over and returned my car. It felt strange to actaully drive it again. I took her over to Regan airport to help her get her rental car. Her family moves to Germany on Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Gosh that sounds so soon. Well, I suppose that because it is. I miss her already and she isn't even gone. This dear diary would be the very bummer side of the Air Force. People move. This time we happen to be the last ones to move, normally we are the first. Strange feeling. 

And that is the update. Life is getting back to the mundane. Well as much as it can be anyway.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh So Important

I cannot believe how boring life is since IVF ended. I feel like I am so out of the loop with friends and family. There again, at the same time, I've been really busy, just with boring stuff :)

The in-laws are still here and really it has been quite a nice visit. Personally, I just think about swimming pools and summer vacation when they're talking and everything just stays peachy. Randomly though I have still been very tired in the evenings, going to bed around nine. (Super early for me) I wake up normal time, six-ish. So the extra sleep has helped cope with the things. I suppose it isn't randomly, it is after all recovery, but I digress.

We're awaiting a call from the doctors to find out what our options are as far as our little frozen embryo goes. Until then we are just in limbo; hopeful limbo.