Monday, August 31, 2009

To Dave or Not To Dave?

I have a love hate relationship with a financial guru I watch on TV, Dave Ramsey. He is a Christian, no nonsense, almost arrogant guy who makes no bones about being right - I love that part. Then there is the part I hate, I feel like there is no way we could obtain his wealth or restraint. His basic mantra is, if you don't have the cash you cannot have it, and if do not have the cash saved for emergencies and retirement you can't afford it either. No car payments, no credit cards, no mortgages, and certainly no IOU's of any kind. A few years ago I was certain he was right, then I stopped using credit cards, and started paying off balances. But I made a lot of money then, now not so much. Then with medical expenses we drove up the credit card debt and I am freaking out over it. So I am back on his bandwagon.

Today after a really nice morning and lunch with C I started balancing the budget. Something I have been avoiding like the plague since I began the moving process. I transferred the BOA account to USAA previously, as you may have read and today paid off our AMX card. That card we only use at Costco, we decided to keep that one because the balance you can have is low and perfect for plane tickets in a family emergency. Then there is Discover, yikes. That one is a mess, we moved on that one, and that is the one we use when we just don't know how much money is in the checking account. Oops. So I put a hold on that one. We can't use it, I think it is going to take about six months to pay off then we are going to cancel it. Once that is done we can work on the big IVF / USAA one.

Meanwhile, I bumped up our savings allotments and set the utilities on auto pay programs so that we owe the same every month no matter what. Electric is high, but everything else seems reasonable to me. Plus with the new house we actually make money, even after the utilities. The extra money pays for cable and one student loan bill each month. Plus this month S was TDY an made a little extra, so we bought C school clothes, went to Busch Gardens (free for military), and managed to leave money in the savings account in August. (that's a first) So I am pretty hopeful about the whole money thing now. Seems like we are on the right track.

An Open Letter to Feminine Products

Dear Always,

Yesterday I purchased a mega sized package of pads. As you can imagine, when someone goes to the store and only buys one item, it is because they need to use it right away. This is why I hardly ever go to the store just to buy toilet paper, pads, or medicated creams. I know the cashier is thinking, well she's on her period, or man she must really need to take a sh**, or man what type of rash does she have? But as payday is today and not yesterday I could not hide my purchase among other items I didn't really need.

So, I get home, got to the bathroom and, well, use the product. Later in the day I return the bathroom and notice it smells like cleaning solution. I find this kind of weird because I haven't cleaned the bathroom since Thursday. Then I realize it is the pad! So I reach over to my shelves to read the packaging and see that these are "newly scented".

I am writing you today to inform you of smells, that women might find pleasant while enduring this gift of femininity. Cleaning solution isn't' one of them. I would like baby powder, vanilla, or even cucumber melon - but Mr. Clean? Kind of ironic ey? Please, no more weird scents. It is disturbing.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seller Beware!

So, I have been dabling in the Ebay rhelm of bidding, selling, and just plain watching the sales of items I'd love to have but cannot afford. One is a rug, I bought this rug at a thrift store for 25.00. I new it was expensive by the way it felt, but wasn't sure. So the other day I looked at the lable on the back more carefully, and it said LING, Pottery Barn. I was a little excited because I figured now that I know what it is I could get a matching one for the dining room. Oh, so wrong. The rug is listed on ebay for around 450.00 plus shipping! Also I found one on Craigslist that is small but the cheapest I saw was 200.00. Crazy. But enough about me, well not really.

This week I am selling a good amount of Ebay for some really insanely high prices. Some jeans are going for like 17.00 for two pairs. That is really good. Also, I placed an extra bed on craigslist. I got this email from a guy saying he would send a check and have someone come pick up the bed. Then he emails and says he is sending me more $ if I will forward the remaining to a moving company. I said no, then he emails and says he I should do this based on trust because he already sent the check. (which isn't true because he also said he was working on a tracking nuymber - uhh he'd already have it?!?!) I said, I'll see what I can do, and if I cannot help I'd send the check back. You've got to see this email exchange - it is crazy. Needless to say I think my Craigslist days might be numbered. Too many crazies out there.

When I get the funds I will let you know and see if I can help. If not I will return your check

Jamie > Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 14:44:28 -0700> From:> Subject: PLS DO THIS FOR ME BASED ON TRUST : Ikea Queen size bed / white. CHEAP *** 200.00 - $200 (Herndon, Va)> To:> >

Im very sorry for not getting soonet back to but i emailed you that the check as already been issued and my mailed to you first thing yesterday and i will email you the tracking # asap but what will you do to assist me when you recieve the check? cos it was issued with your information and the shipping funds as been included, besides i still have alot of other items to pickup along with the one i wanted to buy from you. So i will want you to deposit the check into your bank account and deduct $200 for your item and dont forget to deduct the extra $100 i have promised you for your running around and send the rest of the money to the shipping company billing representative via money gram or western union and you will email me the transfer details for confirmation. hope to read from you asap.... have a wonderful day....> > ---

On Thu, 8/27/09, jamie wagner wrote:> > > From: jamie wagner > > Subject: RE: Ikea Queen size bed / white. CHEAP *** 200.00 - $200 (Herndon, Va)> > To:, "jamie wagner" > {> > margin:0px;padding:0px;}> > #yiv298570281 {> > font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana">>> > Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 8:18 PM> > > > > > > > #yiv298570281 .hmmessage P> > {> > margin:0px;padding:0px;}> > #yiv298570281 {> > font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana

Hi, I am sorry, I just read this email more carefully> > and do not feel comforatble with the arrangements. I> > cannot wire anyone money. This is a straight sale with> > no strings attached. If you want the item I will> > be happy to sell it to you by cahiers check, money> > order or cash. Please let me know as soon as possible if you> > will still be purchasing the item.Currenlty the listing is> > still active. Once payment is recieved I will> > erase the listing. > > > > > > > > Jamie> > > > >

Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 10:20:29 -0700> > > From:> > > Subject: RE: Ikea Queen size bed / white. CHEAP ***> > 200.00 - $200 (Herndon, Va)> > > To:> > > > > >

Hello I will like to tell you that i have a problem with my GMAIL ACCOUNT now i will not be able to communicate withGmail nOW, But from now i will be contact you here with this> > email am using to email you here and the payment will deliver to you tomorrow morning in which i will get back to you with the tracking number of the payment Thanks for the information once again, all i want you to do for me now is to remove the item from sales list and consider it sold to me, coz I'm going to start working on your payment and get back to you with the ups tracking number of the payment so that you can also know when to expect the payment,and I'm going to> > include the shipping> > > company fund that will be coming for the pick up of your item and some> > > other items i bought in your area along with your you are to deduct your payment for the item and extra $50 for your running around and get the remaining money wired to my shipping company so as to come for the pick up as soon as they receive the money.So please let me read from you soonest if you can take care of this..hope to read from you soon Thanks

Re: Ikea Queen size bed / white. CHEAP *** 200.00 - $200 (Herndon, Va)‏
adam zahr (
Wed 8/26/09 3:21 AM
To: jamie wagner (

Hello I really appreciate your response to my email.I want you toc onsider it sold, pls do withdraw the advert from craigslist to avoid disturbance from another buyer.I want you to know that i will be paying via bank certified check .I will like you to provide me with the following.information to facilitate the mailing of the check to you . 1.....Full name to write on the check2.....Full Physical address to post the check3.....City, State and Zip Code4.....Home & Cell Phone to contact you *** Note that the payment will be shipped to your address via UPS NEXTDAY SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping i will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check** Thanks i can trust you on this so we can move forward from here.Regards

In the initial email he says nothing about paying a shipper or wiring money. His spelling was bad, but I just figured he wasn't from around here. I didn't start saving my responses until I got suspicious. To the original email above I responded - this is a little strange, are you local? Then I gave him my name and address. So I was thinking when he said to keep extra money and forward some on, if I deposit this so called check into my account and his bank returns his checks, my account info will be stamped on the back. This has identity fraud all over it. Only me, right?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Open Letter to the Putts

Today, I had an interview. The guys was sort of a putts, a smart putts, but a putts all the same.

Dear Puttsy,

Thank you for meeting with me today. You seem very kind, and easily pushed over - I like that in a potential employer. I also loved hearing about your children, your wife, the salaries of the rest of your employees, and all the general topics you covered while suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. Although your practices are anything but PC or HR friendly I still found your insight and goals for your company with in reach if you hire me.

As we covered in the interview, I am over qualified to the nines, am willing to take a drastic pay cut for my field, and will gladly make my own hours. Your company seems to be offering me a wonderful, mother friendly position. However your puttsy behavior is a slight red flag. You may not be aware that through out the interview you were asking me when I could help, when I could come in, can I work at your home with your wife, can I work from my own home, and asking me if I minded cutting checks. (secretly when you asked me that I was thinking if I worked at home I could cut a lot more then checks) As you continued to tell me what hours you needed me most and when you'd like to see me move from HR rep to full time HR/Sales (so not going to happen) you faltered and I could see that you were in fact, a putts, perhaps a larger one than I originally thought.

You are one who has no clue how to run the actual business paper trail end, who has been winging the process through a good accountant and is afraid to yell Uncle. I could so picture you yelling "Uncle, I quit" when I asked you how you tracked things like EEOC. I totally knew you didn't know what that meant. Then when I asked you if you provided background checks, you so lied. Dude, if you are working in a secure environment and the contracting company requires the check you so need to apply for DCJS. You didn't even know what that meant. I was seriously about to burst a gut laughing, but I didn't - I have great reserve. To add to this fit of giggles I was fighting, I actually shed a tear trying to avoid the snort noise that was building in my throat when I asked you if you applied for 8a yet. I was surprised you knew what that was, but man, that is like area number one. If you want the big contracts, get the big tags. Your wife owns 60% so you are a WOB, 8A, and MOB. You have three huge labels government contracts require - you'd be a shoe in. Wait, maybe I should do your sales, after I apply for your ratings. I'd clean up on commissions.

The bottom line is this, you are running your company into the red because you have insisted on doing all the inside tasks such as payroll, insurance, and paperwork in general yourself. Now that your company has grown, you are upside down in terms of hours because a software engineer is sitting home at night rounding time for payroll when he could be developing websites and software making two hundred bucks an hour. So, you need me - you need someone better than what you are willing pay for.

I also wanted to take a moment to let you know that I enjoyed reviewing your website today. Your home page has multiple spelling errors and grammar mishaps that need to be corrected. You so need someone whose first language is English.

Last thing - I saw you checking out my ass. I find this quite funny since, just a few days ago I was complaining about fixing the rack and having it attach to the back. (maybe you had to be there)

I'd so work for a putts.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Open Letter to Bank of America

An Open Letter to Bank of America:

Dear Credit Card,

As you are aware I, JW, have been a card holder since 2005. In the past I have used this credit card for school purchases, tuition, and fees. Most recently I used the credit line to pay for medical expenses. As you could imagine this created a very high balance, 13,900.00 total. Each month we paid twice a month, managing to pay 800.00 per month. Between the months of July 15 and August 15 I paid only 343.00 which was the minimum payment, due to an impending move. On August 1st I scheduled a payment and called to change my address. The change of address took three days to "verify" and caused my payment to be in limbo one extra day. This created a default! You created a default! You are so stupid. Now instead of an average interest rate of 13.5% I have been informed that my interest will be 27.5%.

I could not believe my 27.5% notice. When I received it this week I reviewed my account and my little notes, and noticed, that this is not my mistake. So, I call. I get nothing but a pep talk saying if I pay my bill on time for six months you can adjust my rate. This is unacceptable.
I have transferred your crappy service and my balance to USAA, at 11% interest. They were delighted to help and promised me an auto pay system that will not default if I change my address. Today, I called to cancel my BOA account. I am going Dave Ramsey on your ass. Fuck you.

Thanks for screwing me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Run Forest Run

Yesterday I started to feel better after lunch. Of all things I ate McDonald's. There is a slight back story: By 10:00 I was a more of a wreck then I was when I was throwing up. Coop and I had just got back from the Verizon store (we needed a new cell phone) and S was just getting out of bed and needed to get working on his paper for school, so I talked C into watching cartoons with me. I was in and out of consciousness on the couch. Around 12:30-1:00 ish S wakes me up by yelling, "Hey did you erase the memory card, where are my pictures?" He doesn't even look - we always keep them in the same set of sub folders in the computer. He gets so annoyed if I use this stuff. He says he doesn't, but he does. He gets all defensive and rude. For crying out loud, I labeled the pictures Colorado 8/09. Granted I was sick and just woke up on the wrong side of the couch, but man was I annoyed. So I help him find the pictures. Then I realize the time and ask if he fed C. Nope. So I go in the kitchen planning on making sandwiches, but the sight of food makes me physically ill again, and my stomach started to convulse. So I just slap on a fake smile and tell C to get his shoes on, I can take him out. S gets all mad and starts stomping around saying C has left overs from the restaurant the night before and he can eat that. So we get in a little bit of a screaming match. Which really is my fault, I was sick and tired, and really crabby. But then I started to get really mad that S had no compassion to that. S said to me "well, what do you want from me?" and I yelled back "MORE" and left it at that. C finished his left overs and then we went to return some movies - the return box was at McDonald's. Once I had food in my stomach that I didn't have to cook or prepare, I felt worlds better.

Later the boys went to a ball game and I got time along in my own house. It was really nice. I was able to list a bunch of stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, and Stub hub. Then I realized I actually ate half an order of chicken nuggets and fries (I shared with C) so I decided to run on the treadmill for a spell. It felt great. I ran for like 25 minutes with out stopping, I didn't have to stop to let the dog in or out, didn't have to stop to hear C whining about something or other, didn't have to stop to separate the dog and kid, or stop to get anyone a snack, show them how to use a remote, or change a video game in the Xbox. It was great. I just wish I started earlier, I could of kept going, but it was 9:00 and I knew the boys would be home in a few. Sure enough I stopped and with in a few minutes heard the front door. I wonder if this will be what it is like when C goes to school. Might I actually be able to spend time on me guilt free? OOOOOHHHH so excited.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Redskins Football & a Hamburger = Sick

Oh Gross. I woke up this morning at 5:30 so sick. Puking sick, which woke C up. I had to take a shower after - super gross. I still have a horrid taste in my mouth and feel like I have been hit by a truck. The story of the sickness:

I went to a football game with a friend last night, BRJ. It was pouring through half the game, although that was part of the fun. We had great seats that she obtained through a friend that had season tickets she was unable to use. The tickets came with a parking pass (We parked right up front for free!) They also came with pregame wrist bands that got us into a BBQ buffet. That would be what did me in. The hamburger. One lousy - and I do mean lousy hamburger. That and the coffee I had on the way home to keep me awake. Gross.

It was really neat to go to a game with her. We were goofy and silly and had a great time. BRJ had some friends that were also there - we met up with them for a few minutes during half time, it is always interesting to meet other people's, people. They invited us to a bar after. I hate bars - so that wasn't happening. But, the bar they invited us to was five minutes from BRJ's house. They said if she wanted to go they would drive her home. For a minute I was wishing she would go with them and save me the extra hour on the road driving her home and then turning around to get me home. Then I realized these people were already drunk, and prayed she'd decline, which she did. To my surprise when we stepped away from her other friends she even made a comment about them having a lot to drink.

You'd think I drank, but nope not a drop of beer. Actually, I don't even like it these days. Well, in years to be honest. I get sick from even one beer. Plus I always get heartburn and think Diet Coke tastes better. So no reason to drink. But I do have another heaving reason to visit the bathroom.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melt This.

Tonight's events were fun but strange.

  • First, I was the only one who was single for the night, at a restaurant set up for couples.
  • Second, I was paired with a couple to share a fondue pot, the wife was pregnant - so I figured, let the pregnant lady pick the accoutrement's - which worked out just fine, to my surprise.
  • Third, her husband was sort of a dick.
  • Fourth our waitress dropped 380.00 worth of food on the floor before she was able to get it to our table.
  • Fifth, I though she was going to cry and felt really bad for her. Sixth, the others started to complain. I did not. It was A's Birthday, she picked the place and I didn't want her to feel responsible to what turned out to be really crappy service.
  • Seventh, I drank I think seven diet cokes, all of which I had to ask for, some of them more than once.
  • Eighth, we were there for over four hours.
  • Ninth, we all paid 8.00 for valet parking. Our cars were parked directly in front of the restaurant??? How is that Valet? The guy didn't even move some people's cars from where they pulled up.
  • Tenth, The food was really good, and my friend looked so pretty in her new dress. I didn't look half bad either :O) Although I did want to undo the button on my skirt before I got into the car - LOL.
  • Eleventh, the butter garlic sauce for the lobster tasted like the smell of the bathroom air freshener. EEWWWWEEE.
  • Twelfth, I tripped on a tear in the carpet on the way to the lobster garlic butter sauce bathroom. My heel caught the edge of the carpet and pulled this huge string out. I am pretty sure the tear was there before hand , not so sure if anyone saw me or not. I swear follow me around with a video camera - eventually you'll get a video on America's Funniest Video's.
  • Thirteenth, everyone was talking about ultrasounds and giving birth - I made a trip back to the bathroom - water proof mascara people - it is the way to go.
  • Fourteenth, On the way out we all took pictures, that was sort of fun and silly. Two people were walking by and I said, "oh strangers, oh strangers can you please help us?" They just kept walking. Another girl, M and I were giggling over that. Then the boys got the valet guy - who didn't really valet anything to take the pictures. I am pretty sure my eyes were closed in all shots. On the last one I was trying not to blink, and then my eyes started to water while I waited and just as the flash started, I had to blink away the burn. Luckily A's husband is a master photo shop artist. I think I'll ask him to give me JLo's body and whiten up my teeth while he's at it. Ha, ha.
  • And fifteenth, I totally got lost on the way home. Downtown NW DC gets me every time. S took the GPS and the cell phone to Denver. I had a few choice words for him as I was doing a slight pee pee dance in the front seat (see 7 diets cokes in #7) with my skirt unzipped (see "unbuttoning in # 10) and my seat belt sort of positioned away from my bladder as I drove home. You'd think after living in DC for 3.5 years I'd know my way around. HA.

In the end, strange but fun overall. It was nice to get all dolled up and go out, even is S couldn't make it. The babysitter was awesome, and for the first time in a long time I didn't worry if I was out too late or if some other parent was getting sick of my kid running around like a raving lunatic pretending he was some general or private from Call of Duty. In fact the babysitter was thrilled that I allow video games and was asked C right away if he wanted to join forces and fight the German's. To my surprise C replied with "in World War One or Two?" What? I didn't even know he knew about any real wars - I guess video games are good for something after all.

Super Mom

Alright, alright - enough whining. I'm better. I'm am still ticked at S, but really it's nothing new. He flips anytime I mention Las Vegas. God knows why, I go with my sister, and I've only been two times. Whatever, if I want to go, I'm going. He goes everywhere. This week he is in Denver for crying out load. Yes, it is for work, but in September he is planning a trip to Massachusetts to see his friends over a holiday weekend - so screw it. What is wrong with saving up and going on a little get away for three days? It doesn't even have to be Vegas, that is just where M and I wanted to go last time. I am not going to feel guilty about wanting to have some non-family-friendly fun.

With that in mind I signed up for Zumba classes starting the middle of September. Go me. I always see my friend BRJ posting to FB that she just go back from Zumba, and it looks like fun. It is an aerobic dance work out deal. I also signed C up for gymnastics. Out off all to pick from that is what he really wanted to do. S might be mortified when he finds that out. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - I feel no sympathy for cavemen.

Life is good once again. Also - going to the Melting Pot tonight. Nope - can't afford it, or the 8.00 an hour babysitter. I had two pay periods worth of notice, it didn't help. Still, should be fun. I am taking some money from the savings account. HA, I should say my pathetic account. I put the 800.00 from the washer in there. I spent like 260 on show tickets for Christmas eve, 265 on Zumba, gymnastics, and a few other individual classes at the local community center, and I bought a new dress, granted that was only 17, so I'm feeling pretty good.

So, this babysitter. I found her on Craigslist. I posted an ad last week. Another lady replied and said she charged 15.00 an hour! When I said I could offer 50.00 and a great meal for five hours of babysitting she wrote back "Sorry Ms Wagner, I don't do 10.00/hr". WTF? I had to change my ad to read, I pay 6.00 an hour, teens welcome with parents consent. I found a teen, but she's on VK, then a college girl emailed me and said she charges 8, if I can't find a teenager she'd love to help me out. I talked to her on the phone and she seemed really nice. Hope everything goes okay.

Currently I am waiting for the timer on the brownies to go off. Not sure how I am going to make it through the night without eating one! They smell so good. I have really been trying to loose a few more pounds. I am hovering around 180, which for me is friggin' great, but still not good for the old rear view. I swear I use to have these huge knockers, I get those paired down thanks to a crappy surgeon, to normal size and then start gaining weight in my ass. So, not fair. I was 175 at Easter, ish. But as soon as I started eating normal again, a few pounds crept back. Errr. Maybe I better run another mile on the tread mil?

I got C registered for school today. It was such a relief. I tell ya, yesterday I was about to loose my cool in front of the school administrator. I went to register C and they told me I needed an appointment. The appointment calender was empty for that day, Wednesday, so I said, how about now, or in a hour or two? The women said, I need 24 hour notice. Really bitch? Oh well, today she was nice. Registration took all of 12 minutes. 12 minutes, and for that she needed 24 hour notice. Who cares - he is registered. I had to make up a fake report card for him, how funny, and brought in his last physical from Nov. The fake report card was funny. I just down loaded a template from online and filled in the blanks. I didn't even bother to explain that he was home schooled this time around, so not worth the trouble. They took the report card at first glance and asked C who his teacher was. He sort of looked at me and then just hid behind the chair - we are going through a fake, very FAKE, pretend you are shy phase. Then the lady just moved on, and I didn't correct or adjust any info for her.

Next it was off to Target to by the school supply list. 25.00 later I am still missing notebooks, a binder, and ten YES TEN glue sticks. Silly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Personal Struggles

I've got issues. Nothing new right? Well, this time around things are different. I am having a problem voicing my opinion and expressing my discontent to the right people. In the past I have been able to say what I need to say, discuss the issue, and move on. But over the last three years I have either grown out of that trait or lost it by accident. I am not sure which. Lately, I just keep my mouth shut. I don't want any confrontations, I just want the uncomfortable crap to go away. Ultimately that just causes things to build up and when I want to talk again I am harboring negativity. Here are the latest cop out topics:

  • A trip to the Melting Pot
  • S's feelings about by previous solo vacations, only two - but he gets made anytime the topic gets brought up
  • S's past attitude towards me working full time - the support is pretty minimal
  • A Red Sox Game which leads to the above two topics
  • The W's and everything concerning them - I haven't even talked to them since they left - and don't care to
  • IVF, we just keep putting it off
  • Money, I am a little worried about it, but if I bring it up then he gets more worried - it isn't a factual conversation it ends up being an emotional one
  • Sex, see letters to Mother Nature

What is a girl to do? Eventually I am going to tip over from all the extra weight on my shoulders especially the husband issues. I don't like unresolved emotions. I have been telling people I have been really wrapped up in the new house and getting settled, but the truth is I haven't unpacked a box in days and have just been avoiding any type of new time commitment. Not that I haven't had commitments, we've been busy to some extent, but at night all I am doing is watch TV - no ambitions to return emails, talk with S, or even move. I don't know - it could be boredom, it could be depression, it could be just plain old exhaustion. Or it could be that I am just pissed off at my husband and have been avoiding confrontation so long that I don't feel I have the right to rant and rave. I've got issues, and like I said before - nothing new.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And Where Do I Think Money Grows?

Apparently on tress. Although you'd think it came from the faucet because I have been spending it like water.

1. Christmas show tickets
2. Hired a babysitter for Thursday at 8.00/hr
3. RSVP'd to a birthday dinner at the Melting Pot for Thursday - boo-kooo- bucks
4. Bought crap
5. Bought more crap
6. Agreed to drive back to BAFB tomorrow to see friends and Thursday for the BDay dinner.

I might be crazy. Just saying...

Watch - the car will break down.

An Open Letter To Husbands

Dearest Husbands,

We love you. You're idiots.



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holly Heat Batman

It was friggin hot today. As I sat in the first row on the first base side of a ball game - awesome seats! - I nearly fried. In fact it was so hot the park was actually giving away free water and ice. I made it to the seventh inning. Our team was winning, the Frederick Keys, so I was able to talk S into leaving. That in itself is a win - I have sat through two and a half hour rain delays with this man, and he still wouldn't leave a game early - lol. Anyway - we had fun. Summer Sunday's at their best.

I've got a lot to yap about, but lately I just don't have the concentration. The new house has sort of drained me. I owe three people email replies, still want to send out change of address notes, need to go to C's new school, reformat the computer, figure out our new budget, and a whole list of other things. Plus, I have like five open letters to complain in - that I still haven't done. Well not happening tonight. S has asked me to help him find stuff out about Pike's Peak. There is a whole story to go with that. Oh well - S is out of town all week - maybe I'll catch up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Practices of the Tooth Fairy

A friend of mine told the cutest story ever about her son leaving a note with a lost tooth asking the tooth fairy for a laptop, one for him and one for his brother. It was just so darn sweet. Here was my reply:

So Cute :P)

C has three loose teeth at once. He asked me yesterday if the tooth fairy gets a discount on a "double or triple teeth loss". I said no, and he was so relieved, he just smiled and said "so it isn't two for one, or buy one get one half off?" I said no again and started to laugh. Then he very seriously told me not to laugh because when I am old "like 35 or something" and loose all my teeth at once for "faker ones" I won't want to give her a sale either. I was laughing so hard I was crying. BTW I'm 32, only 3 years of healthy teeth left according to C.

An Open Letter to Anne Marie A

... I wonder if she'll Google her name? I better take the last name out of the title.

Dearest Anne Marie,

It has been years since I have seen you. Remember the last time you followed me in your car beeping and honking until I had pulled over. I was leaving for North Dakota in a few days? I met you daughter she was a toddler - before that the last time I had seen you was at her / your baby shower, and before that high school. You confuse me. Seems you have a good life now, two kids, a job that keeps you busy, and I assume you still have both your parents. The husband seems to be out of the picture. So now what are we, email buddies? I don't think so.

As you will remember, you tend to stretch the truth to unrecognizable proportions. I will not be returning your last email, claiming that your beloved son has CP and is on the Autism spectrum. Those are real issues that need real attention, no joking or "stretching" matters. Because of our past encounters I am inclined to think that the back ground you provided on your son, J, might be blown out of proportion and I do not want to be involved. I have friends that have children with real issues who need so much support and external motivation, they would trade anything for "normal." I feel it would be a betrayal to them to befriend someone who may be lying about their real diagnosis and everyday struggles.

My advise to you, if you would like to connect with old "friends" keep it light - hey how are ya? Life is good, I have two wonderful kids, my parents are well, I'm living in .... - that kind of stuff. Because of your past as Pinocchio you need to develop trust first. I am careful who I am friends with, for this I owe to you - as backwards as that may sound.

I also would like to thank you for setting S and I up on a blind date in 1994. For this you may take credit as a one time match maker.

Best regards to a long healthy life for you and your family,
I can't handle fake

PS. If you have changed to great proportions and I am completely wrong, I welcome the opportunity to see, marriage, divorce, employment, and medical reports for you and your family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Renting Bliss

I love this house. Today I worked on Ebay listings all day. I haven't done Ebay in years, but had so many boy clothes and I didn't want to just give more bags and bags away. C and I played a few game in between listings, had a snack on the deck together, and watched Escape to Witch Mountain, and then I looked around and noticed the house was a wreck. I cleaned it up in less than 20 minutes. We were able to get rid of enough junk that now everything has a place and even if it isn't in its exact location things still look picked up. I love it.

Kim your right - I do have more space than I thought. Quite enjoyable.

Jame -Just wait until to you get to a state that doesn't let you home school or makes it really hard, I bet you will miss it terribly! I wish I had your resolve and conviction - to some degree anyway, although I really am looking forward to public school for C, that is with an extreme amount of guilt!

Ready, Set, Action

I'm unpacked. Well, sort of. S and I were able to get the living room, den, kitchen, our room, C's room, and the computer room in workable order. There are about twenty boxes of left over items and next seasons clothes for C in the laundry room and a few misc boxes in the computer room waiting for a shelf. That is what I'd consider my chore list. S's is the guest room. That is where we put his baseball cards - and they take up the entire room. In fact you can't really get in the door. But at least the parts of the house that we can see are unpacked and decorated. It feels nice.

For the first time ever I have a real living room, no TV. This is high class you see... I love it. The dining room is connected, not unlike Minot with the kitchen on the left. In fact the basic floor plan is quite similar. Walk in front door, no hallway, the living room is left and the kitchen is straight. The dining room is to the left of the kitchen making an L shape into the living room. The difference is off the flat wall that was in Minot on the left in the living room there is a double set of doors going into the computer room. Then instead of a stair case running up the right side of the wall creating a hallway of sorts in the entry the stairs go up and down to the right, strait. Then there is the upstairs - bedrooms and the downstairs - den. It is just so cute. Small but cute.

Things with the school seem like they are going to work out. After talking with the home school education lady it was determined that C doesn't need to be assessed and all I need to do is go to the school. Next week S is TDY to Denver, so I'll have a car all week - guess that is when I will take care of it. School - full day - can you believe it?!?!?!? I am so excited. I know, I know, bad mama.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Alive ... & Half Dead

Gee it feels like it has been forever since I updated my loyal listeners. (Ego stroking at its best)

So first, PAULA ... NOOOOOOO, oh how I enjoyed your pain killer induced stupors and you non relevant banter. You will be missed.

Second. I am scared from the W visit. Deep wounds people, deep. I just can't get over it. I am fixated on the audacity and pure selfishness of both my in laws. The other day I found out some more things that happened and I was totally mortified that now others are witness to what I deal with. The story in short. My neighbor was lost and 45 minutes from home. She called my house in a panic asking for help. D answered the phone. (I was in the shower) He refused her telling her "I'm really not dressed for that" when T asked him to go into her house and read a piece of paper on her counter. The house was unlocked and he has met her plenty of times. He was wearing shorts and a T shirt. Then I get out of the shower and D says something to the fact that T called and wanted to know if C and I were interested in some tickets. So I didn't even call her right back. I got a cup of coffee, started to read a magazine and relax when T called almost crying. I was able to help her and just thought that D messed up the message. Anyway last week T and I took the kids to the ballet and it was at the same place she was going to the week before when she got lost. That came up and I told her how D messed up the message and I could have called her ten minutes earlier, and I felt bad. Then T told me the back story. Mortification.

I just can't seem to shake them. The house is a wreck and I can't help but point the finger in their direction. I mean if we were able to move stuff while they were here, it would have been organized. Like finger pointing helps. Errr. There is so much to do, so much that I have attempted this post three or four times. Maybe I will get to finish it today. I need a vacation.

In other news: S and I have plans to see 3 Doors Down next weekend. We were planning a big day of it. C is going to sleep over a friends. We got a hotel room with a pool and made plans to go to a favorite restaurant before hand. Then yesterday we get this email from Ticketmaster saying that the venue has change. Instead of being in Waldorf MD it is going to be at National Harbor. National Harbor is a whopping 3 miles from our old house and we don't really care for it. We'll have to pay for parking. We used comp points to help pay for a great hotel in Waldorf, all the hotels at National Harbor are booked. Cooper is staying on Bolling that night with friends. The base is only 45 minutes from our new home, so it doesn't really make sense to have him stay over, we might as well just pick him up. We aren't thrilled, but don't know if we really want to cancel. We have been offered a refund, but don't know what we'll do.

One more note of complaint: I am having a really hard time getting C enrolled in school. At first his new school was just like "oh, no problem, homeschooling is great" then they told me to call back in a week and they would get the ball rolling. However when I called back to get him registered then realized he was home schooled "out of district" which changed the whole ball game. Now he needs to be assessed by a professional, has to have a new physical, and dental appointment, and the lady whom is the point of contact hasn't called me back. There is only three weeks to go. I am nervous. Anyway - after calling Tricare three different days I was able to get him a physical appointment for Sept 1 - nothing like the last minute.