Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Gonna Stab You

Yup, those were the words my seven year old yelled today while we were outside ... in front of the neighbors.

The story: According to the news, this might be the last nice day for awhile. So, I decided I'd better rake the front yard (S did the back all by himself this weekend), and I figured since it was so sunny and pretty I'd pull C's bike out of the shed. When he got home from school (half day Monday's) his bike was out and I was raking. He was so excited and started riding away. Our neighbors came home from their Thanksgiving VK and their daughter, E, was running around chasing C. It was so cute. Anyway once the grownups finished unpacking their car they came over to chat. We were just about to wrap it up when C started going inside with E right behind him. I called out "hey pal where are you going?" and he said "to get a snack." at that I asked him to wait and he turned around and tried to slam the screen door. I jokingly said "you can't slam it, it's already broken." and then that is when he held up a stick and said "I'm gonna stab you." My first instinct was to correct his grammar and then send him to his room for eternity. But instead here is how it broke down.

L & J, I am sorry we need to go inside now (L & J are the grownups). C, get your bike and put it on the porch, it is time for you to go inside. Once we were inside I very calmly (almost too calmly) said "threatening to harm someone else is a no warning situation, you are going to be punished, sit here while I change my bandages" [ Bandages are another story, my right hand is all torn up from one Thanksgiving burn, a potato peeler mishap and a mystery gouge on my thumb - anyway they were all gross from raking] I took my sweet time changing out the bandages and let him stew for a few.

When I got back to the living room I think I was too calm again. No yelling, no spanking (we don't spank anyway, but I'd assume if we did we'd be instilling the policy here), no threatening, just very basic. "We don't threaten each other with violence ever, you need to go to your room; no TV, just sit on your bed, you can come out to use the bathroom or get a small drink of water. We'll see you at dinner." And off he went - no apologies, no crying, no nothing. And off I went, back to rake. I figured the hard labor would help me blow off some steam. I was really angry and to be honest, embarrassed.

As I was raking some time later, a man came up in his car and was obviously lost. He asked me in broken English to put an address in his GPS, but it wasn't in English and I was so clueless. I tried to give him directions but in the end I managed a very bad translation of "follow me." I called C down to hop in the car and we led the guy to his destination, it was only a mile away, and he was so thankful. In the car C says "Mom I have something to say, I am sorry and I appologize." I thanked him for his apology and dug my heels in expecting the next sentence "So, now can I go back outside?" To which I said "C I appreciate your apology, but threatening another person is very serious and a needs a harsher consequence than hanging out in your room for a half hour. When we get home you will need to return to your room. I hope that this helps you remember not to say those type of things again." He said nothing.

When we got home he attempted to slam the door on me, I pretended not to notice. Maybe I should of at least yelled or something, but really there was no outcome that could of been better if I had. The kid is grounded to his room until dinner time. Thanks to the attempted door slam, were eating later than normal and there will be no TV tonight for him. Zero. Dinner, homework, bath, bed.

It is weird. I don't feel bad about punishing him, this can't go unnoticed in my book. But I do feel guilty about not doing fun stuff with him today.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart,

Despite my recent pledge noted HERE; I returned. You assholes hooked me with your larger than life Black Friday ad. Triumphantly I proclaim I didn't buy a damn thing. Humbly I note that I am a sucker. You freaking people almost killed me. Hyperbole: I THINK NOT!

Opening Thanksgiving day and starting the sales at the stroke of midnight may have been genius, albeit dangerous. The lines wrapped the store two times over (if you could call them lines, it was more like herded cattle). One lady trapped my husband and I between two carts and then pushed me with her cart while staring into my eyes. The aisles were trashed, entire pallets of pajamas and movies spilled into the pathways. Most of the "hot buys" were gone and items that were "saved" for the 5:00am super sale were already broken into by customers - the shrink wrap was everywhere. Some people were camped out in aisles trying to nap until morning to get their item for less. And where was the crowd control, well you fucking tell me!

I saw one employee socializing to a woman sitting on a pile of dog food. The were really yucking it up. I saw a second employee crying in a front aisle. And then, and this is the biggie, there were some employees at registers. You freaking morons opened your doors and didn't even have half of your registers manned. So, lets recap - mass chaos, no crowd control, minimal inventory, minimal sales staff, dangerous conditions, multiple OSHA violations, and the audacity to rope me into to giving you a second chance. No way - let this be a promise - NEVER AGAIN.

I am not a Walmart Customer. I do not shop at Walmart. I will not purchase anything of GREAT VALUE EVER AGAIN!


Your lost cause:
Jamie B Wagner

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Been Busy

The holidays have started. I think I'll go hide now.

Thanksgiving was quite delightful. 1 Grandma, 1 Old Crazy Aunt, a long lost cousin, mom, dad, our family of 3, 3 triplets and one more mom, and a partridge in a pair tree crowded into our little house. It was cozy and sweet.

Know what is sweeter? They're gone. :D Loved having 'em, love seeing 'em go. It was the crazy old Aunt and grandma that made it a little tough. My great aunt has been living with grandma as she's been diagnosed with short term memory loss; although it seems she has no memory at all sometimes. She kept asking S how she could get back to the room she was staying in. Yesterday my mom found her at the top of the stairs staring at the wall. When mom asked what she was doing she said "just trying to get back to the TV". She'd been there for at least twenty minutes, according to mom. She kept asking me where my sister was; I'd tell her in Massachusetts and she'd say "when did she move there? where are her kids?" I think she kept thinking I was my cousin Jamie, her granddaughter, who has a sister C, with two kids who lives in Jersey. Anyway - the nutty one wasn't really problematic, she is sweet and very quiet; it is just that grandma isn't keen on taking care of her and isn't afraid who knows it. All combined it is quite the family saga.

Despite the saga we did manage a few outings and had a very nice Thanksgiving. We went to the Air and Space museum, headed out to the casino, a battlefield, the mall, a Wizards game, golfing a few times, and black Friday shopping too. Just dad and I went to the Wizards game. It was really good - lots of action in overtime.

So that is the basic scoop; for memory purposes; the bitch-fest can start later. Just a headline tease: Dear Walmart, NEVER AGAIN!, Dear Toys R' US, MORONS!, Dear VDOT; SERIOUSLY; GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Truth Be Told

Sometimes I just can't stand people. Period.

Today at the gas station an older grandpa type guy tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the no cell phone sign. Yes, I was on the phone, yes I really think that my cell phone causing an electromagnetic shock is 1 in four hundred trillion and I am willing to take that risk. Whatever, he just looks at me and says "gonna blow the whole place up". NO I AM NOT! LEAVE ME ALONE!

At the commissary the cashier acted as though I was the biggest pain in the ass that ever walked into the store. (No I wasn't on my phone at this point) I asked if I could exchange some quarters for ones and he gave me such a hard time. Dick Head. For crying out loud, we have to tip the baggers and you can't hand them a hand full of change.

At the BX I found a great deal on a pair of sneakers for C. The cashier checked them over when she rung me out. Unfortunately when C went to try them on tonight we found out one shoe is a size two and the other a three. Who would change them?

My parents are coming tomorrow. Mom must be a little nervous about the Holidays without grandpa. She's on high alert.

My husband if off to a basketball game with his friend J. I got them the tickets for S's birthday a few weeks back. At the same time I bought those I also bought two tickets for a game next week, thinking that either him and my dad could go or maybe I'd go with my dad. For some reason S seems a little annoyed about that. I think he wants the two of us to go instead. Problem is I asked my dad if he wanted to go before I bought the tickets and I really want him to get to go. Just a year ago he couldn't even fit in the seats and I am just so excited for him and proud of him. I think S misses that point. He isn't wrong to want to spend time with me. It just comes across as a little funny. Like, what I planned isn't good enough - or the way he wanted it.

My in-laws are pinging about Christmas. L called the other day under the pretext of her received school pictures, only two lay into me about how bad off gram is. Gram is 80 something and in a nursing home. She doesn't have much if any of her mind left. It is all very sad. But L's point was S shouldn't go visit her when we go home. S is a grown up. This is his grandmother, he'll go if he wants to, and that is just what I told her. She was okay with it, just a little flustered that I didn't agree. There is more there too -but in an effort to keep my promise to myself, I'll stop complaining.

Not to mention all week the only adult conversations I've had have been with the dog or my mother. Scott was in California - and sure, he calls, but it is quick, and if it isn't I am trying to get in all the details of the day and before I know it he's half asleep. I was suppose to meet up with my friend T today when I went into DC but she ended up doing some errands - bad timing.

I spent the majority of the week Christmas shopping. Toys R Us had a great internet sale, free shipping, half of leapster games, and a large stuffed animal for only 4.99. I designed a company logo for my dad and managed to order promotional business stuff for him; like business cards, signs, and stationary. I also set up an email account with his company name and a blog for him. I hope he likes it all. Vistaprint now loves me.

Tomorrow the invasion begins. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt B will be here through Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it. - I suppose that will curb the annoyance of only talking to one or two people all week.

You know what? I am just in a bad mood. Get over yourself Jamie.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Fan Club

This Christmas we are participating in a new family grab. My side of the family has opted to divide up the kids and each family only buy for one child. I love this idea! It works out so that we spend less and the kids get a better gift; and more thoughtful. In addition to the kid gift, the kids are doing a grab between themselves - homemade ornaments and a small gift, and the grown ups are doing a Yankee Swap. I love it. This freed up so much money and allowed me to really focus on the idea of a meaningful gift for one child.

Confession: I put a lot of thought into adult gifts... not necessarily kid gifts. My defense, kids are generally happy to see anything in shiny paper. They love toys, games, money, and candy. Kids also grow so fast and loose interest in things even faster. I know, I know, not true all the time - but that being said; I was excited to put a lot of thought into my cousin E's gift.

We "pulled" E's name for adult/kid grab. E loves soccer. She plays in a competitive league and is really good. She loves it. She is also 11, which means she is pretty into herself. LOL. So we came up with the idea to give her a cheering section / fan club. The E Club. I designed and ordered a big banner for her parents and siblings to hold at her games, we bought noise makers and soccer beach ball, and a real bullhorn/ megaphone - all of which we will put her league emblem on, we also got a sign with her last name on it in her team colors, business cards, an address stamp, and are planning to add 25 pictures with a metallic sharpie so she can hand out autographs. I cannot wait to see it all together. Her mother is going to kill me for the bullhorn. LOL - that family is loud enough :P)

Friday, November 12, 2010

J-O-B Woes

Sooooo, still looking for that J-O-B. Interesting turn of events yesterday and today ... I was scammed! Nothing actaully happened because I saw all the red flags; but gosh - you just can't trust anyone these days. The story: Every Monday I comb the paper and send out resume's. Sometimes I look on Monster or Craigslist too. Last week I submitted a resume to a job listing for a data entry clerk that I saw on Craigslist. Yesterday I got an email saying that I qualified and they'd like to set up an online interview. I was a little skeptical because there were quite a few grammatical errors in the email from Edward Jones; you know the big financial company, and they asked that I log into Yahoo messenger for the interview. It seemed odd, but I just hoped for the best. Well today I log in and the guy keeps telling me about the job as if I have it already and won't really answer any questions, plus more typos. Then at the end he says something to the effect of you'll get a free laptop and be reimbursed for software purchases. Right. There it is, you asshole. Here is the "interview", just goes to show you, you have to be so careful. I am wagnesm.

wagnesm: Good Morning
Rick Adams: How are you doing ?
wagnesm: Fine, thank you. And You?
Rick Adams: I am Ok
Rick Adams: Are you set for your interview?
wagnesm: I have received an email from you requesting the addition of your contact information to Yahoo, but not further instructions.
Rick Adams: Okay
Rick Adams: Have you been interviewed online before?
wagnesm: No, I have not had the opportunity
Rick Adams: Okay
Rick Adams: I am Mr Rick Adams am here to brief and interview you more about the opening position
The name of the company is Edward jones Company, this branch recruiting is located at St louis MO USA,to know more about the company
wagnesm: I responded to an ad posted in the Washington DC metro area.
Rick Adams: we're known for our personal approach to business. Everyone here, whether they work in our headquarters or in their own neighborhood office as a Financial Advisor or branch office administrator, is dedicated to one purpose – helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals. The company is mainly into Data entry and accounting work from home and now going into Data Entry and Accounting work from home job to create employment opportunity for the less privilege, disables and manily to decrease the rate of unemployment in the economy.
wagnesm: Interesting approach
Rick Adams: Okay
Rick Adams: This is strictly an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice,the pay is $25 per hour training is $20 per hour and will be get payment bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck working 40 to 45 hours weekly,if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor.Benefits: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts
wagnesm: Benefits are great to know up front; thank you. I would like to understand more about the job.
Rick Adams: Okay
Rick Adams: Working hrs are flexible.All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet.As for your duties, i will assist you with any difficulties by email
wagnesm: It sounds fairly basic, what type of data entry is needed? Are we talking numbers into spreadsheets, accounting software, or word style entry into the same? I do have a plethora of experience in both fields, as they are often intertwined.
Rick Adams: Yeah
Rick Adams: I believe as we proceed further you will get to know more and understand better.
Rick Adams: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:Tracks data and source documents.Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.Compiles, sorts and verifies data for accuracy.Contacts responsible parties to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data.Enters alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data from source documents into computer following format displayed on screen, and enters necessary codes.Compares data entered with source documents identifying errors and subsequently correcting any errors.Files or routes source documents after entry.Responds to inquires regarding entered data.Maintains daily count of work processed. May create periodic reports for management.Performs routine maintenance on machinery used.Preparation of B
wagnesm: Okay
Rick Adams: Balance sheets (Mini), account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the Accounting Software.The Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the Accounting software. Now the function of the Accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via E-mail.
wagnesm: Can you please explain the "Performs routine maintenance on machinery? Everything else sounds good.
Rick Adams: You will understand more as we proceed
Rick Adams: Can you handle these duties?
wagnesm: Yes I have experience in these fields.
Rick Adams: Good
Rick Adams: You will undergo a one week training from your training supervisor,he will training you on how to work with the programs accurate and other Data entry works you will need to get done.Your training is going to be done online through your Pc and Phone
wagnesm: Okay
Rick Adams: You will Earn $25 per hour,You will receive your pay via Direct deposit or Paycheck bi weekly.Training $20 per hour
wagnesm: You've already covered this. This does not sound 'normal'. Is there a way to communicate through the Edward Jones website or to validate this information?
Rick Adams: That would be when you become a full emplloyee
wagnesm: Is there an application to fill out through Edward Jones?
Rick Adams: You will receive a w-2 form coming along with the softwares and benefits package via FedEx
wagnesm: Okay, one can never be too sure when communicating via messanger.
Rick Adams: Okay
Rick Adams: Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with Myob business essentials software 2010, US Patent Single Users Pack simply accounting 2010
wagnesm: So there is definitely some interest in my part, what do you need from me at this point to proceed?
Rick Adams is typing...
Rick Adams: The company will provide you a free Hp laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with.Therefore you are needed to make purchase for the software programs you need to start working with and the company will have you reimbursed for the order of the software programs.You are to make the purchase for the programs the company does not specialized on the software programs you are to get it from the company certified vendor that is the third party to the company she will have them install with disc and shipped to you overnight via FedEx
wagnesm: Absolutely not. This interview is bogus and I will be reporting it as fraud.
After that I deleted him as a contact and started filing complaints. I reported it directly to Edward Jones and our local news. Then I contacted Craigslist about it too. If you have editing software linked to your on line browser you can see how many typos this guy has; crazy. If anyone else knows who to report this type of stuff to please let me know.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Funny Disclaimer

I got an email from Snapfish today. The fine print read:

A NOTE ABOUT 2-DAY & OVERNIGHT SHIPPING: If you chose 2-day or overnight shipping for your order, please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be processed.


It's Raining Men

I found $70.00. It is exactly raining Benjamen's but Abe's will do! The other day when I took C to the mall I pulled out his old wallet for him to use. I totally forgot that we bought his bike online. He gave me his birthday money to pay for it but I never took it out of the old wallet. So there it was. I was pretty excited about it.

In other $ news: Instead of taking C to Sears to get his pictures taken we set up a little studio here and took them. C and I had so much fun. He was pretending to be a model and was cracking me up. The pictures came out really good. I ordered a collage of them from and plan on putting them in the family Christmas cards. In the end the pictures cost only 14.00 for 3 8x10, 50 4x6's, and 40 wallets. Because I'd never ordered anything from that company I had a "coupon" for 50 free prints and one 8x10. I love saving money.

Money that I've already spent - LOL. I made a trip to 5 Below and basically bought the store :D. Christmas shopping is almost done. Now, to find a big enough box to mail all the stuff out. Luckily some of it can come in the car with us at Christmas because we are headed to Massachusetts to celebrate with the family.

In Microsoft Kinect news: Yesterday I broke down and called the company. I had gotten a confirmation email after I ordered the darn thing saying that I would receive a tracking number via email on the 4th. Well, I still hadn't heard anything so I gave them a call. I was basically told that Microsoft canceled my order because of unknown reasons. I asked if it had anything to do with American Express holding up the sale and the guy said he couldn't tell for sure. Then he says "regrettably Microsoft had no idea this would be so popular and cannot fill anymore orders for the Kinect unless it is bundled with a new Xbox 360 system." Needless to say I was a little bummed out. After telling the guy that the excuse he gave was lame but I know it isn't his fault, I asked the guy for some help in locating one at a store but every place he gave me was out of them. The Microsoft guy was really nice and even he said at one point "Believe me, I know, I have been dealing with this for days, I keeping hoping the company finally lets us tell people we just screwed up." He further explained that Microsoft won't be selling anymore single units to stores either -only in bundles, so what is out there is there, there won't be anymore. In the end S and I were both a little miffed but in the end we figured it was for the best and since the company rep was nice and tried to be helpful we just let it go. Then to my surprise S called me last night from Denver and said "Hey I am in a Microsoft store and they have hundreds of these things, should I buy one?" Yeah, so he did.

So, Cooper has been bought for. I Heart Christmas.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Too Honest

There is such a thing as being a little too honest. I am not talking about answering the age old question "Do I look fat in this?" with an enthusiastic "YES", although that too would be categorized as too honest. I mean, it isn't always okay to tell people what you need from them. Case in point: The hubs had a bad day at work on Friday. He came home hours late and was in a terrible "poor me" mood. I welcomed him home with a smile and big hug and promptly asked him to leave work and work.

I didn't mention that I would have appreciated a call, I mean come on, over two hours late! I didn't mention that it was date night and I was worried he'd miss it. I didn't mention that I had wanted to dress up, but now there was no time. I didn't mention that I wanted to have fun and he was ruining it with a sulky crappy attitude. Nor did I mention that I'd probably have to endure a day and a half of a razor burned bikini line just so I could be in "date night shape" tonight. No, I just asked him to be home, fully home.

Over the course of the weekend I explained to him a few fears of him traveling so much. He didn't exactly connect the two dots. But basically I am fearful that at some point life will be easier when he is away. That doesn't mean it is, it doesn't mean I want that to happen, it doesn't mean it will or is starting to happen. I just wonder; at what point will he feel that the problems associated his job here in VA aren't worth the extra effort? When will he start taking on more trips just to escape it. At what point will C and I just be so far into our own schedules and events that we won't be able to plan around his trips anymore? Already his return flights are just a normal day - off to the air port to pick up daddy - you can play after... To be clear, I don't think my husband would think these things, I don't necessarily think these things. I just have the little itch in the back of my brain that has been posing these what if questions.

To connect the dots for my future self: He hates work here. He says he doesn't but every time he talks about it, it is in a negative light. He is miserable when he comes home, goes to bed, and wakes up. When he is away at work he seems happier and less stressed. And some times I feel like I don't fit into the equation.

To top it off, today we were eating lunch and I asked him what was wrong and he said he was still worried about work. I suggested he call his boss and talk to her. I said, "She probably has some good insight and can help you out." He totally blew off the idea saying she'd be there tomorrow. Fine. Be. That. Way. This is precisely why I didn't want to hear about it. My advise doesn't count. My insight isn't needed or relative to what ever the hell he does as a job. All I know is he works with a group of screwed up ladies and a jaded management team. But most importantly - none of it helps him. None of it.

But you know what would help me? If we could pretend to be normal for just a few more days before you have to leave again. If for just a few more hours we could not talk about your job. If for just a weekend we could live and celebrate the time we have. I was mad. Really mad. Everything always goes back to his work. He doesn't get it. I was open and honest and he just ignored me. Saying today that "I'll just pretend nothing happened like I have all weekend, I just shouldn't have mentioned it." You know what buddy: FUCK YOU! Well, that is what I was thinking anyway. Instead I shot back with, well I asked, so stop being a martyr. Then C came back in the room with shorts on. I sent him back upstairs to get pants on, like I asked him the first time. S was asking why or something to that fact and I was basically seeing red at this point and yelled "Because I am taking him to the mall to buy you a birthday gift and leaving you here to sulk!"

And that was that. I feel like I was just too honest. That maybe if I just let him spill all the details of whatever took place, he'd feel better. But I couldn't handle his bad day. I didn't want to be a pissy housewife who was bent because her husband was late (two days in a row). I didn't want to be upset because when he finally did come home he was upset. I didn't want to think about him hating parts of his job, a job that takes him away two to three weeks a month. I just wanted to put the day behind us and start our weekend. Well, date night was fine, we had a nice time at the movies; Saturday we went out for lunch and to a few stores, it was all nice too, but slightly clouded by a smoke screen.

So now it is Sunday night; C and I went to the mall and to a few stores. We bought S some good b-day gifts and had a little fun wondering through all the Christmas stuff. Now the boys are playing video games and seem to be having a good time. And me, well, the bikini line is a little itchy. Should have just left it 'a-la-natural', not like it got any attention anyway.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Day Off

I take Thursdays off. I get C to school, walk the dog, clean up from breakfast, make the beds, get a load of laundry going if needed, vacuum, dust, take out the trash, plan an easy dinner, and then veg. I watch TV, do my nails, take a bubble bath, lay in bed and read, and finally get dressed and do my hair & makeup. I am wondering why my day off is so packed with chores? I suppose I just hate for my family to think I don't do anything all day.

This morning I am watching the news while I dry off and warm up. It is pouring outside and I walked the dog quite a ways this morning getting us completely wet and cold. I scoff at the term news. I've just spent the last five minutes listening to the trials and tribulations of Charlie Sheen. Seriously - he has agreed to pay 55 grand in child support a month on top of what he pays another X wife and kids. Money certainly doesn't equal a good life for some / most - I'd assume. I am turning the tube off and getting some hot tea.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear AMX

Dear American Express,

Yes, I placed an order on-line. Yes, I want it to be processed. No I do not have anything else you can help me with, you've already done enough.

Please don't block my online purchases. Isn't that what the little security code is for?

Slightly Peeved,
Microsoft Customer

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick - Or - Treat & Merry Christmas

Oh what fun we had yesterday! C, S and I headed out to DC to go to the horse show. It was a nice event. We saw the "finals" (whatever that means) of a jumping competition. It was very quiet, calm, and enjoyable. There were no loud buzzers or horns like in regular sporting events, no drunks or rude patrons, there were only families and horse buffs. It was so relaxing. A perfect thing for us to do before the hub bub of trick-or-treat. And a perfect thing to do after the ride there! Crazy traffic in the city and a long trip back home after forgetting the tickets - only us LOL. Who cares - we found FREE parking and the show was really neat.

For the big event (begging for candy) we went onto the base and met up with our friends, the triplets. All the kids were so cute and relatively well behaved. The candy was crazy! There was so much after an hour that we divided it up so S could take some to work. Then I took 3/4 of what was left and hid it. The rest I left in C's pumpkin and let him eat whatever he wants. He even had candy for breakfast. He is crazy hyper today. LOL. I figure best to get it over with all at once. He doesn't have school today or tomorrow because of teacher conference day, so he might as well live it up :D.

Now that Halloween is officially over, time for Christmas!!! So silly since I just complained that stores were playing holiday tunes already. But man am I psyched this year. Mom and I were talking about this last week - how were both really excited for the holidays this year; we think it is because this year we know Grandpa L is in Heaven and no longer in pain. Last year we were all thinking we'd be at a funeral that week. Morbid; sure, but at the same time it is very comforting to know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus this year. At least for me.

So, with the new found excitement for the holiday season, I've started shopping! Heee, heee, heee. I just bought C the new Xbox 360 Kinect that is just like the Wii. It wasn't as expensive as I thought. It you order it directly from Xbox it is only 150.00 plus tax. Shipping is free. I don't know why on Ebay it is like 200.00. (?) Also, I already bought Grandma L a gift pack of Baileys Irish Cream (her new favorite), One cousin a game, and S a few trinkets. I am going to wait to buy anymore toys until Black Friday - when my mom will be here ... reinforcements! LOL. Plus I figure the games for Kinect might be on sale then.

I think today C and I are going to go hiking over at Great Falls National Park. It is really cold out, but clear and most of all colorful. Now, I am wishing though - that I hadn't shaved my legs, I could of used the extra warmth.