Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart,

Despite my recent pledge noted HERE; I returned. You assholes hooked me with your larger than life Black Friday ad. Triumphantly I proclaim I didn't buy a damn thing. Humbly I note that I am a sucker. You freaking people almost killed me. Hyperbole: I THINK NOT!

Opening Thanksgiving day and starting the sales at the stroke of midnight may have been genius, albeit dangerous. The lines wrapped the store two times over (if you could call them lines, it was more like herded cattle). One lady trapped my husband and I between two carts and then pushed me with her cart while staring into my eyes. The aisles were trashed, entire pallets of pajamas and movies spilled into the pathways. Most of the "hot buys" were gone and items that were "saved" for the 5:00am super sale were already broken into by customers - the shrink wrap was everywhere. Some people were camped out in aisles trying to nap until morning to get their item for less. And where was the crowd control, well you fucking tell me!

I saw one employee socializing to a woman sitting on a pile of dog food. The were really yucking it up. I saw a second employee crying in a front aisle. And then, and this is the biggie, there were some employees at registers. You freaking morons opened your doors and didn't even have half of your registers manned. So, lets recap - mass chaos, no crowd control, minimal inventory, minimal sales staff, dangerous conditions, multiple OSHA violations, and the audacity to rope me into to giving you a second chance. No way - let this be a promise - NEVER AGAIN.

I am not a Walmart Customer. I do not shop at Walmart. I will not purchase anything of GREAT VALUE EVER AGAIN!


Your lost cause:
Jamie B Wagner

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a serious nightmare. Seriously, sounds like something you'd have dreamed about! Ugh! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that.