Saturday, November 27, 2010

Been Busy

The holidays have started. I think I'll go hide now.

Thanksgiving was quite delightful. 1 Grandma, 1 Old Crazy Aunt, a long lost cousin, mom, dad, our family of 3, 3 triplets and one more mom, and a partridge in a pair tree crowded into our little house. It was cozy and sweet.

Know what is sweeter? They're gone. :D Loved having 'em, love seeing 'em go. It was the crazy old Aunt and grandma that made it a little tough. My great aunt has been living with grandma as she's been diagnosed with short term memory loss; although it seems she has no memory at all sometimes. She kept asking S how she could get back to the room she was staying in. Yesterday my mom found her at the top of the stairs staring at the wall. When mom asked what she was doing she said "just trying to get back to the TV". She'd been there for at least twenty minutes, according to mom. She kept asking me where my sister was; I'd tell her in Massachusetts and she'd say "when did she move there? where are her kids?" I think she kept thinking I was my cousin Jamie, her granddaughter, who has a sister C, with two kids who lives in Jersey. Anyway - the nutty one wasn't really problematic, she is sweet and very quiet; it is just that grandma isn't keen on taking care of her and isn't afraid who knows it. All combined it is quite the family saga.

Despite the saga we did manage a few outings and had a very nice Thanksgiving. We went to the Air and Space museum, headed out to the casino, a battlefield, the mall, a Wizards game, golfing a few times, and black Friday shopping too. Just dad and I went to the Wizards game. It was really good - lots of action in overtime.

So that is the basic scoop; for memory purposes; the bitch-fest can start later. Just a headline tease: Dear Walmart, NEVER AGAIN!, Dear Toys R' US, MORONS!, Dear VDOT; SERIOUSLY; GO FUCK YOURSELF.


Jamie said...

Now you'll keep us in suspense until you write your letters!!! Sounds like a crazy, chaotic, typical get-together w/your family :) I bet it's a blast!!! They could shoot a movie! lol

Becca said...

Gotta love Thanksgiving! We had two crazy moms, a wise cracking brother in law/uncle, two sweet littlew girls, two loud little boys, and ots of food! I agree that Walmart pissed me off today, they never have what they advertise! (but I did skip black Fiday) Glad you had a good holiday, but it is nice to get your house back to yourself! :)