Monday, November 15, 2010

The Fan Club

This Christmas we are participating in a new family grab. My side of the family has opted to divide up the kids and each family only buy for one child. I love this idea! It works out so that we spend less and the kids get a better gift; and more thoughtful. In addition to the kid gift, the kids are doing a grab between themselves - homemade ornaments and a small gift, and the grown ups are doing a Yankee Swap. I love it. This freed up so much money and allowed me to really focus on the idea of a meaningful gift for one child.

Confession: I put a lot of thought into adult gifts... not necessarily kid gifts. My defense, kids are generally happy to see anything in shiny paper. They love toys, games, money, and candy. Kids also grow so fast and loose interest in things even faster. I know, I know, not true all the time - but that being said; I was excited to put a lot of thought into my cousin E's gift.

We "pulled" E's name for adult/kid grab. E loves soccer. She plays in a competitive league and is really good. She loves it. She is also 11, which means she is pretty into herself. LOL. So we came up with the idea to give her a cheering section / fan club. The E Club. I designed and ordered a big banner for her parents and siblings to hold at her games, we bought noise makers and soccer beach ball, and a real bullhorn/ megaphone - all of which we will put her league emblem on, we also got a sign with her last name on it in her team colors, business cards, an address stamp, and are planning to add 25 pictures with a metallic sharpie so she can hand out autographs. I cannot wait to see it all together. Her mother is going to kill me for the bullhorn. LOL - that family is loud enough :P)

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Kim said...

That is a great idea especially since Christmas can get real expensive. What is a Yankee Swap, never heard of that.