Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been so busy lately, between work, scouts, baseball, the unbelievably good weather, and life in general I have had no desire sit in front of the computer. But alas here I sit. And wouldn't you know I do not have a thing to say that is important or witty. So here is just the update for posterity's sake.

  • I am getting better at my job. The more I understand the more I realize it is the same old same old day and day out. Nothing is really a new deal everything recycles and I am getting better handling those issues every time the walk through the door.
  • The debt countdown continues, even with the new car added we are 47881.00. The new job is so helping. 
  • We let C stay home alone three times this week in the morning before school. He did so good. The neighbors came over to pick him up for the bus stop and everything ran pretty smoothly. Although one day he did forget to shut the front door. Luckily S is back from CA so this week C won't be alone even for a minute :P)
  • S was in CA last week. It was wicked hard on me. Monday we had Scouts, Tuesday baseball, Wednesday Scouts again - and that meeting I had to run - solo. It isn't that I couldn't do it all, it was just exhausting. Every night we were eating dinner on the fly and rushing from point A to point B. It was just hard. I was so glad when he came walking through the door on Thursday.
  • On Friday I was ready to send him back. 
  • Which brings us to Saturday - I have basically slept all day. I woke up around nine and went back to bed around two. My allergies are kicking my but and my head just hurts. I woke up around six to my husband watching TV in our room while organizing his darn baseball cards! I was so pissed off. Why on earth would he do that? Men. 
  • Now he is at the store buying crap for Nachos. Gross. I am have actaully grown to not like those so much. We went to the store last night and bought enough food for the week - now today he doesn't want any of it. Annoying. But whatever at least I didn't have to go. 
  • On a much happier note, we heard that friends of ours are having twin girls! I am so excited for them. I cannot wait to buy matchy, matchy clothes :P) Also on the baby front one of my favorite patients called yesterday and let me know that her Beta was 518. Um yeah - she might have twins too! So exciting. I love baby news. Especially when it is to those who want it so badly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

To Put it Lightly

I was sure in a pissy mood today. Upon awaking to the ear splitting noise of the alarm and then promptly falling back asleep and waking up in a panic a few minutes later I have been in said mood. I am so bitchy that I cannot even stand myself. 

The morning: I left w/o coffee. I stopped and got a cup on the way like I normally do but it just didn't cut it, I stopped and got another - and it was crappy. Then I get to work and the office is a mess. The weekend staff was obviously slammed and a little unorganized on top of it because everything was set up poorly for us and we basically had to do it all again. Then there were and I kid you not, 27 messages for me to sort through on my phone, plus the regular slew of emails. I finally took a deep breath around 11:15 and then I got busy and managed to take another breath on the ride home. Crazy busy.

My lunch break: The judge piggybacked on my ritualistic walk. I loved the company but all she talked about was work so it wasn't really a break at all. 

The commute home: I swear I was hypnotized by the road. I looked up on the beltway and then about 10 miles later I glanced at my exit sign on the next highway. Alegra - not really my friend. I am finding myself incredibly drowsy and irritable. I am going to have to check the bottle at work tomorrow to see if there is a warning about that.

My husband: In California this week. I am less than thrilled. We have scouts tonight, baseball tomorrow, and then I am running a scouts meeting by myself on Wednesday. Totally overwhelming and all I want to do is go to bed early.

Mood = ungrateful and pissy. Figures, if Jesus comes today I obviously will be going to hell. 

One funny note, just one: Today at work I was reading a lab to see if it was indeed a lab or a pathology note. The first line of the results read "negative for intraepithelial lesions" which is just doctor talk for normal. Anyway when I looked at it quick I thought it said International Lesbian. Hell, me, straight to it. (it was pathology BTW)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dude, I'm Awesome

I had a way better day today. At work the judge made me a cake for my upcoming birthday. I thought that was just so sweet! And it happened to be perfectly chocolatey!  The best part - while I was eating it the power went out. We had to cancel the rest of our patients for the day! I certainly want our patients to get there but man was it a great afternoon without them :P)

Our reception area is too far from a window so there was no way we could function up there, so after lunch we all took piles and piles of old records that needed to be audited into the sunny conference room and audited records for a few hours while chit chatting and generally enjoying one another. We got a ton of work done and our boss was so happy that we thought of the auditing. Basically the only task that didn't involve power, so it isn't like we had too much choice there. Anyway - today was very nice. I am hopeful that tomorrow we recover well since the patients were rescheduled for the early morning. - If anything it will be entertaining.

S, C, and I are headed to NYC tomorrow. We got a hotel room just a block away from Time Square. We are all so excited to see the lights and the crowds. I am hoping we'll be able to go to the Today Show on either Saturday or Sunday, even if only for a few minutes, it would be fun to see Lester or Jenna. My mom and my aunt both sent me a few $$ for the trip. I can't believe I am going to be 35 and my mommy and God mother still send me cash. (God I love that!) Fun should be had by all. 

Obviously the diet will resume AFTER the trip! I have so been slacking lately. It is awful to yo-yo like this, but man my will power has been nil lately. I have been slamming down the Diet Coke like crazy when I should be drinking water. Eating tons of breads and pastas and less and less protein. My only saving grace is that I've been huge on the fruits and veggies and have fallen in love with Greek Yogurt. At least my nails are growing strong and my skin is really clear :P)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Praying for Anothers

Today and OB ultrasound tech found two sets of identical twin with heart beats in the same patient! Quads. Only two embryos transferred! Everyone was talking about it. The miracle, the unbelievable miracle. And then there was the "reduction" talk. Oh My God, I almost started to go into a full blow panic attack mode complete with dry heaves, ugly crying, and fits of rocking back and forth while trying not to inhale my own copious amounts of snot. I still might, but I just keep reminding myself that this isn't me, this isn't my miracle. ***Side note, I am the only one using the term miracle, most are calling it a coincidence, what a crappy word for a MIRACLE *** 

So here is the break down: A patient and her husband check out and we were wondering why they were smiling yet didn't need a second OB ultrasound. (that is the norm, scheduling a 2nd one, otherwise they've typically miscarried) So, the patient explains that they've been referred out. Just as they leave we hear the scoop, 40 fingers and 40 toes! (although not developed yet :P) ) And then suddenly our front desk is a social gathering and an open discussion forms on what the couple should do. Everyone was talking about reduction and safety and health for the babies and the mother. I could feel the tears welling up and I just said, "It is a miracle, two sets of identical twins, I know I could never even think about a "reduction". And then thank the Lord, three other women agreed with me and my hyperventilating self was able to breath.

I never thought about that side of the job before. Things like this are so rare now, doctors are so careful and aim to only have singletons if it can be helped. Although I've never met a fellow IVF'er that doesn't at least secretly want twins just a little bit. I am not sure what the outcome will be for this couple, I don't even know their name, but I've been praying for them all day. This one is so heavy on my heart. It is so easy for me to romanticize the idea of multiples, but I do know all the risks, all the potential harm, and all the heart ache that can come from this. I know I couldn't, not even for a second entertain the idea of stopping a heart beat so another could live. 

This job really is too hard.