Monday, March 19, 2012

To Put it Lightly

I was sure in a pissy mood today. Upon awaking to the ear splitting noise of the alarm and then promptly falling back asleep and waking up in a panic a few minutes later I have been in said mood. I am so bitchy that I cannot even stand myself. 

The morning: I left w/o coffee. I stopped and got a cup on the way like I normally do but it just didn't cut it, I stopped and got another - and it was crappy. Then I get to work and the office is a mess. The weekend staff was obviously slammed and a little unorganized on top of it because everything was set up poorly for us and we basically had to do it all again. Then there were and I kid you not, 27 messages for me to sort through on my phone, plus the regular slew of emails. I finally took a deep breath around 11:15 and then I got busy and managed to take another breath on the ride home. Crazy busy.

My lunch break: The judge piggybacked on my ritualistic walk. I loved the company but all she talked about was work so it wasn't really a break at all. 

The commute home: I swear I was hypnotized by the road. I looked up on the beltway and then about 10 miles later I glanced at my exit sign on the next highway. Alegra - not really my friend. I am finding myself incredibly drowsy and irritable. I am going to have to check the bottle at work tomorrow to see if there is a warning about that.

My husband: In California this week. I am less than thrilled. We have scouts tonight, baseball tomorrow, and then I am running a scouts meeting by myself on Wednesday. Totally overwhelming and all I want to do is go to bed early.

Mood = ungrateful and pissy. Figures, if Jesus comes today I obviously will be going to hell. 

One funny note, just one: Today at work I was reading a lab to see if it was indeed a lab or a pathology note. The first line of the results read "negative for intraepithelial lesions" which is just doctor talk for normal. Anyway when I looked at it quick I thought it said International Lesbian. Hell, me, straight to it. (it was pathology BTW)

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