Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loosing It

The husband is beginning to loose his luster regarding the family fun time; he just contemplated adding Kahlua to the after dinner ice cream shakes to help the kids sleep.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Bee's

What a summer. 100 degrees regularly, lots of water, lots of fun. PA was a blast, MA was wicked fun too, 500 miles down the coast with the cousins was entertaining, and now we're in VA loving life. Mini golf yesterday, a water park today, movies tomorrow. The fun continues...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gotcha Day

Just one more note. 6 years ago today S and I took official custody of our baby boy, the baby boy who told me today he'd like to marry a good looking blond with a bankroll but who doesn't wear too much pink eye shadow because then she'd look like a zombie and that would make her not so hot, not hot like the temperature, hot like hot hot, like iCarly hot, or maybe Sam. Then he asked me if I could help him put on costume so he could pretend he was the general.

Life Goes On

In a slightly better mood today...

We leave for the Pocono's on Saturday Morning. I am really looking forward to it. The other night S and I looked on the campgrounds website and linked around to different "must see & do" things in the area. It put S's mind at ease that there would be entertainment. It annoyed me. I like camping. I like lounging at a dingy lake and hiking through woods. I like revolving the whole day on when you need to start the fire or grill. S likes to know there is something to do. It isn't like this is new news, I have met the man.

You really should have seen him; I equate it to a kid in a candy store. Each site we visited was followed by "oh boy!", "oh, that's cool", "hey J&K might like that too", "ooooh can we do that one?". Some of the activities looked fun. There is a water park with a zip line and there is one restaurant I'd like to go to, but I want to make sure we stay at the lake -you know that cabin on the lake that cost more than six hundred dollars? LOL - we really are a pair.

In other related news: We were going to board Maggie at a local kennel here. It is expensive, but cheap for the area at 29.00 a day plus clean up and bath charges at about 35.00. But I kept whining (more of less) that I really wanted to bring the dog with us. We are going to the lake and then to Massachusetts for a week. All in all she'd be there 13 days. Then suddenly, as if I'd been on a rooftop toilet, I had an epiphany; kennel the dog in PA near the campground and then bring her to Massachusetts with us. Savings: 11.00 per day plus no clean up fees, plus she'd only be there 7 nights. So instead of 412.00 it is costing 126.00.

Of course now, I will have to make at least one kid ride on the roof on the way back home from Mass, since the dog will take up a seat ...

The update there: We are going home, home, after PA. C is going to the beach with my cousins in Maine for the week. S is staying in Worcester until Wednesday and then flying home. I am driving from Worcester with C and three of my cousins and the dog. The kids are staying a week and then I am driving them to NJ to my Grandparent's and meeting C (my cousin with the four kids, but only three are visiting us because one, A, my God Daughter, is going to college in the fall, too old for the family Vk) there to do the switch.

Busy, Busy, just the way I like it. See you in a few weeks my friends! Right now it is time for a bowl of pasta and Days of our Lives. Thank God my DVR is fixed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pissy & Pissier

I am so ticked off. I had a crappy night. It wasn't suppose to be that way. Everything was good until I asked my husband if he could bring me a Diet Coke. Like it would fucking kill him, he says "why do you always do that to me?" Seriously! I just asked for a soda! Then when I balked back he got all ticked off and started slamming things around the kitchen. Whatever. In the end I apologized but totally didn't mean it! What the heck, I seriously only asked with a big cheesy wife smile for a Diet Coke. He was standing up in the doorway and I had just sat down to the computer. Errr.

Great, so then he says he is going to bed. Fine. Go. Then he takes at least a hour freaking shower. By the time he is done I am already in bed, reading. Then when he finally gets to bed he is tossing and turning. He wakes up all sweaty, he moans and groans. He turned the AC down to record lows and freezes me out. By this point I was sure my cold shoulder was making the bed a glacier anyway, but no, he has to waste even more money and make a big huffy puffy show of turning down the AC and complaining that the sheets are wet on his side of the bed. So fucking gross. Needless to say I didn't fall asleep. I couldn't; he actaully fell right back to sleep but he was so restless that every time I moved even slightly he'd wake up and whine about it. Eventually I ended up downstairs drinking warm milk and falling asleep to old Cheers re-runs sometime after 2:00.

He woke me up, on his way out the door sometime around six. Four hours of sleep. Four.

What the frick? I apologize when I didn't do anything. He is all high and mighty and doesn't even acknowledge that maybe he could have just gotten me a drink without complaining? I suppose four fitful hours of sleep has done very little for my levels of grace. Whatever. C has camp in a little while. After I take him over there I am just going to run on the treadmill and then get my own icy cold Diet Coke.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Waking Beauty

I am reading the best book, Waking Beauty by Elyse Friedman. I bought it at a yard sale a few weeks ago and totally judged it by its cover. The main character in the story wakes up one day with a completely different body. She goes from Fat, slovenly, snaggle-toothed, and hook nosed to a knock out blond with model like features. I don't know why I am finding it as page turning as I am, but it is good. Sort of dark English humor and at the same time it sort of makes you believe in fairy tales. Odd mix. Anyway, I am about 3/4 of the way through and just got to the part where the new beauty queen is starting to find trouble with being perfect looking. I am amused.

Tuesdays are busy here, C has camp, I have my gym class, then it is camp pick up and then back to the gym for his Tae Kwon Do class. Recently I had vowed not to use the car as much for these half mile trips, but today it is already 100 degrees - so the car is the winner. The fun side of that is that I had time between C's drop off and my class to read another 50 pages or so of Waking Beauty.

Oh well, tomorrow is a calmer day. I think I am going to load up on goodies for a Vk with a trip to Costco. Hmmm, also I have much blog catching up to do. Oh well - off to the kiddie pool!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Primitive Sites

We went camping this weekend in Solomon's Island at a Navy MWR Resort. It was only 19.00 a night. If you stay for a week the price is only 12.00 a night. That is really cheap, dirt cheap. The trip was really fun. Our friends from Bolling AFB were there also, in a cottage with their triplets and Nana. We met up for meals and swimming and then for the holiday BBQ and fireworks. We were actaully a little late for the fireworks because the grownups were fully immersed in a badminton game. We all totally sucked, BTW, but had a blast. Next summer, I think we will go there for a whole week. The camping is primitive, no electric or running water, but the place is great, free mini golf, 3.00 driving range, 5.00 kayak rentals, beach, four pools with water slides, beach town just a few minutes away, and only 2 hours 10 minutes from door to door.

Today the boys are both off from work and Gymnastics camp. They're watching a Band of Brothers marathon and I am just relaxing and watching a few movies. Currently 500 days of Summer is on. It is interestingly compelling, stupid, funny, and boring all at the same time. Not what I expected, then again movies rarely are.

Tomorrow the temp is suppose to be 101 with humidity levels at unbearable heights. Kiddie pools and ice cream. (Yes that really is its own sentence)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It Felt Longer

Yesterday we had our cable drop line replaced. It entailed digging up the old line from the little box on the curb and putting in a new one that was covered in PVC all the way around the house to the back yard. When the guys were done, the foreman asked if our TV was working. So I ran downstairs to check the cable box we were having trouble with; it worked perfectly, so I sent them on their way. A few hours later I noticed we had no Internet connection or cable in the den. Errr. But all is fixed now; leaving me with the question, What the Fuck do I do all day?

I had so much time on my hands last night that I was actually pacing around looking for something to do. Without the internet distraction, everything was so easy. Laundry got folded the same day it came out of the drier ... seriously huge, Everything was clean, and I had time to start pulling out the camping stuff for tomorrow. I seriously need better time management. Today, C had camp and I had my gym class that meant three complete trips to the community center. I had time to walk C there and walk to pick him up. Plus I went to the store and started cooking for the 4th. The internet has been fixed for about ten minutes. My production is over.

LOL. I need help.