Monday, July 5, 2010

Primitive Sites

We went camping this weekend in Solomon's Island at a Navy MWR Resort. It was only 19.00 a night. If you stay for a week the price is only 12.00 a night. That is really cheap, dirt cheap. The trip was really fun. Our friends from Bolling AFB were there also, in a cottage with their triplets and Nana. We met up for meals and swimming and then for the holiday BBQ and fireworks. We were actaully a little late for the fireworks because the grownups were fully immersed in a badminton game. We all totally sucked, BTW, but had a blast. Next summer, I think we will go there for a whole week. The camping is primitive, no electric or running water, but the place is great, free mini golf, 3.00 driving range, 5.00 kayak rentals, beach, four pools with water slides, beach town just a few minutes away, and only 2 hours 10 minutes from door to door.

Today the boys are both off from work and Gymnastics camp. They're watching a Band of Brothers marathon and I am just relaxing and watching a few movies. Currently 500 days of Summer is on. It is interestingly compelling, stupid, funny, and boring all at the same time. Not what I expected, then again movies rarely are.

Tomorrow the temp is suppose to be 101 with humidity levels at unbearable heights. Kiddie pools and ice cream. (Yes that really is its own sentence)


Kim said...

Thats cool you guys had such a great time camping. Yikes 101 I'll be thinking of you. Bring out the water sprinklers or anything thats a hot one!

I hope life can only get better said...

Sometimes those are the best campgrounds!! Like the one we were at in New York State last summer, sounds like you had a blast. The heat and humidity are a killer here to. Hopefully it will cool off for the wedding Saturday