Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

This movie was stupid funny. We laughed so hard. It was from 2004, but we just rented it last night. Anyway, I don't think I would have though it was funny then. These days there is an uprising of Zombie movies and after seeing a funny one like Zombie Land, this one certainly took the cake.

Game on Day 12

This game is going by pretty fast. We are a week and a half into it and already I can see the end. That serves as useful motivation.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

At Some Point You Gotta Suck It Up

At some point you have to admit you know nothing about what it is you think you know. For me it is training a dog. Once upon a time I had two wonderful dogs. Davey and Molly. They barked at strangers walking by our windows, loved to go for rides in the car, slept in our bed, ate our food, and pulled on their leashes when they walked. They were perfect. When they got old, gray, and one by one passed away we were very sad. We dreamed of having pups just like them again someday.

In came Walter the Wonder dog. Six months later out went Walter the Wonder dog. A rescue dog afraid of men who peed everywhere all the time and was so unhappy. With this rocky relationship we opted to find a better home (which worked out great) and vowed to know the dog we were getting next time around.

In comes Maggie. A Golden Retriever we adopted at six weeks old and 6 pounds. She is now roughly 1 1/2 and 95 pounds. We love her. She jumps, barks, eats our food, pulls everything out of the trash, and pulls on her leash. She is perfect, but at 95 pounds she is fast, defiant, loud, and almost uncontrollable in certain situations. All the home training efforts haven't worked. Some of our best friends and us are hopefully getting together this summer, there is a good chance they will come here, and they have the cutest little baby ever. Even though Maggie love, love, loves kids we cannot have any overly excited puppy accidents, then or ever. Lately Maggie has been barking at the geese and fox in the back yard (on the golf course) at night. She won't stop, won't come back inside, and is practically hysterical. We can't catch her, we can't coax her, we can't be leader of the pack when we are bordering crazy over the situation. So... we've called in the professionals. They'll be here next weekend and every weekend after that until she is certifiable trained exactly the way we want. I hope our pup, Maggie, enjoys our tax return :P)

Game on Day 11

I so wanted to cheat on my diet. I made C fish sticks, and man they smelled good. Seriously, fish sticks. Not chocolate, or diet coke, fish sticks. But I kept telling myself that my fish fillet is just a tasty and that I get a day off tomorrow.

So today is my day off. In GAME ON you get a day off. I talked about it before, and then it was just a special treat, but last night it was kind of like a carrot in front of me offering motivation. If I am good today , tomorrow, the next day or when ever I choose is rewarded in more ways then one. Go Me.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It is freaking cold today. By far the chilliest we've felt this year. The wind is super cold and strong. The good news, this morning I woke up to the sound of birds! Singing, chirping, and most likely pooping all over the side of the house.

It put me in the best mood to wake up too. Now if only something could drop out of the sky to help me with the following:

1. Our Dog, she is crazy.
2. C's school. He isn't progressing - at all.
3. This whole nightmare issue.

Okay - so good mood = tainted. But I have a clear mind so here is the plan.

1. I need to call a dog trainer
2. We are getting C tested I just need to practice more patients
3. I am in therapy - it isn't an over night cure

Game On Day 10

You have to be 100% Honest when playing the game. Everyone is on their honor for scoring and accounting for their good habits and bad. My good habit is in check, my bad habit has been habbed. (totally should be a word) I am feeling pretty good about that.

Talked to M last night. She is a perfect teammate to have. Follows the rules to a T. I really admire that about her. She lost six pounds last week, go M! Anyway, my point:

I like the idea that you need to trust everyone and yourself in order to play the game. It makes me feel good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fund Raisers

I cannot stand fund raisers. C brings home these pledge forms and a list of "prizes" he can get for accumulating donations. We did one, filed out all the forms to be sent to friends and family - one that is all. I refuse to bombard loved ones with more crap. That being said C came home with another fund raiser a few weeks ago. I didn't even read it, just pitched it.

Well, yesterday he came home with the sweetest little pitch of his own. I almost cried. Okay - I did cry. When C and I got back from the bus stop I asked him if he wanted to make some pudding. He was really excited to "cook" something. After we stirred in the milk and whisked it together we stuck it in the refrigerator. I was hoping to get him to do his homework then, so I said "hey C, I bet you can't do your homework faster than it takes for the pudding to get ready." Bait, Line, and Sinker.

We sit down to work on writing and then I ask him which activity he'd like to do for math. He gets a big grin and says "I'll be right back". So off he goes and a few crashes and bangs later he emerges from his bedroom with all his piggy banks and says "I know, we can count my money and I can donate it for heart disease." I am pretty floored at this point, so I ask him what he knows about it. He was so innocent and so sweet as he explained that in Gym class that day they had jump roped for a cure for heart disease and that some people have "hearts that aren't so good" and that sometimes "even kids have trouble." Then the flip side "Oh, mom and I get prizes if I donate." But he seemed to understand this fundraiser and he really wanted to help. I told him the prizes were just dollar store toys and he could buy one with his money. After that, he still wanted to give. I was bursting with pride, love, and appreciation for our son.

So we emptied his piggy banks. He sorted his change and then put it all in a bag so we could go to the coin star machine. (they keep almost 10% - what a rip off) Anyway in the end he had just over fifty bucks so I showed him a tithing verse and explained about the 10% rule from God. He was so excited to give five bucks. We logged onto the computer, signed up for "jump rope for heart" and gave the money. Granted I just stuck the five back in his piggy bank. He was so proud of himself, he even made a little poster to give his teacher.

I just assumed that this latest fundraiser was just a ploy for more money for the school. You know the ones, buy this 20.00 roll of wrapping paper and the school will get 10.00 of it. Please, I'd rather give the 10.00 and buy the paper at Walmart for two or three bucks. But I digress, I assumed something negative. This one was for a real cause, a real human issue, and if it wasn't for the bright, clear, innocent, and unscathed eyes of a child, we might have missed out.

Game On Day 9

Yesterday we totaled our score and the teams sent them in to my Aunt who is the overall score keeper. Out of 850 points we got 811.2. I think that is pretty good, I wonder how the other teams did. Anyway, something kind of cool about the game, it sort of plays on your competitive edge. I do love to win. I am aiming for a perfect score this week. Go TEAM!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning

1. Fatal hit and run
2. Women finds body under her car, turns out she dragged it from another county all the way home under her car - victim was a hit and run from someone else and she didn't know the body was there until she got home
3. Student shot 3 miles away from the Columbine school
4. Netherlands skater was disqualified after going in a different lane after his coach instructed him too, they showed him so horrible upset that I almost wanted to cry
5. Chevy Impalas are being recalled because of AK5, a deleted side airbag code, which isn't legal. They were removed to make them cheaper for rental cars. Then the rental were sold as used cars. Enterprise tries to make up for it, but people lives were still in danger.
6.Wall street big bonus's are ridiculous
7. The Mayor is getting ridiculed for DC snow removal - he is pissed
8. Shooting, Fatal

I watched the news for about five minutes. Three different channels. I kept turning it when I heard bad news. I think I am banning the darn news. Even the Today show, my favorite has been boring lately. It is all Olympic coverage these days.

Game On Day 8

I totaled my score for the week of "game on". I did pretty well. Once thing I like is that you get a day off from every rule. So yesterday I didn't do my good habit, say something positive about the game - but I didn't loose points. It is nice and gives you some flexibility.

In other game news: You need to get 20 minutes of exercise a day. Really - I get that covered when I walk the dog, but even so lately with all the snow, that hasn't been happening as there are no sidewalks. So I've been using my treadmill more than usual and the bike (which squeaks after about ten minutes). Anyway Yesterday I had Zumba so I didn't worry about how much time I spent working out at home. Zumba is an hour and kicks my butt. But last night was a little different, I could jump a little higher, and was able to do this weird half skip move that I haven't been able too. I don't think it is because I am thinner. I'm really just where I was before Christmas, and I am still getting the same amount of aerobic activity. I really think it is due to all the sleep. I love, love, love the sleep rule. Didn't think I would. I like my nights alone after the boys go to bed, but I tell 'ya here are all the things that have improved in just a week.

1. I have way more time and energy for C *HUGE BONUS*
2. Sex is suddenly a good idea again
3. I am lighter on my feet - aka I wasn't nearly as clumsy as normal
4. I am getting guilt free sleep
5. I actually taste my morning cup of coffee now - instead of I.V.-ing it.
6. I don't really miss the Dish, Talk Soup, or TLC medical shows. In fact, I stopped DVRing them.
7. Did I mention how awesome getting an entire week of good sleep is!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Someone is bidding 26.00 for used jeans with an "almost hole" on the zipper flap in my store. Wait - while I was getting the link for you to see, it went up to 28.00. I paid 3.94. It makes me nervous when they go that high. Like they won't pay - or they'll give me a bad review. There is even a listing error on it. Saying they are 33" long which they are, but then lower in the description I put 32. Oops - can't change it once there are bids.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Game On Day 6

I have been falling asleep really fast and getting more sleep than normal. I love it. The game requires 7 hours a night in order to get your sleeping points - making myself go to bed before 1:00am isn't the challenge I thought it would be. It makes me feel like other things I thought would be a challenge won't be so hard. Gives me encouragement.

Another Night Club?

Okay - last night's dream was way weird. On a good note it wasn't as scary / dreadful as usual. I seemed to collate a few TV shows that I've watched regularly into the mix. Fist, I was Haley from One Tree Hill (OTH). I was with Lucus Scott (last years hottie - who isn't on the show anymore ... sigh) and my son was Jamie Scott from the show - although I knew it was C inside. But Lucas starts off as My husband, S and at first Jamie, who was C wasn't there. S and I are headed to a birthday party.

We reach the party and order pizza. A girl keeps telling us how fun the club is and telling us we can SKYPE across the floor. Skype is an internet phone, but in my dream it is taking a floor that is so slick even a rubber soled shoe won't get traction. It sort of looks like fun but there are people everywhere, including some people making out on couches. Yuck. We try it a little around this Rachel Ray kitchen Island and it is sort of fun. Our pizza comes, the wrong one, but we eat a few bites anyway. The music is blaring, people are really going at it on the couches, and I know C is going to be there soon so I suggest we go out side.

This is where S turns into Lucus Scott. C is there, although he is now Jamie Scott and I am Haley. Although I was from the beginning. There are long tables everywhere. Tons of decorations and music that isn't too loud and no one making out and being gross in public. We pick a table and eat our pizza. Every table is filled. I realized we are at Ben's birthday party (Ben from Secret life of the American Teenager) and there are kids at every table. As people finish they start to leave and Jamie Scott asks "Uncle Lucas, why is everyone leaving?" and Lucus Scott says "Well JayLuc they don't like Ben very much and are here for the free food" and Jamie Scott says "okay Uncle Lucus but we better stay."

Next thing I know Jamie Scott who really is C inside starts running around and playing. I hear "watch this mom" and know things are about to take a turn. Sure enough Jamie Scott aka JayLuc aka my little C flings himself off a set of stairs and slams his head against a 2x4. (last night C in real life moved all the furniture in the den and was practicing walking on his hands - he kept slamming into the couch and falling down, but he was having a blast) I don't really feel worried, It is almost like I am watching a movie. I don't feel it. I go over and pick him up and make some joke about pressure treated wood. He is okay - but he turns into a dog.

Lucus suggests we get out of there and I agree. But Jamie Lucus Scott (Jayluc) starts chasing me and is trying to bite me, ultimately killing me. But Lucus Scott pulls a pickup truck around and whistles, Jamie Scott starts running into the truck and I jump on a near by loveseat (in real life I was looking at couches online before bed) the love seat is right near the tailgate of the truck so I hold on and Lucus Scott takes off. The sofa careens around the back like a skate board and we get home. The sofa lands next to our sofa in a room I've never seen - but assume is home. So the three of us, now my real husband, S, and the new dog who is my son sit down to watch Days of our Lives.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dicounted Sole Searching

My Ebay store is on fire! I started spending more time on it and am really happy with the results. I have a this little shopping / listing schedule that I've been working on, that is really keeping me on track. There are two thrift stores in the area that offer 25% off discount days. So normally on Mondays and Tuesdays I list the loot from the prior week. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I shop. I Fridays I organize and list old stuff of Craigslit, or a few items I know are really good. Last week I sold the curtains I bought for 4.99 plus 25% off for 33.00 and a faucet I've had for four years in a box for 20.00. This week I have packaged up jeans and shoes everyday. It is going so well that S said he is going to buy me more shelving for our computer room. The jeans are taking over!

I think I might have to open my own little account for this though, which is kind of strange. S and I have never had our own accounts. I suppose both are names could go on it. Still, it is an odd idea for me. But the money is coming and going so fast, I don't want to mess up our checking account.

With all that being said, I have a quick letter to the lady who bought the boy's jeans two weeks ago,

Dear Valued Customer,

Stop complaining. You offered me two dollars less on a great pair of kids jeans and I accepted you offer with open arms (or an open hand anyway). Upon accepting your offer I explained that you can take your time paying over the next week because we were in the middle of an unprecedented blizzard. You paid your bill by check. Ten days later the check cleared on a day we were hit with even more snow. I promptly emailed you to let you know that your check cleared and your item would have to be mailed on Monday. It was Friday. I provided a tracking number through USPS and they too emailed you with back up tracking information. The shipping was priority and the delivery was made that Wednesday.

You paid with a CHECK. A CHECK. That unfortunately delayed your order more than my snow. A CHECK. Seriously A CHECK.

Besides, you all ready gave me a positive feedback, so what do you want me to do? You have the item, the item you paid for BY CHECK! I don't even have a check book these days. Seriously you paid by check.

Thanks for your business
Discounted Sole Searching

Game On Day 5

Yesterday I got sick from Burger King. I had a grilled chicken salad and fries. Although this looks like a negative, at this point the game has allowed me to have day off, which I like, and may have cured me from my french fry addiction.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Game On Day 4

One rule of the game is that you have to communicate with an opposing team member every day. I am loving all the emails. I am too nice to trash talk like the book says, in order to get the "I want to win" competition going, I don't really feel all that comfortable with that. But I don't think the opposing teams are either. Everyone is so nice. Plus I am talking with people I don't even know, it is really kind of cool. I know - I am a dork.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Night Club

I don't care for 'clubs'. I never really have. I don't like bars, or dance clubs, or the likes. I have been to plenty, but if it were up to me meeting up with friends would be at a bowling alley or at someones house to play games. I love games. I know, riveting right?

So why then did I have a nightmare that solely revolved around a night club? Yeah - I don't know either that is why I am in therapy.

The dream:

The beginning is fuzzy as far as the order of events goes but the basic gist is this; I am driving a killer car a 320d convertible, black and it goes fast. The interior lights were blue and there was a diamond on the shifter ball thingy. I live somewhere near the beach and have opened a night club. I am driving around town trying to get all the last minute details taken care of before opening night. The dream spawns off into a lot of little dreams. It started a little after 11:00 and about three I woke up with being arrested for drugs.

1. I am obtaining a business license and someone is in the county building with a bomb. (why would I get the license the day of?)

2. I get lost in my killer car and drive off a cliff. I die. I come back to life and somehow am trying to braid my hair.

3. I make it back to my club to find out that people are doing drugs outside. I freak out and call the police. I get arrested for aiding and abetting fugitives and two counts of possession. The druggies are on AMW when I get to the station, the left drugs on my door step and I am the owner of the club, so I get interrogated. (This is where the details start rolling in and the order correct, the other three I don't really remember seeing, I just know they happened)

4. I make my way back to the club near the beach. When I walk inside I have the worst feeling of dread - the place is empty. I have the old 80's geometric pattern gray rug, neon lights, a few disco balls are spinning, and there is one small podium next to the back door. My assistant, a gay male name Grader is polishing the front window. After the shock wears off I ask Grader if he knows where the bar is and all the alcohol? He gives me this look of complete annoyance and says "what?". Then this alarm goes off and suddenly the back door opens. Customers start coming in and Grader tells them that the admission is 70.00. I start to hyper ventilate.

5. The club fills up with about fifteen people but I am so nervous and worried. I keep telling Grader that there is no way this is going to work. He doesn't care and just goes back to polishing his window. I begin to wonder if I am paying him or if he is on a work release program. As I ponder this idea I hear a gun shot.

6. The police enter through the roof at the same time I hear the gun. The immediately handcuff me and tell me I need to return to the station. On the way there we hit a tree and a kid falls out of it. I start screaming but it is no use we all die.

7. So I am lying there, dead and thinking about a funeral and expenses. My mind wonders back to the disastrous opening of my night club and I struggle to remember the club's name when I see my soul floating towards the sky.

Game On Day 3

I slept really, really good last night. Loved it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Shrink

I went to see Dr. R this week. I wasn't there ten minutes before she diagnosed me with adjustment depression related to volatile work conditions and IVF, which could explain the nightmares. I am not sure how I feel about that. At first I felt that my issues couldn't be this obvious, but really, I know they are. Still, it does not change the fact that I am struggling with nightmares. But on a proactive note: the doctor gave me a few "homework" assignments that including creating supportive friendships with like minded people, like minded people who live here.

So, there is more, but those were the highlights I though were important. Now for the funny part.

I don't think I ever talked so fast and animated. My hands were flying up so high that once in a while I would look up at them thinking something was in the room, like a moth or a bat, only to find my hand acting out each and every thought. Next week, I am sitting on my hands and hopefully will remember to breath between words. Also, I laughed and joked so much that I want to turn off the comic rant and just be normal - but it wasn't in me. This women must think I am a trip.

Game On Day 2

Positive thought: I got to eat all day yesterday. You have to eat five times a day, every time I turned around it was meal time. Yeah - I love to eat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Game On

Why oh why do I get myself roped into these situations? God only knows.

My aunt, my favorite one, in Oregon called a few weeks ago and told me about a diet game she was playing and how fun it was. Next thing I know, I am buying a special book, looking for Greek Yogurt at the grocery store (never did find it), and talking my husband and sister into joining me.

The game is four weeks long. You eat a healthy diet, nothing new or fad related there, just common sense I suppose. Of course that would mean I have not exhibited any great amount of this so called sense previously, but I digress. The idea is to play for points, acquiring them through pro-health type acts, getting enough sleep, exercising, drinking a lot of water and no Diet Coke. Freaking out over that one - however I drink Caffeine free these days anyway, so at least I won't have the withdrawals.

So, I suppose I'll have to bore my huge fan base with my progress...

Step one. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning four nights in a row because the game starts Wednesday and it requires seven hours of sleep in order to get all your points in that category. I had to catch up on all my DVR shows. Did you know that Ruby is back on? I love that selfish, whiny, high pitched nut job. This week she was totally too touchy with her best friend Jeff - in front of Jeff's new girlfriend. Which was just really weird. But still, I love Ruby. She seems so honest and real for a reality TV "star" plus I could totally weigh 700 pounds someday. Now before anyone starts posting or emailing me their ideas on that ... slow down. Just know, that I am not allowed to work at McDonald's if at all possible I shouldn't even live in the same city as one. If life had just dealt me a few different cards, it could have been me. Fortunately I developed a horrid snoring rage when I topped the scales at ***. Yeah, only my sister knows that number and M is a vault. Nothing is getting spilled from her cup. In order to sleep I had to loose weight. Thank God the sleep apnea study and machine weren't all the rage with my insurance yet - to think I could have been pacified and just plugged myself in every night while packing on more and more french fry weight.... wait .... wait .... what? what was I talking about?

Oh yeah GAME ON, that is the name of the diet. So another thing you have to do is pick a good habit to start. My aunt suggested making sure you floss, but really I do it 90 percent of the time already, so I think it isn't much of a stretch. So I thought I would blog about the game each day - that certainly is more positive than ranting letters to a crappy mall store, not that I can stop that. But my good habit can be to say something positive about myself and or the diet game each day. So here goes.... well tomorrow. For the remainder of the wee hours I can continue with self deprecating humor.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ummm Yeah

Claire's called. I am such a chicken. I didn't pick up! LOL. Maybe I should call them back :P)

An Open Letter to Claire's

To Claire's Boutique store #066633
Dulles Town Center Mall
Sterling, VA

Dear Customer Service,

On the fourth of February I purchased a necklace in your store (store 06633 register 001 transaction 47179 at 12:26 PM). Upon completing the transaction I asked the cashier, Christina, what the return policy was. She barely looked up from the register and said "sixty days with the receipt." The sale was made and I left the store.

Over the next several days our area was hit with massive amounts of snow. I was unable to attend the event in which I bought the necklace. Upon contemplation to return the item I tried it on and realized it wasn't a necklace but a choker, something I didn't like, want, or need. Once the snow cleared I returned to the store to return the item.

The choker is made of Rhinestones. I was told upon trying to return it that rhinestones can't be returned. Sure enough when I turned over the receipt it did say that these type of items cannot be returned. Please understand you get the receipt AFTER YOU PURCHASE THE PIECE OF SHIT.

So there you have it. I am the owner of a 19.43 choker that I don't like. It cost more than my dress for the event I didn't even get to attend. Your policy sucks, your employees are careless and sort of bitchy, and I don't appreciate your small, hot, smelly store. I will never be returning. Furthermore when a customer asks why she cannot return the item it isn't okay for the employee to say "because people wear these to events and then try to return them, you could have worn this." No bitch, I didn't, and please do not put me in the category with criminals.

Thanks for thinking the absolute worst of your customers. Due to this crap, you have have one less.

Jamie W.

I just sent this to their customer service @ With all my contact information. I feel vindicated.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Call CPS

Wow, did we have a child endangerment accident here yesterday.

C fell off the treadmill while it was on an incline and going a speed of 10 miles per hour. He is okay, he has a lots of "rug burn" type marks on his chest, legs, hands, and feet, but nothing deep and only one small bruise on his ankle. It was really scary and for a few moments I had no idea if he had broken bones or not. The story ...

It is all my fault. There really is no sugar coating it. Every time we have little friends over I tell all the kids to stay off the exercise equipment and I take the special safety key off the treadmill so it won't work. This time however, I didn't even give the speech. I totally forgot.

I let A and C play in the computer room. The had turned on Nick Jr radio online, which they both love. They shut the french doors and dance until they can't move anymore. Normally it is the cutest thing you've ever seen. So while they were dancing I grabbed little A (A's brother) who is one and the dog and we went to the den and turned on the TV. About 10 minutes later I heard this odd yelping noise. I bolted up the steps (there is only five of them) But I swear I don't even think my feet touched them. Flew open the door and heard the worst screaming I've really ever heard. I didn't even see the kids. But I saw the treadmill going and just swiped the safety latch off as fast as I could. A popped her head up from in between the wall and the back of the tread and then I saw C under her. C was wailing "I'm so sorry, It was too fast!" He was hysterical. I scooped them both up and got them standing and noticed A was fine and C was not. Lots of Neosporan, Band-aids, and hugs later I got the scoop.

A wanted to go on the treadmill, C said we can't. A said "yes I can". C said "no, it goes to fast for you, see I'll show you..."

He started off with the right answers. Both kids were pretty scared. They both thought they would be in big trouble and C looked really beat up, worse than it actaully was. They weren't in trouble. I think the scrapes and the overall scare were enough to scar them both for life.

C really is okay. He has a few scrapes that are pretty raw, especially on one of his hands. He has been wearing a glove over it since yesterday night - even slept with it on. He has also been wearing one of those swim shirts. The material slides right over those raw spots, cotton sort of sticks to them. His chest got the worst of it, but it all looks way better today. Plus he did go to "kids night" at our local community center last night and he was fine. In fact when we went to pick him up he was running the length of the gym playing football. Still - bad mommy.

I cannot believe I forgot the speech. Both kids listen very well and are not the sneaking type. If I had reminded them to stay off I really think they would have. I suppose I cannot dwell on it, after all the damage is done. So from now on I won't leave the key on the equipment. It has already been taken off. And for the time being I unplugged it. I think I am going to leave it that way when I am not using it too - just to be a little safer. Poor kid.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Strange Reality

We met our friends for dinner last night. The are moving to OK next week and the movers are coming tomorrow. We made arrangements for us to meet up and for us to watch their little tikes overnight. They unfortunately got caught, with two hungry kids, in a two hour traffic jam. By the time we all met up they were exhausted. I felt so bad for them, knowing exactly what that is like - I've been there, at least with one hungry kid in the backseat.

In the end we had a really nice time though. Our friends roll with the punches, admiringly better than S and I. It was strange thinking that this would be the last time we all got together before our friends moved. Some friends you get the privilege of seeing again and some you do not. It is funny who after all these years we have kept in contact with and who we haven't. I suppose facebook will change that, but even so - there are people who we see and blog too and talk with and people who have ten year old pictures on the profile who we wouldn't recognize in public.

So the kids are here, being good and cute. Two eating chocolate pancakes and watching cartoons, and one just roaming around attaching himself to two very important looking dog toys. ( He is only 1 ) The pup is amazingly calm, which is awesome. And S of course, is still sleeping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was running from a back door in a TB hospital that use to be a university, but it was present day. I was wearing a really nice pair of black heels with red soles and I didn't want them to get scratched up so I was holding on to them with one hand with a large bag slung over my shoulder.

Two women started talking with me when I slowed down due to foot traffic. They seemed really nice and were excited to meet me. Then they got held up by something - one of them stopped - not sure why. The girl with the brown hair and off white blouse said "hey - we'll have to hang out sometime - let me give you my number." I gave her my phone, but pointed out that I didn't know how to save information to it yet because it is new, so she dialed my number and said "there - now you'll have it." So I said "Nice meeting you" While I picked up my pace again.

Once I got to the airport I realized I left my suitcase in the trunk of my car. Which I knew was a red Impala. (Of which I have never owned) So I decided to wait in the ticket line and go through immigration before I head back to the car. After I check in I was sent to this blond girl that I knew from somewhere (not in real life) she started checking my passport and asked me if I had any gum. Suddenly I was drinking coffee and had a really bad taste in my mouth. So I dug out the gum and handed her some while I popped a few small squares in my mouth.

After that I got up to leave and was worried about putting my heals back on because it was snowing. I put my bag up on a counter by the door and was rummaging through it to find the keys to the car when I realized I didn't have my favorite blanket, I left it in my room at the TB hospital. I stood there paralyzed. Not knowing what was more important, 1.- to get out of that place 2.- to get my suitcase 3.- to find the car or 4.- to go back and get my blanket. And then it happened:

I was shot by a terrorist. One of the women I had spoke too on the sidewalk out side. My leg was bleeding and I was thinking the bottom of my shoes match the blood. I was so sad and empty just slinking down the wall next to the counter, spilling my coffee, swallowing my gum, and thinking I could help - I have her number in my phone..... but it was too late.


We are snowed in again. I can't believe it. The wind is really blowing and the threat of loosing electric is pretty high. Fortunately we haven't lost anything yet. Everything is closed today including S's work.

You know - just to complain a minute : (ha- like it only lasts a minute) I was home alone with C for an entire week. Then he comes home and sleeps until 11:00 one day 10:00 another and then this morning he didn't get up with C and the pup. What the hell? He'd say I could of slept because C will just go play video games these days, but really I want him to have good breakfast and I don't want him to feel like he is a burden and we don't want to see him in the morning. Today I woke up to "Just go watch cartoons buddy". Really - C doesn't wake me up it is S talking so sternly, he just has an aggravated tone. It crushes my spirit - never mind C's. Which I am sure to that S would reply "ohh he is fine." And while I am at it ...

Yesterday Scott and I took C out to Burger King for lunch. They have playground and we let C play while we finished our lunch. S was really quiet and I asked him a few times if he was okay. Every time I asked something I got a one word answer. He got annoyed and said "you're quiet too." I HATE THAT! I was not, just because I point something out doesn't mean that it applies to me too. I can't say anything some times. If "can you please put the seat down" he says "you aren't always perfect in there either" if I say "don't leave your dishes on the counter" he says "you do it too" if I say "Be nicer" he'll say "you can be pretty rude yourself". So that is it, I am just a nag. A sensitive one. Anyway there was a little more to our conversation including me saying "fine" and him rolling his eyes at me when I stopped talking. In the end we left pretty much in silence.

I was so upset over his reaction to my questioning and attempts at conversation that when we got home I just went upstairs to read. Eventually I just let myself drift off. It didn't really help. S let the phone ring w/o answering it and the dog was barking like crazy outside. So I never really slept, just sort of dozed for a few.

I am so tired of this crap. Trying to find the positive is hard. Why can't he just be nicer? Why can't I just be less sensitive? Well I'll tell you - I can't be less sensitive, it is part of who I am. I think about my feelings and others. I let a lot go, unfortunately it starts to pile up and eventually I just get tired of it. And why can't he be nicer? He'd tell you he is plenty nice and proceed to tell you all the nice things he's ever done. All of which would be true. So it is all me - I am a critical bitch who can't take criticism back.

I let it go after I "woke up", it wasn't worth fighting over it. Still, I found myself all upset over it before I went to bed. I wished I had said something. Maybe then I wouldn't have been tormented with nightmares.

Then again - those could just be seizures according to the one doctor. Unfortunately I haven't had the counseling yet. It has gotten rescheduled due to the snow storms. I can see the session now:

So Jamie, tell me what you think is causing these nightmares ... "Just read my blog"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow is on its way! I cannot believe it. I am also pretty excited. I love the frenzy. Yesterday I trekked out to Costco. The news was reporting how supermarkets were low on food and supplies for two reasons; 1-) some foods are running low and they cannot get trucks in with the fresh foods but more so reason 2-) Many prepared foods like meats need the butcher to be able to get to work to do his job and many employees are still snowed in. Anyway you'd never know this going to Costco. They had everything and although they were crowded they had almost every register open.

So my trip to the store. They had a camera on sale that I had been eyeballing. We have a Kodak that isn't that great. In fact about a month after we bought it we realized some pictures were blurry. It has been a thorn in our side for three years. It works okay, but definitely has issues. Not only that but S takes it with him on every trip. Which means that while I have all this free time I cannot work on my store. Anyway... I asked S the other day to look it up on Consumer Reports for me and let me know what he thinks. But getting the information from him was like pulling teeth. Finally he told me it was because he wanted to buy that for me for Valentine's Day. Oops. So I bought my own present this year. But he did say he'd take me out to dinner - where ever I want to go. :P)

Once I procured the camera I stocked up on cleaning supplies, food, batteries and light bulbs. 400.00 later I was trying to push my cart through the six inches of snow still left in their parking lot. Oddly it wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized how bad the roads were. Route 28 which is a main highway only had one lane available and our main road in town Elden Street still had a good eight inches. What a mess.

When I got home S and C were outside playing. I started unpacking the loot when a few of our neighbors came out to join the fun. Our neighbor A is a school teacher in Louden County, (we live on the line in Fairfax County) she told us she just got a call that her county is closed all week! She was pretty much doing a happy dance. It was really fun to hang out and watch the kids play on a big old mountain of snow that the plow left. C was jumping off, rolling down, flipping down, and sliding. E a little girl across the street was just sliding and laughing. It was all so sweet made all the grown ups laugh.

Once inside I checked email and sure enough C has no school today and tomorrow. they are holding on trying to have school Thursday - I don't really see that happening. So we'll see.

Life is good my friends.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Joe got home last night around midnight. The government is closed today, and his boss gave him tomorrow off too. Pretty sweet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tax Man

I did my own taxes. I feel accomplished. Last year we had a mess to clean up after Jackson Hewitt screwed up. Originally I felt they only were at fault on our state return but after looking things over today, I realized they neglected a deduction of student loan interest on our Federal as well. My plan was too get everything ready to drop off at a different tax preparer office. Then I thought I would just look and see if Turbo Tax would work for us. But after a few minutes of trying to load their website I ditched the effort. After all years ago I really messed up our taxes using Turbo Tax. I failed to file an adoption credit form but their system didn't catch it and I submitted it with the error. About two or three years later we got a letter from the state of California saying we owe a boat load of money. Fortunately our IRS is really quite amazing and they were able to help us refile the right form and eventually have the bill zeroed out.

Anyway, I got all my schedules, all my extra work pages, and interest reports together and dug in myself. What else are you suppose to do when you are snowed in? Four hours later I am done. The amount of reading I just did was uncanny. I cashed out a small 401K this year, had IRA contributions, TSP up the wazoo, and it is the last year for our adoption credit, each one required extra forms and lots of calculations, but it is done.

I actually encourage any of my friends to avoid tax prepares if possible. They charge so much and the IRS is so easy to work with. You can load the 1040 from their site and each line explains what you need to enter. If you need help they specifically tell you which page of the instruction manual it is on. If you have time it is so worth it. Last year we paid over 300.00 to have ours done, and they messed up. Plus Turbo Tax says you can register with them for less than 15.00 to get live help, but the IRS offers it free! And they have a rather short phone tree.

Okay off my soap box. Like I said - I just feel accomplished.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Heart Snow


I am having such a fun day. We've shoveled what we could - but it is coming down at 4" per hour so it seems a little pointless. I have all the laundry done, the house really toasty at 70, and every dish, fork, and cup washed. I keep thinking we are going to loose power soon - but thank goodness it hasn't happened yet. Also, C and I have been playing Monopoly for about two hours. I loved that game as a kid. CM, my cousin and I use to play the same game for days especially on snow days. Currently my son is on a video game break. LOL. He is too funny.

Anyway we have been glued to snow coverage on the news. No one here has even seen this much snow. If we get 11 more inches this year it will be the most since the 1890's! They think that will happen by six tonight. Right now we rank in the top four since that time. The news coverage keeps saying that it is the most snow in a hundred years. We have about three feet in the back yard, and drifts upwards of five. In the front it looks to be about three feet maybe even three and a half. I'll have to get the measuring tape out next time I venture to shovel.

Consequently S is stuck in LA. There is a chance he could take an overnight flight tonight and get home tomorrow in the morning. However, our street is scheduled to be plowed until tomorrow night into Monday morning. I wouldn't be able to get him. Poor guy just wants to be home. Not only that but cabs, shuttles and even public transportation are all shut down. I called him earlier and let him know the news. He replied with "Believe me I know, I have a very intimate relationship with the weather channel these days."

I married a comedian. I love it. Happy day, although I do miss my hunny, or Joe as I call him.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunday, Sunday.

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the sight is delightful... until you have to shovel a foot and a half by yourself and your husband can't get a flight in until Sunday. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meat Cigars & An Interesting Mix

We had an interesting dinner. Moroccan Meat Cigars. Phyllo Dough with a mix of ground beef, onions, cumin, cinnamon, all spice, and paprika. Very Yummy. But they sound gross and the name is weird. After talking to my sister, M I realized they need a new name. I don't think I can call them Meat Cigars anymore. Maybe I will call them, those things we have before the biggest snow ever.

(I know, great transition)

We have a forecast of 16-24" for tomorrow. Schools have already been closed and it isn't even snowing yet. Then there are the predictions of 50" of snow. I am not exaggerating. One on my friends on FB said that NASA is saying it might be over 50". And people are believing it? They all just like to be in the know. I guess we'll see. But already this snow is causing me a headache.

1st our new beds were suppose to be delivered on Saturday. Well the store called and asked if they could deliver them on Friday. I said yes but I won't be home from three to five. Well they called today and my window of delivery time was 1:30-4:30. When I said I'd have to reschedule they man was so indignant and rude saying that it was only a three hour window and I could work around it. I very sternly said "No, my husband is returning from a long trip and I will be picking him up from the airport." Then the man said that he couldn't reschedule until Wednesday and he'd call me then. I complained saying that they were the ones who nixed Saturday and this doesn't seem right. Eventually he relented and said okay, we can deliver them Wednesday. Then tonight I find out that school is closed tomorrow and S's flight is canceled anyway.

Not the worst things in the world. Drivers and fliers all need to be safe, I just want our new beds and my husband.

Also, I am might be the biggest re-re on earth. This morning I moved 900.00 from savings to checking to pay for the beds (I charged them and had to pay the bill). The only problem; I sent the 900 to my parent's account instead of mine. I have an auto pay set up for them each month because our cell phones are linked and they pay the bill. I had no idea I had the ability to send them money whenever I wanted. I had to call them and have them call the bank to send back the money. They got a pretty good laugh over it, but man did I feel stupid. I blame this on hot 99.5 C's favorite radio station.

I drove C to school this morning and on the radio the DJ's were talking about stay at home mother's not being as busy as they say they are. They were saying that some Mom's actually have a lot of down time and don't admit it or manage their time so poorly that they just aren't as productive as they could be. It sounds like a mean conversation but I actaully found it interesting. There were a few women who admitted that they lie about how much time they have during the day and then there were a few who called in and said she didn't even have time to talk unless she was changing a diaper and running the vacuum at the same time. Then there was this really funny man who called in and said when his children were small he was out of work for a few months. His wife was able to go to work so he stayed home with the kids for that time. He said it was a breeze and he was surprised how much babies actually sleep. When his wife said "are you having any trouble?" after a few weeks of the role switch he said "Hell No, I can't believe I've been letting you get away with this for a year. I am never going back to work." He was so cute saying that it was really awesome being in that position for that time but he does believe that some parents might take advantage of a situation for their own selfish benefit. Anyway then the DJ said everyone should keep a time journal to see just how much they do while at home and see where they fall on this list. So I go home and I write down the time and what I am doing.

There is no secret that I have down time. I only have one son and he goes to school. I check email for like an hour everyday and blog, play FB, play scrabble, and read. But I keep the household moving and manage my little online store too. So anyway I write down all I do. And by 9:30 I have a page of dishes, laundry, beds, bathroom, sweep, walk dog, take C to school, and study my bible. I wanted to go to the mall today but it doesn't open until ten so instead of getting on the computer to goof around I figured I'd be productive. So I go to pay some bills and then manage the whole 900 buck fiasco. I call the bank and am on hold for awhile - so I check FB and then realize yes I've been productive all at once, but it cost me a headache.

So I went shopping. I feel better. Who cares about some list. I have a lot of responsibilities out side of C's events most of which can be done at 8:00am or 8:00pm and it wouldn't matter. I am not a time manager. All though I really did like the man on the radio "Hell no, ... I am never going back to work" Life is too good. :P)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wait What?

Okay so I am confused. I know, I know; doesn't take much sometimes.


So, Monday I go to the doctors for a follow up on nightmares. She diagnosis them as night terrors and tells me it is time to move onto therapy. The therapy is no surprise as she told me this would be the next step if I returned after the holidays. Anyway she authorized the referral and sends me to the referral office where I get this phone number to Military One Source. The lady in the office tells me that dependents and active duty do not need referrals to mental health and to call the number and they will authorize at least eight visits to someone in my area.

So I go home and call. I have this weird interview style questioning for 45 minutes and a really nice guy who is in Florida tells me he is a licensed therapist and has to ask me assessment questions in order to authorize the visits. I didn't really see anything wrong with it at the time but then I started thinking, why the heck did I go to the doctors? Anyway I get authorized for 11 out of 12 possible visits and shortly after talking to the guy he emails me a contact number for a therapist who specializes in nightmares. I call, leave message she doesn't call back. It is day two on that.

Then today I get an email from the Military One Source guy who says he asked his friend (a doctor who is one of the leading sleep specialists in the country - he told me about him on the phone before the email). The One Source guy, Don, forwarded this email:

Dear Mrs. Wagner,

I wrote an email to my friend Dr. Feldman and this is what he said:

She should see a sleep medicine specialist. You have not really made the diagnosis. Night terrors in an adult, might represent frontal lobe or temporal lobe seizures, or may be due to sleep apnea or medications that might induce a lack of atonia in REM sleep. Is she amnesic for the events? Do they correlate with dream content? Does she snore? What are her medications? etc. Does she use alcohol? Is she sleep deprived? All of these questions must be answered before you try therapy. Thanks for the question, Dr. Feldman.

I hope you find the answer!

Don Lykins, MA, LMHC

Military OneSource EAP Consultant

Phone: 1-800-427-7890 ext. 6517

Wait, what? This is way more serious that my physician even hinted at. Do I just have a crappy doctor or does this doctor just not have enough info. I think it is the first. Monday all they tested me for was thyroid. Maybe it isn't night terrors. From the looks of it you cannot exactly diagnose those indefinitely without actual testing. What the hell? Why am I getting better information from a nonprofit resource that has annoying commercials than my own doctor and my own insurance? And why the hell is my clinic referring me to them? Just to save money or are they affiliate? Clarity please!?!?!?!?