Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow is on its way! I cannot believe it. I am also pretty excited. I love the frenzy. Yesterday I trekked out to Costco. The news was reporting how supermarkets were low on food and supplies for two reasons; 1-) some foods are running low and they cannot get trucks in with the fresh foods but more so reason 2-) Many prepared foods like meats need the butcher to be able to get to work to do his job and many employees are still snowed in. Anyway you'd never know this going to Costco. They had everything and although they were crowded they had almost every register open.

So my trip to the store. They had a camera on sale that I had been eyeballing. We have a Kodak that isn't that great. In fact about a month after we bought it we realized some pictures were blurry. It has been a thorn in our side for three years. It works okay, but definitely has issues. Not only that but S takes it with him on every trip. Which means that while I have all this free time I cannot work on my store. Anyway... I asked S the other day to look it up on Consumer Reports for me and let me know what he thinks. But getting the information from him was like pulling teeth. Finally he told me it was because he wanted to buy that for me for Valentine's Day. Oops. So I bought my own present this year. But he did say he'd take me out to dinner - where ever I want to go. :P)

Once I procured the camera I stocked up on cleaning supplies, food, batteries and light bulbs. 400.00 later I was trying to push my cart through the six inches of snow still left in their parking lot. Oddly it wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized how bad the roads were. Route 28 which is a main highway only had one lane available and our main road in town Elden Street still had a good eight inches. What a mess.

When I got home S and C were outside playing. I started unpacking the loot when a few of our neighbors came out to join the fun. Our neighbor A is a school teacher in Louden County, (we live on the line in Fairfax County) she told us she just got a call that her county is closed all week! She was pretty much doing a happy dance. It was really fun to hang out and watch the kids play on a big old mountain of snow that the plow left. C was jumping off, rolling down, flipping down, and sliding. E a little girl across the street was just sliding and laughing. It was all so sweet made all the grown ups laugh.

Once inside I checked email and sure enough C has no school today and tomorrow. they are holding on trying to have school Thursday - I don't really see that happening. So we'll see.

Life is good my friends.

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Kim said...

Wow it is unbelievable how much snow you have got. My parents live in Pa and got 20 " that day too and are getting an expected 8" more. I talked to my mom and they are out of power till noon Thursday. so crazy. Well stay in where its safe and warm, or go have more fun back in that snow.