Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning

1. Fatal hit and run
2. Women finds body under her car, turns out she dragged it from another county all the way home under her car - victim was a hit and run from someone else and she didn't know the body was there until she got home
3. Student shot 3 miles away from the Columbine school
4. Netherlands skater was disqualified after going in a different lane after his coach instructed him too, they showed him so horrible upset that I almost wanted to cry
5. Chevy Impalas are being recalled because of AK5, a deleted side airbag code, which isn't legal. They were removed to make them cheaper for rental cars. Then the rental were sold as used cars. Enterprise tries to make up for it, but people lives were still in danger.
6.Wall street big bonus's are ridiculous
7. The Mayor is getting ridiculed for DC snow removal - he is pissed
8. Shooting, Fatal

I watched the news for about five minutes. Three different channels. I kept turning it when I heard bad news. I think I am banning the darn news. Even the Today show, my favorite has been boring lately. It is all Olympic coverage these days.

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