Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was running from a back door in a TB hospital that use to be a university, but it was present day. I was wearing a really nice pair of black heels with red soles and I didn't want them to get scratched up so I was holding on to them with one hand with a large bag slung over my shoulder.

Two women started talking with me when I slowed down due to foot traffic. They seemed really nice and were excited to meet me. Then they got held up by something - one of them stopped - not sure why. The girl with the brown hair and off white blouse said "hey - we'll have to hang out sometime - let me give you my number." I gave her my phone, but pointed out that I didn't know how to save information to it yet because it is new, so she dialed my number and said "there - now you'll have it." So I said "Nice meeting you" While I picked up my pace again.

Once I got to the airport I realized I left my suitcase in the trunk of my car. Which I knew was a red Impala. (Of which I have never owned) So I decided to wait in the ticket line and go through immigration before I head back to the car. After I check in I was sent to this blond girl that I knew from somewhere (not in real life) she started checking my passport and asked me if I had any gum. Suddenly I was drinking coffee and had a really bad taste in my mouth. So I dug out the gum and handed her some while I popped a few small squares in my mouth.

After that I got up to leave and was worried about putting my heals back on because it was snowing. I put my bag up on a counter by the door and was rummaging through it to find the keys to the car when I realized I didn't have my favorite blanket, I left it in my room at the TB hospital. I stood there paralyzed. Not knowing what was more important, 1.- to get out of that place 2.- to get my suitcase 3.- to find the car or 4.- to go back and get my blanket. And then it happened:

I was shot by a terrorist. One of the women I had spoke too on the sidewalk out side. My leg was bleeding and I was thinking the bottom of my shoes match the blood. I was so sad and empty just slinking down the wall next to the counter, spilling my coffee, swallowing my gum, and thinking I could help - I have her number in my phone..... but it was too late.


Jamie said...

UH! What's up with the whole doctor thing on it all? Did you get your referral yet?

I hope life can only get better said...

Hi.....your dreams are so vivid. Whats up with the doctor?