Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meat Cigars & An Interesting Mix

We had an interesting dinner. Moroccan Meat Cigars. Phyllo Dough with a mix of ground beef, onions, cumin, cinnamon, all spice, and paprika. Very Yummy. But they sound gross and the name is weird. After talking to my sister, M I realized they need a new name. I don't think I can call them Meat Cigars anymore. Maybe I will call them, those things we have before the biggest snow ever.

(I know, great transition)

We have a forecast of 16-24" for tomorrow. Schools have already been closed and it isn't even snowing yet. Then there are the predictions of 50" of snow. I am not exaggerating. One on my friends on FB said that NASA is saying it might be over 50". And people are believing it? They all just like to be in the know. I guess we'll see. But already this snow is causing me a headache.

1st our new beds were suppose to be delivered on Saturday. Well the store called and asked if they could deliver them on Friday. I said yes but I won't be home from three to five. Well they called today and my window of delivery time was 1:30-4:30. When I said I'd have to reschedule they man was so indignant and rude saying that it was only a three hour window and I could work around it. I very sternly said "No, my husband is returning from a long trip and I will be picking him up from the airport." Then the man said that he couldn't reschedule until Wednesday and he'd call me then. I complained saying that they were the ones who nixed Saturday and this doesn't seem right. Eventually he relented and said okay, we can deliver them Wednesday. Then tonight I find out that school is closed tomorrow and S's flight is canceled anyway.

Not the worst things in the world. Drivers and fliers all need to be safe, I just want our new beds and my husband.

Also, I am might be the biggest re-re on earth. This morning I moved 900.00 from savings to checking to pay for the beds (I charged them and had to pay the bill). The only problem; I sent the 900 to my parent's account instead of mine. I have an auto pay set up for them each month because our cell phones are linked and they pay the bill. I had no idea I had the ability to send them money whenever I wanted. I had to call them and have them call the bank to send back the money. They got a pretty good laugh over it, but man did I feel stupid. I blame this on hot 99.5 C's favorite radio station.

I drove C to school this morning and on the radio the DJ's were talking about stay at home mother's not being as busy as they say they are. They were saying that some Mom's actually have a lot of down time and don't admit it or manage their time so poorly that they just aren't as productive as they could be. It sounds like a mean conversation but I actaully found it interesting. There were a few women who admitted that they lie about how much time they have during the day and then there were a few who called in and said she didn't even have time to talk unless she was changing a diaper and running the vacuum at the same time. Then there was this really funny man who called in and said when his children were small he was out of work for a few months. His wife was able to go to work so he stayed home with the kids for that time. He said it was a breeze and he was surprised how much babies actually sleep. When his wife said "are you having any trouble?" after a few weeks of the role switch he said "Hell No, I can't believe I've been letting you get away with this for a year. I am never going back to work." He was so cute saying that it was really awesome being in that position for that time but he does believe that some parents might take advantage of a situation for their own selfish benefit. Anyway then the DJ said everyone should keep a time journal to see just how much they do while at home and see where they fall on this list. So I go home and I write down the time and what I am doing.

There is no secret that I have down time. I only have one son and he goes to school. I check email for like an hour everyday and blog, play FB, play scrabble, and read. But I keep the household moving and manage my little online store too. So anyway I write down all I do. And by 9:30 I have a page of dishes, laundry, beds, bathroom, sweep, walk dog, take C to school, and study my bible. I wanted to go to the mall today but it doesn't open until ten so instead of getting on the computer to goof around I figured I'd be productive. So I go to pay some bills and then manage the whole 900 buck fiasco. I call the bank and am on hold for awhile - so I check FB and then realize yes I've been productive all at once, but it cost me a headache.

So I went shopping. I feel better. Who cares about some list. I have a lot of responsibilities out side of C's events most of which can be done at 8:00am or 8:00pm and it wouldn't matter. I am not a time manager. All though I really did like the man on the radio "Hell no, ... I am never going back to work" Life is too good. :P)


Kim said...

Wow that is a lot of snow. I hope their predictions are wrong for your sake. How funny you sent your parents money. I would of told the delivery guy, No Im the customer, your suppose to make me happy and work around my schedule. What a jerk. Ha Ha that is funny that they say stay at home moms have it easy. Yes I have alot of down time too. But factor into all the stress of dealing w/ kids 24/7, fighting, whining, crying, whatever. That wears you out the most.

Jamie said...

I feel like I have a lot of downtime too, or a lot of time that I can play on the computer. Sometimes I feel guilty, like maybe I should be playing with my kids, but after a full day of schooling them I feel like I need a little time to myself. Factor in keeping the house clean, clothes washed, food cooked, etc...I get it all done so couldn't I waste some time too?

Wow, you'll have to keep us posted on the snow. No wonder everything was shut down! Crazy!

I hope life can only get better said...

We stay at home moms have to stay together! I have some down time, but never watch TV. As soon as the boys get home its all out fly time, between scouts, horse back ridding, karate, baseball, therapist appointments, and most of that id D's. And add the husband who is never home and the yard work and the doctor's appointments and the grcery shopping and the driving, I had more down time when I worked!!!! I feel bad about the snow, you guys got slammed. Just wish S could get home to you!