Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Heart Snow


I am having such a fun day. We've shoveled what we could - but it is coming down at 4" per hour so it seems a little pointless. I have all the laundry done, the house really toasty at 70, and every dish, fork, and cup washed. I keep thinking we are going to loose power soon - but thank goodness it hasn't happened yet. Also, C and I have been playing Monopoly for about two hours. I loved that game as a kid. CM, my cousin and I use to play the same game for days especially on snow days. Currently my son is on a video game break. LOL. He is too funny.

Anyway we have been glued to snow coverage on the news. No one here has even seen this much snow. If we get 11 more inches this year it will be the most since the 1890's! They think that will happen by six tonight. Right now we rank in the top four since that time. The news coverage keeps saying that it is the most snow in a hundred years. We have about three feet in the back yard, and drifts upwards of five. In the front it looks to be about three feet maybe even three and a half. I'll have to get the measuring tape out next time I venture to shovel.

Consequently S is stuck in LA. There is a chance he could take an overnight flight tonight and get home tomorrow in the morning. However, our street is scheduled to be plowed until tomorrow night into Monday morning. I wouldn't be able to get him. Poor guy just wants to be home. Not only that but cabs, shuttles and even public transportation are all shut down. I called him earlier and let him know the news. He replied with "Believe me I know, I have a very intimate relationship with the weather channel these days."

I married a comedian. I love it. Happy day, although I do miss my hunny, or Joe as I call him.

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Jamie said...

Stinks to be stuck in a snowstorm without your Joe! It'd be much more fun w/him around, especially to shovel all that snow :)

That's crazy how much snow you guys got- wow. Talked about just getting dumped on! Does C even have school tomorrow if they won't get your street plowed until tonight or tomorrow?