Friday, February 19, 2010

The Night Club

I don't care for 'clubs'. I never really have. I don't like bars, or dance clubs, or the likes. I have been to plenty, but if it were up to me meeting up with friends would be at a bowling alley or at someones house to play games. I love games. I know, riveting right?

So why then did I have a nightmare that solely revolved around a night club? Yeah - I don't know either that is why I am in therapy.

The dream:

The beginning is fuzzy as far as the order of events goes but the basic gist is this; I am driving a killer car a 320d convertible, black and it goes fast. The interior lights were blue and there was a diamond on the shifter ball thingy. I live somewhere near the beach and have opened a night club. I am driving around town trying to get all the last minute details taken care of before opening night. The dream spawns off into a lot of little dreams. It started a little after 11:00 and about three I woke up with being arrested for drugs.

1. I am obtaining a business license and someone is in the county building with a bomb. (why would I get the license the day of?)

2. I get lost in my killer car and drive off a cliff. I die. I come back to life and somehow am trying to braid my hair.

3. I make it back to my club to find out that people are doing drugs outside. I freak out and call the police. I get arrested for aiding and abetting fugitives and two counts of possession. The druggies are on AMW when I get to the station, the left drugs on my door step and I am the owner of the club, so I get interrogated. (This is where the details start rolling in and the order correct, the other three I don't really remember seeing, I just know they happened)

4. I make my way back to the club near the beach. When I walk inside I have the worst feeling of dread - the place is empty. I have the old 80's geometric pattern gray rug, neon lights, a few disco balls are spinning, and there is one small podium next to the back door. My assistant, a gay male name Grader is polishing the front window. After the shock wears off I ask Grader if he knows where the bar is and all the alcohol? He gives me this look of complete annoyance and says "what?". Then this alarm goes off and suddenly the back door opens. Customers start coming in and Grader tells them that the admission is 70.00. I start to hyper ventilate.

5. The club fills up with about fifteen people but I am so nervous and worried. I keep telling Grader that there is no way this is going to work. He doesn't care and just goes back to polishing his window. I begin to wonder if I am paying him or if he is on a work release program. As I ponder this idea I hear a gun shot.

6. The police enter through the roof at the same time I hear the gun. The immediately handcuff me and tell me I need to return to the station. On the way there we hit a tree and a kid falls out of it. I start screaming but it is no use we all die.

7. So I am lying there, dead and thinking about a funeral and expenses. My mind wonders back to the disastrous opening of my night club and I struggle to remember the club's name when I see my soul floating towards the sky.


Kim said...

Your dreams are crazy! Its funny because I have been having dreams and nightmares just about every night. Mine are mostly about guys breaking into my house and stealing things. I think I dream this because of Jess being gone from work all the time and being home alone at night. Then I had a nightmare about my kids having a blood infection who knows why i dreamt that, and I had another horrible nightmare about something happening to one of my kids but I cant remember right now.The one night I dreamt both the guy breaking in and the blood infection right after each other and was so terrified to fall back asleep because I was afraid I would pick right back up where it left off.

I am OK said...

Wow - Kim - I hope my blog isn't contributing to your scary dreams! Hope they go away soon. Jamie

I hope life can only get better said...

Do you have to write all your dreams down for the therapist? would have a really good book. (Sorry, don't be mad at me)I feel really bad..I hope you can sleep better tonight, you deserve it! I can never remember my dreams...just the feeling of being there or dread. But my dreams are too fragmented, and I never get to sleep long enough to form a dream I think.