Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Game On

Why oh why do I get myself roped into these situations? God only knows.

My aunt, my favorite one, in Oregon called a few weeks ago and told me about a diet game she was playing and how fun it was. Next thing I know, I am buying a special book, looking for Greek Yogurt at the grocery store (never did find it), and talking my husband and sister into joining me.

The game is four weeks long. You eat a healthy diet, nothing new or fad related there, just common sense I suppose. Of course that would mean I have not exhibited any great amount of this so called sense previously, but I digress. The idea is to play for points, acquiring them through pro-health type acts, getting enough sleep, exercising, drinking a lot of water and no Diet Coke. Freaking out over that one - however I drink Caffeine free these days anyway, so at least I won't have the withdrawals.

So, I suppose I'll have to bore my huge fan base with my progress...

Step one. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning four nights in a row because the game starts Wednesday and it requires seven hours of sleep in order to get all your points in that category. I had to catch up on all my DVR shows. Did you know that Ruby is back on? I love that selfish, whiny, high pitched nut job. This week she was totally too touchy with her best friend Jeff - in front of Jeff's new girlfriend. Which was just really weird. But still, I love Ruby. She seems so honest and real for a reality TV "star" plus I could totally weigh 700 pounds someday. Now before anyone starts posting or emailing me their ideas on that ... slow down. Just know, that I am not allowed to work at McDonald's if at all possible I shouldn't even live in the same city as one. If life had just dealt me a few different cards, it could have been me. Fortunately I developed a horrid snoring rage when I topped the scales at ***. Yeah, only my sister knows that number and M is a vault. Nothing is getting spilled from her cup. In order to sleep I had to loose weight. Thank God the sleep apnea study and machine weren't all the rage with my insurance yet - to think I could have been pacified and just plugged myself in every night while packing on more and more french fry weight.... wait .... wait .... what? what was I talking about?

Oh yeah GAME ON, that is the name of the diet. So another thing you have to do is pick a good habit to start. My aunt suggested making sure you floss, but really I do it 90 percent of the time already, so I think it isn't much of a stretch. So I thought I would blog about the game each day - that certainly is more positive than ranting letters to a crappy mall store, not that I can stop that. But my good habit can be to say something positive about myself and or the diet game each day. So here goes.... well tomorrow. For the remainder of the wee hours I can continue with self deprecating humor.


I hope life can only get better said...

Wow, no diet coke? I could not stand it because caffeine is one of my major food groups. I could not live or function with out a high dose of caffeine, I mean, how would I keep up with D? But, I agree with just eating sensily and keeping a positive outlook. So, is S doing it too? I can not wait to read how it is going!

Kim said...

Sounds fun, Let us know how it goes