Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Game On Day 8

I totaled my score for the week of "game on". I did pretty well. Once thing I like is that you get a day off from every rule. So yesterday I didn't do my good habit, say something positive about the game - but I didn't loose points. It is nice and gives you some flexibility.

In other game news: You need to get 20 minutes of exercise a day. Really - I get that covered when I walk the dog, but even so lately with all the snow, that hasn't been happening as there are no sidewalks. So I've been using my treadmill more than usual and the bike (which squeaks after about ten minutes). Anyway Yesterday I had Zumba so I didn't worry about how much time I spent working out at home. Zumba is an hour and kicks my butt. But last night was a little different, I could jump a little higher, and was able to do this weird half skip move that I haven't been able too. I don't think it is because I am thinner. I'm really just where I was before Christmas, and I am still getting the same amount of aerobic activity. I really think it is due to all the sleep. I love, love, love the sleep rule. Didn't think I would. I like my nights alone after the boys go to bed, but I tell 'ya here are all the things that have improved in just a week.

1. I have way more time and energy for C *HUGE BONUS*
2. Sex is suddenly a good idea again
3. I am lighter on my feet - aka I wasn't nearly as clumsy as normal
4. I am getting guilt free sleep
5. I actually taste my morning cup of coffee now - instead of I.V.-ing it.
6. I don't really miss the Dish, Talk Soup, or TLC medical shows. In fact, I stopped DVRing them.
7. Did I mention how awesome getting an entire week of good sleep is!