Monday, August 22, 2011

The Leash Law

Huge accident. Me, bike, two dogs, flipping, sliding on gravel, multiple contusions, sprains, bruises, and a broken elbow. Owe. Right arm - new cast coming on Friday, maybe I'll be able to type some then. No real news anywhere else either.

Friday, August 19, 2011

No Results

No results. I have to call back tomorrow and hope for the best - but the lab tech said the results will probably come back Monday. What a flipping pain.

Where's My Call

Oh Come On! Still no phone call. They make the happy calls first ... and it is getting pretty late for the office to call back. I really am a mess. 

Also, I have some kicking breath. C and I ate a mini loaf of garlic flavored artisan bread with olive oil for a snack this afternoon. Just so you, carbs do make almost everything better.

Just a Quick Funny

I follow a very good blog that I recommend to all called High Heels & Huggies. The women is rather funny but I don't think she tries to be and she is honest and seems like someone I'd like to know (although I do not) who is also struggling to have a baby. Anyway; recently I got a friend request on Facebook from someone who had a similar pic to High Heels & Higgies, but I wasn't sure. So I emailed the person;  "Are you High Heels & Huggies?" Those were my only words. A week later this is the reply I got:

You sick F***, I will not wear a diaper and stripper heels for you. I just thought you were someone else. Don't contact me again. 

I did not cut and paste, the person did not use an punctuation which is a personal peeve :) 

Ummm, that is just gross. Obviously not my fellow blogger. LOL.


So, I am suppose to be home from my beta test already. Unfortunately C is sick and was virtually impossible to wake up this morning. Normally between six and six-thirty he is wide awake, but last night I gave him some cold medicine and I suppose he was still sleeping that off. Poor little guy. But alas, he is awake now and eating breakfast and listening to Hit List (his favorite music channel)

Something sort of funny about C, maybe not so much as funny as quirky and wonderful. He loves music. I don't mean he just likes the radio or CD's, he is borderline obsessed with it. For awhile he was turning on VH1 or MTV in the morning. I fussed enough about it but honestly; any 'punishment' I would enforce couldn't keep him away. Then we got FIOS. FIOS has twenty different music channels that do not have videos or commercials. Just music and still pictures of the artists. What an awesome compromise. Now every morning while he eats breakfast he watches the music channels. It is nothing to hear him busting a move between bites of pop-tarts or pancakes. It is also nothing to have him ask "Um Mom can you please make me some more breakfast." and for me to ask "Why buddy, are you still hungry?" and for him to reply "yeah because while I was doing my moves the dog ate my waffle."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I lost It

Oh crap. I lost a medication instruction sheet. I know I am suppose to downgrade some of the drugs today, but gosh knows which ones. I am so busy obsessing over POAS tests that I completely forgot to pay attention... to most everything. Better call the MD office and confess - I am a FLAKE. Although, they are well aware of this fact.

Is it bad luck to think this could have worked? Probably, but there you have it. I've got every symptom. And yes the side effects to some of the meds coincide; so that is a downer. I am so hopeful. This of course makes it so hard not to make every twinge, pang, or tired moment seem like a positive.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I stayed clear of the pee tests. But seriously, I am so buying a dozen next time I leave the house.


11dp & Back to School

I could test. 11 days post fertilization is a good wait. But alas, I am too chicken. One minutes I think, maybe it worked and the next I feel nothing and have no faith in any of it. AKA chicken. 
C and I are going to the movies today. (1.00 movie day!) After I am planning on running over to the dollar store to p/u some stuff for dinner, I know they sell pregnancy sticks there, sooooooo. 

In other non-related FET news: I took C school shopping the past few days and got some great deals. It all actaully started at the beginning of summer with a great find at a church rummage sale. We got 8 pairs of jeans for 2.00 and at a clearance sale I got him a pair of Nike sneakers for 7.00. The jeans are used, but decent, and we all very good brands - so when he outgrows them they'll be an easy Ebay sale. With those pre-purchases and the school supplies at 20.00 I was starting off with a 29.00 toll. 

Starting the past week, at Old Navy I found pants one black & one khaki for 7 bucks each plus a few T shirts. Then at Wal-mart we bought a clearance set that had shorts, pants, and a T for 8.00. Then the biggest recent score, we went to Unique Thrift and found eight different shirts, all were brand new, plus a pair of camouflage jeans for just over 20 dollars. Then we were really surprised when we popped over to Kmart to look at shoes. I cannot believe how expensive kid shoes are. We probably went to ten different stores looking for a decent deal in C's size. In the end Kmart was the best. They had really nice looking sneaks for 12.99! C picked out a nice black pair of high-tops with a bright green sole. They were actaully pretty sharp looking. Plus black sneakers = no need for dress shoes :) Another great deal was at JcPenny. We got a 10.00 coupon in the mail for a purchase of 10.00 or more so I went and bought 12.00 worth of socks for C and it only cost me two bucks! The last thing to add to the list was a new backpack and lunch box. Toys R Us had the best deals. C picked out a Darth Vader backpack for 12.00 and we got a free lunch box with it! With tax, 117! Before tax 109! This kid is so set. 

I think that covers all of the best deals. If I minus the twenty bucks for school supplies - after all they don't really count since he doesn't keep them; they just go to the school. Then the total is 97 bucks. We did good. 

Just one last deal I have to mention:  a really unbelievable deal was at Office Depot. They had glue for a penny. The limit was five so that is all I bought. The bill really was five cents!

Monday, August 15, 2011

2WW FET 5dpt5db POAS

To be or not to be? Err this two week wait is driving me crazy. Actually it isn't even two weeks, but that is just what the wait is called in all the cool girl cliques. I am completely mental. Last night I had 1001 dreams before midnight and ended up giving up on sleep by 2:30am. Do you know how much crap is on TV in the middle of the night? Obviously my DVR is pretty much empty. 

So, I am dying to POAS. That would be Pee On A Stick for the out of cliquers. LOL - really I just saw that abbreviation this week. How is it I did three rounds of IVF and now one of FET and still don't know all the lingo? IDK, anyway, as stated earlier, I am completely mental. 

Last round I knew by day 4 or 5 after transfer that I wasn't pregnant, why you ask? because I got my period, even on progesterone. Go figure. So this time I have no period symptoms, so there is a plus. But I would exactly call that a sign. Odd cramping, not period cramping, and a little tiredness is all. But all that can be from the drugs. You know, and the 2:30am wake up calls.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Was That?

I cannot believe I just posted this morning. Obviously I did not have enough coffee yet. The update: I feel way better. I just ticked down the list and fixed what I could. 
  • C is not going to MA next week.
  • C does not have summer camp, but we can take advantage of all the cheap and freebie deals for the summer, like two dollar movies on Tuesday and one dollar movies at Regal on Wednesday. Then there is the free farmers market and show on Thursday and there is always the base pool. I am looking forward to spending it with him.
  • Yes we did FET and yes the blood test seems far away but as it turns out it is the day before my parents get here, so at least I'll know. And if it is negative (pray it is not please!) I'll go on every roller coaster in that amusement park until I puke. And if it is positive (pray it is!) I'll hold the all crap, while everyone else waits in the hot and bothered line, sipping a caffeine free diet coke with a GIANT SMILE!
  • I requested a swap with another girl at work for Labor Day weekend. She wasn't interested in swapping but will take my hours over. Hot Damn! I am thrilled, a weekend off and I don't have to make it up :) Granted no pay, but I'll live there.
  • I called my favorite sister to wish her a happy birthday and she told me not to mail the gift, she'd rather open in person with me. She's awesome. 
I recently suggested to a friend that if she prioritized maybe she'd be able to focus and sort of pick and choose what she needs to worry about when. (I am sure I put it better than that) It amazes me when I am able to take my own advise. This is where my dear readers, or fan club, which ever you prefer to be called, I pat my self on the back and bask in the thrill of a new day. 
I should give a disclaimer of not being on narcotics. Nope, not on those kind of drugs.

More Crazy

It's Friday! It is C's last day of camp, S's last work day home from surgery, and my third day of crazy. I think everyone needs to know that I am in no state of mind to make decisions or pose questions. In fact I have made a slight disasters of the remaining three weeks of Summer vacation due to the crazy that is me. The long and short:

  • I agreed to let C go to Massachusetts w/o us for a week, but then when the timing comes down to it, I realized that means he will be in MA for a week, then with my parents here for a week, then back to MA for another week. It is a little much. 
  • I canceled next week's summer camp for C
  • I agreed to go through FET just before we have company, and I agreed to go to an amusement park...
  • I finally got my sister's b-day gift in the mail,  today is her b-day - so that is going to be late. 
  • I agreed to go to MA for Labor Day and then realized I have to work that weekend. I've asked for a replacement but haven't heard anything yet. 
I feel really out of it, like I am in a fog. I am not sure if I need a day at the beach, a day shoe shopping, or a day to snuggle up with S & C and watch movies. Maybe all of the above. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

LIfe After Transfer

Great. It has only been 24 hours since transfer and I am already going crazy. Every twinge, every ache, every random thought is driving me insane. I have ten days until the blood test. I don't think I've gotten this way before. Although last time I was reading baby name books. God only knows why.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We did it. Frozen Embryo Transfer. It was totally painless and non eventful. Physically of course. Mentally I am completely drained. So, well see in a few weeks if this one decided to stick. I sure hope so, but we're so jaded that we both are very cautiously optimistic. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mocha Frappe

Yesterday I ordered a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's. I drank it around three o'clock in the afternoon... It is almost seven in the morning, and I am still awake! Wide Awake. Also the meds, although not that many, are making me so freaking hot. I have the AC on 74 degrees and I am sweating so badly. I even had the fan on with no relief. 

On a good note, I just spent the night watching the Sox (they won). Then I caught up on HGTV Design Star, I so do not love Kathy this season. However I do like Meg and the blond girl. They have some potential. I also caught up on Secret Life, which is actually good this season, total surprise. Then I watched a cheesy Lifetime movie. Sadly it did not have Tori Spelling, but it did have the mom from Malcolm in the Middle. Although that is a little scary since she was the guest star on Wilfred this week. She played a sexed crazed lawyer. 

No more Mocha Frappes. Although I did just forgo the caffeine free Diet Coke and made a cup of Coffee. After all C will be up momentarily. I think I'll go make pancakes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have been scheduled for an FET on the 10th. So far the whole cycle is different. I have only had a few appointments coupled with only a few meds. I am currently on Progesterone, Estrogen, and Doxycycline. That is it. Of course I was hysterical when the nurse called me after this weeks appointment to tell me my Estrogen levels were too low so instead of taking 6 pills over the course of the day I was to bump it up to 8 and the last two need to be "inserted into the vagina". REALLY??!! More whoo-ha medication. It is bad enough with the progesterone, what is next? I swear I am so tired of shoving things up there that just don't belong. Needless to say all this crap leaks all over the place. I am sure that is a picture I didn't have to paint. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


It had to happen at some point; a bad day at work. For those of you who don't know, or for my 80 year old self when I get there, I work at a fertility clinic. Ironic, I know. I learn more information about more woman's cycles then I ever thought possible. Today one lady asked "when I bring in my husbands container on Monday, do I just slip it to you on the side or do I have to actaully say what it is and why I am here?" Oh the poor sole. So embarrassed and so new at the whole IUI / IVF road. I felt like saying:
Just wait sweetie you'll be throwing around words like Sperm or Semen Analysis in no time. In time you won't even realize that your at the grocery store and you'll be explaining on your cell that your husband had an ejaculate last night or that you are on day 3 of your period. Just wait; the embarrassment is temporary.
But I didn't. I told her it was just the same old same old to us and as soon as we see a brown paper bag we know she has the goods. I really did say 'the goods' and she laughed a little. This part of my job I enjoy. The part I don't like; scheduling. It is always a problem to put IUI's into the schedule. When I first started I was showed how to schedule them even when there are no open appointment slots available. But after a few months I got a call (at home!) telling me I'd made a mistake and to stop doing that. They gave me an alternative plan. Well today I used that plan and wouldn't you know, at the end of the day I got a call from 'the backup' complaining and saying that this too was a no go. What is a girl suppose to do?

Just to set the scene; These are hormonal women who have paid a lot of money to have their husbands 'goods' turkey basted into their ... well, goods and they will be darned if I tell them I have no appointments. I am so annoyed. I can add appointments into the calendars but how do I know if the office has enough staff to do this? This was the big mistake last time after all. I can have them call the main office and schedule through more expierenced front end reps. Oh wait that is what we did today .... 

To top it off the phone was ringing when we left. I know it was the supervisor from the other office. (a hunch) But we were already punched out and we let the door slam shut. It will be interesting to see the message left. to be fair, no one is yelling at me, no one else is upset, just perhaps a little annoyed. I just feel like crappola over it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't LOOK!

Dear 55-65 year old man on 97 in Silver Spring,

After my last MD appointment I was headed north on 97 through Silver Spring and saw you walking around a corner toward the bus stop. As I watched you approach the stop I thought, there is a man who will never retire. You sort of reminded me of my Uncle Marty. Anyway, I noticed you had a badge around your neck and a briefcase / man purse at  your left. I was stopped at a red light and was enjoying the scenery when I saw you pass the bus stop and go to the trash can. You obviously know what you did next! Just in case however, you routinely search garbage cans and cannot remember what you did on this particular day I shall enlighten you. You, a well dressed semi casual business man leaned over into the garbage and pulled out a cup of coffee. Then I witnessed you sniff the lid, pull it off, and then drink the contents of the cup! Sir, you really grossed me out. 

Since the incident I haven't been able to shake the image. Please no more garbage coffee. Man, you just nasty.

Me; the one who almost had to jump out of her car and throw-up into that same garbage can.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Surgery

S had foot surgery on Friday and is home for two weeks. For those who are unaware I am a horrible, horrible, horrible nurse. No hyperbole here. I do not mind being the gopher, or the helper, I actaully take pride in helping and being helpful; I just don't have all that much understanding for things not done my way. The poor guy is so screwed. Yesterday I yelled at him because he went upstairs to get a different pair of shorts. Seriously, like yelling, yelling. I just don't understand why a man with a broken foot would be attempting to go upstairs if he didn't have to. The background story to this is so unimportant that I am boring myself just thinking about it. Anyway, my point. Husband = recovering, me = not so gracious nurse. I can't believe I yelled. I almost never do that.

On the good side he is recovering nicely. The surgery was pretty routine, a bunion removal, where they shave down the bone below the big toe. S's was a little more intense because the surgeon had to break the bone and insert a metal rod/pin a  few screws to help the foot and toes stay straight. So essentially  he is recovering from a broken foot. (doctor's words) Praisingly there has been no complications and he is only taking about half the pain medication that has been prescribed. He complains mostly of soreness and a little nerve pain when he tries to move his toe, all in all, pretty mild compared to his expectations. 

Do you think praisingly should be a word? It should be, I am leaving it in there. You know, thankfully prayerful ... like thankful the prayer is answered. Certainly should be a word.