Friday, August 12, 2011

More Crazy

It's Friday! It is C's last day of camp, S's last work day home from surgery, and my third day of crazy. I think everyone needs to know that I am in no state of mind to make decisions or pose questions. In fact I have made a slight disasters of the remaining three weeks of Summer vacation due to the crazy that is me. The long and short:

  • I agreed to let C go to Massachusetts w/o us for a week, but then when the timing comes down to it, I realized that means he will be in MA for a week, then with my parents here for a week, then back to MA for another week. It is a little much. 
  • I canceled next week's summer camp for C
  • I agreed to go through FET just before we have company, and I agreed to go to an amusement park...
  • I finally got my sister's b-day gift in the mail,  today is her b-day - so that is going to be late. 
  • I agreed to go to MA for Labor Day and then realized I have to work that weekend. I've asked for a replacement but haven't heard anything yet. 
I feel really out of it, like I am in a fog. I am not sure if I need a day at the beach, a day shoe shopping, or a day to snuggle up with S & C and watch movies. Maybe all of the above. 

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