Friday, August 19, 2011


So, I am suppose to be home from my beta test already. Unfortunately C is sick and was virtually impossible to wake up this morning. Normally between six and six-thirty he is wide awake, but last night I gave him some cold medicine and I suppose he was still sleeping that off. Poor little guy. But alas, he is awake now and eating breakfast and listening to Hit List (his favorite music channel)

Something sort of funny about C, maybe not so much as funny as quirky and wonderful. He loves music. I don't mean he just likes the radio or CD's, he is borderline obsessed with it. For awhile he was turning on VH1 or MTV in the morning. I fussed enough about it but honestly; any 'punishment' I would enforce couldn't keep him away. Then we got FIOS. FIOS has twenty different music channels that do not have videos or commercials. Just music and still pictures of the artists. What an awesome compromise. Now every morning while he eats breakfast he watches the music channels. It is nothing to hear him busting a move between bites of pop-tarts or pancakes. It is also nothing to have him ask "Um Mom can you please make me some more breakfast." and for me to ask "Why buddy, are you still hungry?" and for him to reply "yeah because while I was doing my moves the dog ate my waffle."

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