Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Was That?

I cannot believe I just posted this morning. Obviously I did not have enough coffee yet. The update: I feel way better. I just ticked down the list and fixed what I could. 
  • C is not going to MA next week.
  • C does not have summer camp, but we can take advantage of all the cheap and freebie deals for the summer, like two dollar movies on Tuesday and one dollar movies at Regal on Wednesday. Then there is the free farmers market and show on Thursday and there is always the base pool. I am looking forward to spending it with him.
  • Yes we did FET and yes the blood test seems far away but as it turns out it is the day before my parents get here, so at least I'll know. And if it is negative (pray it is not please!) I'll go on every roller coaster in that amusement park until I puke. And if it is positive (pray it is!) I'll hold the all crap, while everyone else waits in the hot and bothered line, sipping a caffeine free diet coke with a GIANT SMILE!
  • I requested a swap with another girl at work for Labor Day weekend. She wasn't interested in swapping but will take my hours over. Hot Damn! I am thrilled, a weekend off and I don't have to make it up :) Granted no pay, but I'll live there.
  • I called my favorite sister to wish her a happy birthday and she told me not to mail the gift, she'd rather open in person with me. She's awesome. 
I recently suggested to a friend that if she prioritized maybe she'd be able to focus and sort of pick and choose what she needs to worry about when. (I am sure I put it better than that) It amazes me when I am able to take my own advise. This is where my dear readers, or fan club, which ever you prefer to be called, I pat my self on the back and bask in the thrill of a new day. 
I should give a disclaimer of not being on narcotics. Nope, not on those kind of drugs.

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Jamie said...

LMBO, fan club. You're a riot! I sure hope you'll be wearing that big grin :) My friend/neighbor just had the 'transplant' done yesterday...and I told her about your blog! Love you girl!