Saturday, August 6, 2011


It had to happen at some point; a bad day at work. For those of you who don't know, or for my 80 year old self when I get there, I work at a fertility clinic. Ironic, I know. I learn more information about more woman's cycles then I ever thought possible. Today one lady asked "when I bring in my husbands container on Monday, do I just slip it to you on the side or do I have to actaully say what it is and why I am here?" Oh the poor sole. So embarrassed and so new at the whole IUI / IVF road. I felt like saying:
Just wait sweetie you'll be throwing around words like Sperm or Semen Analysis in no time. In time you won't even realize that your at the grocery store and you'll be explaining on your cell that your husband had an ejaculate last night or that you are on day 3 of your period. Just wait; the embarrassment is temporary.
But I didn't. I told her it was just the same old same old to us and as soon as we see a brown paper bag we know she has the goods. I really did say 'the goods' and she laughed a little. This part of my job I enjoy. The part I don't like; scheduling. It is always a problem to put IUI's into the schedule. When I first started I was showed how to schedule them even when there are no open appointment slots available. But after a few months I got a call (at home!) telling me I'd made a mistake and to stop doing that. They gave me an alternative plan. Well today I used that plan and wouldn't you know, at the end of the day I got a call from 'the backup' complaining and saying that this too was a no go. What is a girl suppose to do?

Just to set the scene; These are hormonal women who have paid a lot of money to have their husbands 'goods' turkey basted into their ... well, goods and they will be darned if I tell them I have no appointments. I am so annoyed. I can add appointments into the calendars but how do I know if the office has enough staff to do this? This was the big mistake last time after all. I can have them call the main office and schedule through more expierenced front end reps. Oh wait that is what we did today .... 

To top it off the phone was ringing when we left. I know it was the supervisor from the other office. (a hunch) But we were already punched out and we let the door slam shut. It will be interesting to see the message left. to be fair, no one is yelling at me, no one else is upset, just perhaps a little annoyed. I just feel like crappola over it.

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