Monday, August 15, 2011

2WW FET 5dpt5db POAS

To be or not to be? Err this two week wait is driving me crazy. Actually it isn't even two weeks, but that is just what the wait is called in all the cool girl cliques. I am completely mental. Last night I had 1001 dreams before midnight and ended up giving up on sleep by 2:30am. Do you know how much crap is on TV in the middle of the night? Obviously my DVR is pretty much empty. 

So, I am dying to POAS. That would be Pee On A Stick for the out of cliquers. LOL - really I just saw that abbreviation this week. How is it I did three rounds of IVF and now one of FET and still don't know all the lingo? IDK, anyway, as stated earlier, I am completely mental. 

Last round I knew by day 4 or 5 after transfer that I wasn't pregnant, why you ask? because I got my period, even on progesterone. Go figure. So this time I have no period symptoms, so there is a plus. But I would exactly call that a sign. Odd cramping, not period cramping, and a little tiredness is all. But all that can be from the drugs. You know, and the 2:30am wake up calls.

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