Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11dp & Back to School

I could test. 11 days post fertilization is a good wait. But alas, I am too chicken. One minutes I think, maybe it worked and the next I feel nothing and have no faith in any of it. AKA chicken. 
C and I are going to the movies today. (1.00 movie day!) After I am planning on running over to the dollar store to p/u some stuff for dinner, I know they sell pregnancy sticks there, sooooooo. 

In other non-related FET news: I took C school shopping the past few days and got some great deals. It all actaully started at the beginning of summer with a great find at a church rummage sale. We got 8 pairs of jeans for 2.00 and at a clearance sale I got him a pair of Nike sneakers for 7.00. The jeans are used, but decent, and we all very good brands - so when he outgrows them they'll be an easy Ebay sale. With those pre-purchases and the school supplies at 20.00 I was starting off with a 29.00 toll. 

Starting the past week, at Old Navy I found pants one black & one khaki for 7 bucks each plus a few T shirts. Then at Wal-mart we bought a clearance set that had shorts, pants, and a T for 8.00. Then the biggest recent score, we went to Unique Thrift and found eight different shirts, all were brand new, plus a pair of camouflage jeans for just over 20 dollars. Then we were really surprised when we popped over to Kmart to look at shoes. I cannot believe how expensive kid shoes are. We probably went to ten different stores looking for a decent deal in C's size. In the end Kmart was the best. They had really nice looking sneaks for 12.99! C picked out a nice black pair of high-tops with a bright green sole. They were actaully pretty sharp looking. Plus black sneakers = no need for dress shoes :) Another great deal was at JcPenny. We got a 10.00 coupon in the mail for a purchase of 10.00 or more so I went and bought 12.00 worth of socks for C and it only cost me two bucks! The last thing to add to the list was a new backpack and lunch box. Toys R Us had the best deals. C picked out a Darth Vader backpack for 12.00 and we got a free lunch box with it! With tax, 117! Before tax 109! This kid is so set. 

I think that covers all of the best deals. If I minus the twenty bucks for school supplies - after all they don't really count since he doesn't keep them; they just go to the school. Then the total is 97 bucks. We did good. 

Just one last deal I have to mention:  a really unbelievable deal was at Office Depot. They had glue for a penny. The limit was five so that is all I bought. The bill really was five cents!


Jamie said...

Wow, those are some awesome deals you got!!! Love it!

Becca B said...

I wish I had the ambition to find deals like that! I am lucky I make it out of bed in the morning...and lucky if I have grocery money! lol...you rock J :)