Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Surgery

S had foot surgery on Friday and is home for two weeks. For those who are unaware I am a horrible, horrible, horrible nurse. No hyperbole here. I do not mind being the gopher, or the helper, I actaully take pride in helping and being helpful; I just don't have all that much understanding for things not done my way. The poor guy is so screwed. Yesterday I yelled at him because he went upstairs to get a different pair of shorts. Seriously, like yelling, yelling. I just don't understand why a man with a broken foot would be attempting to go upstairs if he didn't have to. The background story to this is so unimportant that I am boring myself just thinking about it. Anyway, my point. Husband = recovering, me = not so gracious nurse. I can't believe I yelled. I almost never do that.

On the good side he is recovering nicely. The surgery was pretty routine, a bunion removal, where they shave down the bone below the big toe. S's was a little more intense because the surgeon had to break the bone and insert a metal rod/pin a  few screws to help the foot and toes stay straight. So essentially  he is recovering from a broken foot. (doctor's words) Praisingly there has been no complications and he is only taking about half the pain medication that has been prescribed. He complains mostly of soreness and a little nerve pain when he tries to move his toe, all in all, pretty mild compared to his expectations. 

Do you think praisingly should be a word? It should be, I am leaving it in there. You know, thankfully prayerful ... like thankful the prayer is answered. Certainly should be a word.  

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