Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a Quick Funny

I follow a very good blog that I recommend to all called High Heels & Huggies. The women is rather funny but I don't think she tries to be and she is honest and seems like someone I'd like to know (although I do not) who is also struggling to have a baby. Anyway; recently I got a friend request on Facebook from someone who had a similar pic to High Heels & Higgies, but I wasn't sure. So I emailed the person;  "Are you High Heels & Huggies?" Those were my only words. A week later this is the reply I got:

You sick F***, I will not wear a diaper and stripper heels for you. I just thought you were someone else. Don't contact me again. 

I did not cut and paste, the person did not use an punctuation which is a personal peeve :) 

Ummm, that is just gross. Obviously not my fellow blogger. LOL.

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