Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happiest New Year Wishes

I cannot believe Christmas is only days away. My family is all super excited. My mom and I seem to call each other every time we get another gift wrapped. My sister and I are all a flutter with the crafting gifts and even C is working on some - that he really needs to finish tonight :) We're lucky. My family is really, really blessed. And we all take it for granted even when we try not to. Just the necessities alone are blessings enough and yet our cup runs over.
  • Our house is warm, a toasty 67
  • Our fridge is full, probably so full we forgot to eat a fruit or two in the bottom drawer
  • Our clothes are clean, washed and dried at home
  • Our minds are at peace, church goers indeed (and we get to drive)
  • Our bodies are strong, nothing we cannot see a doctor for
  • Our hearts are over joyed with love for one another
May you and yours share in our Happiest New Year Blessings. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


I had a great interview today for the full time position at my current part time job. Although I was asked more than once "Are you sure you are ready for the commitment of 40 hours a week?" Yes, yes, for crying out loud yes. Geez o' Pete, my child is in 2nd grade, he is 8, he is fine everything is going fine - even keel - totally fine ...

And then I get a phone call from the school. So my "awesome interview" high lasted a whole three hours. Apparently our lovely son acted inappropriately, used inappropriate words, confessed to his teacher that we let him play Halo 3, and smashed someones project to bits - completely on purpose. Flipping wonderful. 

So the child gets home and I ask what happened. We very PC mannered-ly talk about better choices and personal responsibility and I tell him he needs to go to his room and come up with a plan that involves better actions and choices when he is in situations like he was in today. He goes up stairs, slams his door and starts trashing his room. Then he oh so innocently comes down stairs saying "I am ready to talk". Sure, a whole four minutes upstairs and your reformed huh? I swear I should just become a yeller.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a Fish Thing

A few moons ago I went crazy at a book store's going out of business sale. 90% off books just about sent me into eternal orgasm, but I digress. At one point in the sale I didn't even know what I was putting into my basket, which explains how I ended up with a few books completely out of my comfort zone. One being an EROTIC romance novel. I got to about page 39 before it hit ... every flipping page. I have never laughed so hard reading a book. The positions, the circumstance, the everything was the cheesiest most ridiculous things I've ever read. At many intervals I had to stop and read a passage out loud to my husband. The whole time he was like "What are you reading?" Tears were running down my face as the main Character and her boss (also her soon to be lover) are trying to infiltrate a biker gang and stop them from selling guns. The boss says to the other, "You don't know what these biker initiations are like Jessie, there could be fighting and public sex." What???? Seriously, I almost peed myself while doubled over in laughter. I honestly had no idea about this type of book. I have read plenty of romance novels and as far as any of them go even the raunchiest one isn't in the same ball park as the Pornographic Lalapalooza that I just read. 

Which brings me to my next point and then I'll get back to the books. Funniest story ever that happened to someone else. My sister was working her part time gig at a book store one night and was talking with her co-workers. She casually mentioned that she has been trying to get her novel published for quite sometime. A few days later she goes back to work and these same co-workers are looking at her really funny. She finally asks "what gives" and they tell her that they googled her. {How is googled not a work in spell check yet?} Apparently there is another author with her same name who is an Erotic Romance writer! How did I really not know about this genre until now? So when she told me of course I had to google her too. I found her on Amazon and again, doubled over about to pee myself. Why am I finding this stuff so funny and not gross? I don't know apparently I am still 12 in some respects.

Now back to me. I also ended up with a horoscope book. Honestly that scares me more than cheesy porn novels. But whatever I read it. It was very interesting but complete crap. At first I just read the pieces part and I was thinking - yup that is me through the whole thing. Which is true, there were many parts that we spot on. But then as I read the 'perdicitions' for each month of last year - they were completely wrong. Not one thing was proven. An entire year of star gazing and this "expert" couldn't get one thing right. So here is my theory on this, it is pretty much hog wash. Being born in a certain time of year may predisposition you to certain traits but that is possible because of at what age you experience what seasons, holidays, and life milestones and how you remember them. Or perhaps the book is targeted to a certain age group, the colors, the font, the pictures, all geared toward generation Xer's or Yer's and that is why the personality part is applicable. In the end - coincidence - all of it. I wasn't won over. 

And now back to the porn. I didn't know I had the porn. I didn't know I bought the porn. I really don't even know if you'd classify it as porn. I apparently like typing the word porn today. Anyway - on a more serious note, because I didn't realize the content of this book I left it in my living-room. When my mother in law was here in November I suggested she look through the books and take what she wanted. Later she commented that many of those "weren't her style". Hmmm, I wonder if I have more porn? Hysterically embarrassing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turn of Events

So, I have a job interview on Friday. Imagine that. I am scared - it is full time. Here are the pitfalls 
  • last time I worked full time I got really fat
  • I don't exactly handle stress well
  • I have a guilty mom conscious
  • Although S is super supportive I cannot imagine he will step up and clean a bathroom here and there, so I'll still have the 'cleaning' job. 
Then there are the positives
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Edit

***DISCLAIMER***Mom - if you are blog snooping ... stop - this post is completely about you :)

OH Lord have I stepped in it. My suggestions for Christmas presents are, although entertaining, way, way more involved than I have anticipated. I have spent countless hours editing a Christmas video, that is approximately 59 seconds - couldn't even make the minute, and scrap-booking pictures for an album that is currently 4 pages. Yesterday alone I stared at the computer screen for three hours while I learned how to cut up audio clips and videos into smaller portions and then start back up again later. Fade in and fade out music, transition film and still pictures and seamlessly make play. And now here is the kicker. I only have two out of the 20 or so videos I need in the right format. The only way I can figure how to get the remaining clips to the format I need is to rerecord with the right camera with the right format on it - that camera is in the Midwest somewhere as it gets mailed around to friends and family. Slightly overwhelmed by my/our creation. (my sister is in on them both too)

So, if you know my parents and would like to help out please send me a video wishing Tom & Kathy a Merry Christmas. You can facebook me, or email it to or You Tube it and send me the link. We need help people - lots and lots of help!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am routine oriented. On Mondays I do laundry, on Tuesdays I change the bedding, on Wednesdays I grocery shop, on Thursdays I get my free stuff, & on Fridays I do all the stuff I should have done earlier in the week. Thursdays are obviously the best. I take all my coupons and sale ads to see if anything would end up being free, I take all my of my $10 off $10 purchases to the mall, I stop by Dunkin' Donuts and get my free whatever it is that week, and I head home with a bag full of stuff I didn't have to pay for. I love it. I have been doing "free day" since October and I sure hope it continues. The coupons for the mall & coffee are the best!

This week I have three coupons for 2.00 off razors, and they are on clearance at CVS for 1.97. Then I have a coupon for Hasbro games at K Mart, the coupon is from K Mart and they let you use manufactures coupons on top of that, for which I have a $10.00 off coupon, finally they price match and Walmart has the game for $18.00. Free - which is great because charity gifts are due at church this weekend. Then it is off to  a restaurant for lunch, where I have a coupon for a free chicken salad - no purchase necessary. I don't have any $10 off $10 purchases left for the week, I used one a JC Penny just a few days ago to buy my in-laws Christmas present. The sale ended before today for the tea kettle we wanted to buy them, so I had to get in there early. Anyway off I go to get a latte, a game, razors, and lunch all for the price of a diet coke, tax and a gallon of gas. :)

Next week I plan on using Subway coupons & one for a free haircut, new customers only - trim only. Tipping not including - so free plus a little bit.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Game On

M, S and I are doing our own version of game on from now until Christmas. So far so good. M had a great suggestion to bypass the dieting food blues, try something new. So I did. I bought and served with dinner a Pomelo. I had never heard of them nor seen them before today - but man was it worth it. It is also called  a Chinese Grapefruit. I really do not like grapefruit, but this was so darn good. It wasn't too juicy or sour, more like a pink grapefruit that actaully smelled good. And there you have it, my exciting news. Pomelo, buy some.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coupon Coupon Coupons!

I swear, I am still on these killer mailing lists. Last week I had a gift card from Victoria Secret. I got it when I used a ten dollar off a ten dollar purchase I got in the mail. So I went back, just as I was getting in the car to go the mailman came and surprise, surprise for me, there was another $10.00 off coupon. It turned out the gift card was worth ten bucks too. Plus I had a coupon for one free pair of underwear. They let me use all three and I ended up just buying undies - six pairs would have been $38.50 but with all my coupons I ended up paying only $6.00. I never buy myself things like this, ever - first pairs of VS undies ever. Total over-share...probably. 

Today I am running back over to JC Penny's for the same reason - another coupon. I am going to get a sweatshirt - nothing too exciting there, but I do not have any that I can wear in public :) 

Also - last week picked up loads of extra coupons from recycle buckets when I was walking the dog. S was like "Finally - I've been telling you to do that for years." The ones I got were right on top and easy to pick up, I am too embarrassed to dig through. But if they are just laying there, I feel like I should just scoop them up. Especially since the ones I got all had coupons for free coffee and coco at Dunkin Donuts! Yum!

Our Dave Ramsey Snow Ball, is having quite the effect on me; totally in a good & humbling way. It is hard to tell yourself, no - I cannot afford that, we do not make enough money to support this decision, but it is fun to see those balances go down. Coupons certainly make it easier - and keep me happy because I can still shop!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Update

Hmmm, I really haven't blogged all that much in the past few months. It seems like we are either busy, busy or boring, boring. :) It is like when you talk to your friend everyday - you've got tons to talk about, but then if you skip a few days or weeks or even months then you don't know what to talk about. Well, sort of, I am so flipping chatty I could talk to a wall and still have a good conversation, my point is that it all seems rather unimportant after blogging about the big stuff so much. Anyway....

The holiday shopping is done, wrapped, and boxed up for a trip to Massachusetts this Christmas. Once I started wrapping I realized I got C a gift that might not be the best (the skateboard ramp) although he'd love it he wouldn't be able to use it right away - most likely he'd have to wait until spring - that idea alone had me trekking to Toys R Us yesterday to return it. I didn't replace it with anything and really don't plan too. We got C less expensive stuff this year but there is a lot of it and I know he'll like it. 

S's foot isn't healing all that well. He went back to work on Monday (thank the LORD!) but I know he is still feeling some pain. He also things there might be a rouge stitch under his skin that is starting to get infected. Great - another incision to remove that, is all I can think- poor guy. But it is unconfirmed, the doc can't fit him in until next week. 

I am still on a weight loss kick. Why is it that during a 28 day IVF cycle I can gain 30 pounds but it takes me months to loose it??? I am not discourage, just getting a little annoyed at having to be so proactive about calorie consumption and exercise just to be back to my normal "overweight" category. Obesity is such a God Awful term. But on a positive note I did go for a huge hike with my puppy this morning and I really do love that. Also over the weekend S bought me a new winter coat in size XL. Seriously this is the first XL jacket I think I've ever had. All my other ones were woman's sizes. The jacket is really nice, a Reebok fitness sub-zero temperature outdoor exercise friendly one. It is super thin but will keep you warm even in icy cold winds, also it is purple, which is obviously the best feature.Furthermore, I bought myself a new pair of jeans (well new for me) - back in Junior sizes! Ironic isn't it? This extra curvy girl has no hips, zero - and my ass, although wider than necessary, is completely flat.

The countdown for a debt snowball is still on track. We did great last month, making a $500.00 interest payment on the car loan. It was so cool to see that go down so much. Once that is paid our next one is a credit card. We suspect that will take us well into the spring, but it feels so good to have a plan. Because we've paid down so many small things we now get 4-8 credit card offers in the mail a day. My shredder is getting quite a workout. I don't even open those suckers! We use to only get a few a week, but this is ridiculous. I am thinking of calling a few just to get off their mailing list. I don't want the temptation of a lower rate - we've got good credit, I want to keep it that way, not open even more accounts to suck away our money. 

In other news, C is back on track at school. It looks like he just had a little bit of a rough patch over a few weeks. Also I talked to his teacher and basically told her that he needs to be held accountable for his actions but not every single issue is worthy of reporting. She agreed and he's come home with better behavior reports and seems to be getting back to his happy go lucky self. Which I am so happy to see. He is such a good kid; especially when he is encouraged and confident that he is good. 

And speaking of his school; I have started volunteering on a regular basis. Every Tuesday I am now a special reading teacher, although not to C. I have volunteered in previous years in his class and it has backfired horrible - he gets way too distracted. Anyway I now go in and he gets to see me and say hi, even run over and give me a hug, then I take one student at a time out of the class for a special education reading lesson. I know I have strict NO VOLUNTEERING rules, but something has gotten into me lately. I want to give back to be needed and to feel good about how I am spending my time. Plus I have a great education and it seems almost selfish not to use it. Seriously, I am not going schizophrenic, I might just actaully be growing up.

Which leads me to my next topic. Recently I heard on the news that Schizophrenia is not only hereditary but can also be caused by hallucinogenic drug use. I wonder how the government studied that one. Control groups, placebo groups, it all seems like an interesting scheme to allow legal banned substances use and huge waste of funding. Even if they just studied medical records - it still cost a bunch of money. (That is probably the understatement of the year as billions is not often described as a bunch) Wouldn't you just assume drugs are bad? People listen to me, I am smart, I know, Drugs are BAD. See, that didn't cost the government a darn cent. I should be a FDA consultant.

And my last order of business: I miss my friends. A is in OK, T is in Germany, J is IA , K in MT, B in MA, Mar is MA ... I could go on and on. All my besties spread out over the country. [How is besties not a word yet?] I get to talk to everyone but ... sometimes it just isn't the same. Hugs & Kisses girls, I miss you so much.