Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coupon Coupon Coupons!

I swear, I am still on these killer mailing lists. Last week I had a gift card from Victoria Secret. I got it when I used a ten dollar off a ten dollar purchase I got in the mail. So I went back, just as I was getting in the car to go the mailman came and surprise, surprise for me, there was another $10.00 off coupon. It turned out the gift card was worth ten bucks too. Plus I had a coupon for one free pair of underwear. They let me use all three and I ended up just buying undies - six pairs would have been $38.50 but with all my coupons I ended up paying only $6.00. I never buy myself things like this, ever - first pairs of VS undies ever. Total over-share...probably. 

Today I am running back over to JC Penny's for the same reason - another coupon. I am going to get a sweatshirt - nothing too exciting there, but I do not have any that I can wear in public :) 

Also - last week picked up loads of extra coupons from recycle buckets when I was walking the dog. S was like "Finally - I've been telling you to do that for years." The ones I got were right on top and easy to pick up, I am too embarrassed to dig through. But if they are just laying there, I feel like I should just scoop them up. Especially since the ones I got all had coupons for free coffee and coco at Dunkin Donuts! Yum!

Our Dave Ramsey Snow Ball, is having quite the effect on me; totally in a good & humbling way. It is hard to tell yourself, no - I cannot afford that, we do not make enough money to support this decision, but it is fun to see those balances go down. Coupons certainly make it easier - and keep me happy because I can still shop!

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