Friday, December 16, 2011


I had a great interview today for the full time position at my current part time job. Although I was asked more than once "Are you sure you are ready for the commitment of 40 hours a week?" Yes, yes, for crying out loud yes. Geez o' Pete, my child is in 2nd grade, he is 8, he is fine everything is going fine - even keel - totally fine ...

And then I get a phone call from the school. So my "awesome interview" high lasted a whole three hours. Apparently our lovely son acted inappropriately, used inappropriate words, confessed to his teacher that we let him play Halo 3, and smashed someones project to bits - completely on purpose. Flipping wonderful. 

So the child gets home and I ask what happened. We very PC mannered-ly talk about better choices and personal responsibility and I tell him he needs to go to his room and come up with a plan that involves better actions and choices when he is in situations like he was in today. He goes up stairs, slams his door and starts trashing his room. Then he oh so innocently comes down stairs saying "I am ready to talk". Sure, a whole four minutes upstairs and your reformed huh? I swear I should just become a yeller.

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Becca B said...

((hug)) I feel your pain. I have tried screaming, not that effective. But sometimes, it is more effective at making me realize I need to calm down. Sounds totally like some thing D would do. There are just some kids who bring out the worse in him. (Remember the pennies!) Positive thoughts. And work will come together. Its a hard act to balance.