Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am routine oriented. On Mondays I do laundry, on Tuesdays I change the bedding, on Wednesdays I grocery shop, on Thursdays I get my free stuff, & on Fridays I do all the stuff I should have done earlier in the week. Thursdays are obviously the best. I take all my coupons and sale ads to see if anything would end up being free, I take all my of my $10 off $10 purchases to the mall, I stop by Dunkin' Donuts and get my free whatever it is that week, and I head home with a bag full of stuff I didn't have to pay for. I love it. I have been doing "free day" since October and I sure hope it continues. The coupons for the mall & coffee are the best!

This week I have three coupons for 2.00 off razors, and they are on clearance at CVS for 1.97. Then I have a coupon for Hasbro games at K Mart, the coupon is from K Mart and they let you use manufactures coupons on top of that, for which I have a $10.00 off coupon, finally they price match and Walmart has the game for $18.00. Free - which is great because charity gifts are due at church this weekend. Then it is off to  a restaurant for lunch, where I have a coupon for a free chicken salad - no purchase necessary. I don't have any $10 off $10 purchases left for the week, I used one a JC Penny just a few days ago to buy my in-laws Christmas present. The sale ended before today for the tea kettle we wanted to buy them, so I had to get in there early. Anyway off I go to get a latte, a game, razors, and lunch all for the price of a diet coke, tax and a gallon of gas. :)

Next week I plan on using Subway coupons & one for a free haircut, new customers only - trim only. Tipping not including - so free plus a little bit.


Chickenpig said...

You rock the coupons!

Becca B said...

OK... I never see those deals. You rock!!!! The most I get free is the candy on the counter at the post office. :)