Monday, December 12, 2011

The Edit

***DISCLAIMER***Mom - if you are blog snooping ... stop - this post is completely about you :)

OH Lord have I stepped in it. My suggestions for Christmas presents are, although entertaining, way, way more involved than I have anticipated. I have spent countless hours editing a Christmas video, that is approximately 59 seconds - couldn't even make the minute, and scrap-booking pictures for an album that is currently 4 pages. Yesterday alone I stared at the computer screen for three hours while I learned how to cut up audio clips and videos into smaller portions and then start back up again later. Fade in and fade out music, transition film and still pictures and seamlessly make play. And now here is the kicker. I only have two out of the 20 or so videos I need in the right format. The only way I can figure how to get the remaining clips to the format I need is to rerecord with the right camera with the right format on it - that camera is in the Midwest somewhere as it gets mailed around to friends and family. Slightly overwhelmed by my/our creation. (my sister is in on them both too)

So, if you know my parents and would like to help out please send me a video wishing Tom & Kathy a Merry Christmas. You can facebook me, or email it to or You Tube it and send me the link. We need help people - lots and lots of help!

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Becca B said...

:( Ambitious Christmas presents get us all. The most ambitious I get is making a ton of fudge, and even that I run out of time for. ((hugs)) Don't get too crazy, it will all work out. I have not even bought one present yet. I am so worried about the boys. I just keep hoping for a Christmas miracle and money falls from the sky. but alas... it never does. Love u!!!