Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pirates Ahoy!

God only knows what I was thinking. S and I promised C a real birthday party this year. So, when the invite came months ago for my uncle's 50th on the same weekend we knew we'd either have to celebrate C's early or late. In the end we chose late - i.e. this weekend. So on Monday before school I filled out 21 pirate themed invites and stuck them in his back pack. We've gotten a few RSVP's (all girls) so far and it looks like we will probably have about ten kids there. So that is all well and good ... but then last night C gets a phone call from little Johnny (I forget the boy's real name already) and little Johnny says he can't go to the party because he is going to a baseball game. I had the phone on speaker for him, but then he rounded the corner and I couldn't hear the rest. When C gets off the phone I asked him the details and he says:

Well, Johnny called to say sorry he missed my party last weekend because he had a ball game to go to. I told him that was alright because my cousins were there and we did a lot of dancing.

J stinking C, I could have gotten away with no party! But instead I create Pirate Games, go to the store and buy Pirate themed crap and invite 21 kids and their siblings to our house. I ask you dear readers: What the hell is wrong with me?

Don't answer that.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

I just choked on a Ritz cracker. It got lodged at the top of my abnormally large pallet and prevented my tongue from moving. I couldn't even cough. I started to panic and then saw a pen on the table. I used it to dislodged the cracker. My lips are no longer blue. I am an idiot.

Also - S just called he passed his test. Obviously my worry was misplaced, I should have been concerned on how I was going to attempt suicide by Ritz at two in the afternoon.

Hey No Fair!

Life isn't all that fair. I know - great words of wisdom there.

S is taking a PT test today and he was a wreck last night worrying that he wouldn't pass. In 10 years he has never failed, yet this year ... well it is a different story. He added a few pounds going to school and not running around chasing C after work. Still he'd be fine but then about two months ago (I think) his high tech knee brace broke. He has been working with Tricare to get a replacement but the process is SLOW. Without the brace he isn't suppose to run. S is a very good runner. He is can go months without eating right and not working out and still run a 5K with a good time. But without the brace he just can't give it his all and hasn't been to the gym as much as normal. Last week he got out of the test but then this week he was told he had to take it. And since he still doesn't know when the new brace will be in he couldn't argue. So he took it this morning at 6:00. And I have no idea how he did. I have called his desk three times and left one message. Worrying for nothing I hope.

In other not fair news. G money, aka the putts, emailed me last week and said there would be a delay in my employment start date. I replied saying that was fine, but now I haven't heard from him. I am going to call him this afternoon and see what is going on. This is weird...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Which isn't a bad thing. For example: Family vacations. Dad is so darn stubborn - everyone gripes and complians and yet we all manage to have a blast.

  • The family visit went off without any major incidents. But… a quick rundown of the visits faults before moving on to the cheerier side:
  • My father broke an outdoor folding chair. I warned him multiple times that the chair was going to break. (we’d already broken three in the last two months) He insisted on sitting in it anyway. One day he reached back and distributed his weight across the chair differently and it cracked. When he tried to get up, he cracked the other side and sort of got mashed into the folding of the different arms and legs.
  • My parents and grandparent made plans for me. I missed a birthday party because of it. I was slightly annoyed, but at the same time glad to be out of another kid party. Such a double edge there. Still I feel bad for A and her little 4 year old. When you say you’ll be there – it is nice to actually show up. Sorry guys!
  • My mother had the worst gray and dyed orange fro I’d ever seen her sport. In fact it was so bad that my aunt S actually offered to dye it for her
  • This happened towards the end of the vacation.
  • I got stung by a bee. It hurt – a LOT.
  • I barely got to use my computer, I had to beat off my parents with a stick, they are both so addicted to Mafia Wars of F/B. It is crazy.
  • I gained an extra chin while they were here.

    The Cheerier side:
  • My sister made the trip after debating to nix it due to financial and emotional type stresses. (we basically guilt tripped her into it and offered to pay)
  • My aunt from Oregon got to come up and see us for a few days too.
  • My parents were not as cheap as they normally are. In fact my mother for the first time ever didn’t get up to “use” the ladies room, even once, when the check came.
  • We had a lot of fun touring Georgetown, Harpers Ferry, and the casino (multiple times.)
  • We ate like kings and queens. (hence the new chin)
  • On the 26th we went to my uncle’s 50th Birthday Party. It was a blast.My sis and I made complete asses of ourselves singing “Day Dream Believer” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” during a rousing edition of family Karaoke. We scored in the 30ies I believe. My uncle sung some old country love song and got a 92. But we weren’t the worst. I believe the group that sang “Super Freak” took that crown.
  • We got to see tons of family there. So cousins I haven’t seen in 10 years were there, one with a boy the same age as C so the kids were happy.
  • I saw another cousin who I hadn’t seen since I was a child and it turns out him and his newer wife live only 25 minutes from here. They even offered to take C for a weekend while we go on VK sometime. Heck I might just take them up on that one. His wife NL only works minutes from our house. We might get together for lunch one day. She was wicked nice.
  • We danced a ton at the party. My sister took a really funny picture of me doing the YMCA, mid A. It is hysterical and just might have to be my new profile picture. Although my mother kindly reminded me that the Internet remembers forever. Thanks MOM!
  • The hot tub at the hotel was awesome.
  • All in all it was a great week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sooooo Sleepy

The 'rents are visiting. We're having a great time. Life is generally good and there are no major complaints ... yet. (ha, ha)

Although I am so tired. I cannot figure out what is going on. On Saturday we went to the best ball game ever. I was really into the game and yelling the whole time. I sort of feel bad for the couple trying to make out in front of me ... I was really LOUD. Needless to say my throat is wicked sore and my voice has been cracking for a few days. But that is no complaint, the ball game was awesome and I loved every second of it.

So other than a sore throat I shouldn't have anything else going on; so the tired issue is bugging me. I am getting plenty of sleep.

Oh well - back to entertaining.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


I decided that I would go to work tonight, which meant C and I just had to go shopping :O) So we went to one of my favorite junk stores. As we were walking around I found a few things I could resell but really traffic was so horrid that we only had like 45 minutes until the place closed. So anyway, we were power shopping. In the furniture section we saw C's old toy box. We donated a ton of crap when we moved. This one had a crack in it and to prove it was our old one still had a blue moving sticker on it and an USAF sticker still on it. We bought the toy box in California, and moved it a few times. We paid less the five bucks and for it and the last three years it has been in a shed collecting vermin. Literally. This place had it marked for 20.00. No wonder I only found a few things. Highway robbery. That thing is only like 35.00 new at Toy's R Us.

Anyway, as mentioned before my Internet sales are going well and I am now wondering why I ever stopped this business in the first place. It is fun. But I suppose you cannot make any substantial or consistent money at it. Oh well, as some readers may or may not know I was offered the job with the putts and accepted. It is only ten hours a week and after the first month or so I can work from home. So I am pretty happy about that. I start in two weeks. Which, is one reason S wants me to get a car. Funny - but we have the money all squared away from the bank, yet neither of us actually want to spend it. LOL - maybe I need to sell a few more odds and ends first.


One of my friends recently told me that when she was younger she had no ambition and now the problem is that she has too much. I started thinking about ambition. Maybe it is time to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Here is a list of occupations and ideas I had growing up

  1. I once told a teacher in grade three that I wanted to be a gypsy.

  2. I seriously wanted to be an astronaut and a rock star on the weekends.

  3. In grade five I announced that I wanted to be a pilot.

  4. In grade six I pondered being a rock star again. Until I was told I could join the library group during chorus hour. Apparently my vocal talent was missed during my rendition of Mama Paquita.

  5. In high school I thought about working with kids then I realized the pay sucks and really I didn't always like other people's children.

  6. Now I am thinking that rock star weekends and gypsy weren't bad ideas after all :O)

My ambition now, well - I still don't have much. I am happy with the way things are. Although I was thinking that I am really having fun selling stuff lately. I would love to own a thrift store one day. That would be a really neat job. Plus, I'd get the best deals :O)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sell Baby Sell

Just a quick note. I am making a killing today! I sold all my 3T jeans to one lady and now just got a call from another who is picking up a costume and an email from a guy picking up stuff tonight. I am enfuego my friends.

Just My Day

Yesterday we went to a picnic at C's school. It was set up really cute with back yard style games for the kids and a pizza fund raiser for the PTA. It was pretty fun. To our surprise C brought over all his new friends and introduced them to us. Seems like he has a nice little group of "best buds", as he calls them.

After the picnic we went back to the house to hang out. It was sort of nice, we all ended up in our room piled on the bed watching Sponge Bob. Even the pup was behaving, for a while anyway. It seemed like we could all fall asleep at 7:30. C didn't last much longer and I had to get up and get ready for my aerobics class.

I went to the gym around 8:05 and walked into a room of about twenty women. For a while everyone was just standing there. So I began to talk. Two ladies I talked to were really nice and we talked about vacations and our pets. If anyone ever sees me "work" a party of people I don't know, they'd know that when I want to start a conversation with someone I don't know, I always ask "how do you know the host?" or "have you been here before?" and then move on to "Do you have any pets?" and "What vacations have you or are you taking this year?". They are sure fire convo starters. Although I asked one lady if she'd done Zumba before and she just answered "Yes" and then zipped her lips. And another one seemed sort of shy, just nodding her head no and sort of listening in on my conversation with the two women I was talking about Vegas with. I will have to try to stand near here next week to see if she will open up a little. If you have someone to talk to the class has the potential to be a lot of fun. However it wasn't as much fun as it could of been last night. As much talking as I did ... well that was all I did. The instructor didn't show up and at 8:30 the class was canceled. So I came home and ran a few miles, not something I really wanted to do, but I figured I as strapped into an uncomfortable sports bra so I might as well put it to use. Hopefully next week the class is actually a go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No More Monkeys

Something Funny:

Over the weekend S and I were in our room, at night, in the dark ... and C was sleeping. We weren't. :O)

Well, C sort of woke up and was standing in our doorway, so S just told him quietly to potty and go back to bed. Then we picked up where we left off. The child was so sleepy and out of it neither of us thought he'd carry that scar.

So the next morning C tells me he is upset. I ask why and he says "the other night when I got out of bed you were eating ice cream" and I say "yeah, I didn't have a snack that day and you and daddy had had ice cream earlier" then C says "well, then last night when I got up you guys were jumping on the bed without me."

I tried to hold back my laughter and started tearing up. He then said something about me feeling bad because I didn't wait for him to jump on the bed and he forgives me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

I could go for a nap. Unfortunately for me, I'm not much of a nap person. I would need to be seriously deprived of sleep in order to have any slumber. When I worked full time and C was going through his 5 AM Pop Tart phase - I could nap. But alas, today I shall suffer. LOL.

We did a lot this weekend, a ball game, apple / blackberry picking, impromptu car shopping, eating out with friends, my Zumba experience, and just having a generally good time. It was nice.

When we were out with friends S told them he had to buy me a car soon. I was really surprised at that. Then on the way home we stopped at a dealership and looked around. We found a pretty good deal on a used Volvo and a used Subaru. We checked out the prices on the Internet when we got home and found that they were priced low. We might go back later this week. S is checking out his works version of craigslist first, to see if we could get something cheaper. I don't need anything great, just something I can drive and goes from A to B a few days a week. I actually cannot drive our SUV, it is too big for me. I cannot park it at all. I even hit a car in a parking lot a few weeks ago. No damage, just a bruised ego.

The parking issue might be due to my eyes. I noticed when we were at the ball game that I couldn't read the score board all that well. It didn't prohibit me from having a good time though. The weather was absolutely perfect. C played in the kid area the entire time and didn't even want to come home. It was really fun.

On Sunday we went out to Purciville (the sticks) to go apple picking. We met up with some friends there and just picked and picked. I got a quart of blackberries, but I swear I ate three quarts before I ever got to the check out farm stand. They were so huge and so good, especially the ones in the sun - they were warm, juicy, and bursting with yumminess.

In other news to complain about: I am reading this new book, a James Patterson murder deal. I only seem to read Patterson when I have nothing else. I like him, but a lot of times after I finish the book I just think about all the crap I could cut out and shave off 200 pages or so. This one, Double Cross is better than usual although the scenic descriptions are driving me crazy. They don't flow easily with the story. The setting is in DC and Patterson makes a point of describing each detail of the killers movements marked by exact DC metro area locals. I think if I didn't know the area well it wouldn't phase me, but really I know FedEx Field is in Landover, I know there is a score board, I know 16th Street in SE isn't a good neighborhood, and I know that SW is the projects - I use to live there. I get it. (granted I got to live inside an armed gate community, but I still got my ghetto on - on occasion :P) - yeah I'm a bad ass) Oh well, I'm about 1/3 of the way into it - I am sure there is room for improvement.

Last week I read a VC Andrews book. Don't ask me why I always go back to that trash. Maybe because it is an easy read, maybe because I really liked that crap when I was a teen? Who knows? Anyway a few weeks ago C and I were at the library and I came across this book, Melody by VC Andrews (well, the writers that represent the Andrews name anyway) So I choose the book because it looks interesting and ... and this is a big and ... it isn't part of a series. Almost all VC Andrews books are, actually I don't know any that aren't. I personally don't love series. I can't put them down once I start. I want to read all of them. I was roped into the whole Twilight deal earlier this year - I met my series quota. But I digress, so I read Melody. It was pretty good. Although as in nearly all Andrew's books there is this weird vibe of incest or sexual abuse. So last week I go over to the library and get a new workout video and happen see on the shelf a book with the picture of Melody on the cover, but it isn't Melody. And in my head start yelling "Darn it - the book is in a series!" Needless to say I check out book number two. So now I am waiting for the library to have book three on hold for me and am stuck filling my time with an inelegant novel.

I know you care.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Challanged

Dear Readers,

It may not surprise you that I am at times a flake. Signing up for Zumba was proof of such character. I wish I had pictures of myself. When people turned left I went right, when everyone screamed I clapped, and when they clapped I just clapped off the best. When the instructor said turn, I forgot and then had a hundred people jutting out their bodies in my direction. Twice my shorts fell below my waist to my thighs. I lost four pounds in two hours and was so thankful that I wore these spandex-ie sort of shorts under my regular ones. (I was a little worried about chaffing and I know, so classy) By the end of it, my hair was soaked, my limbs were almost number, and my perma grin was plastered so far back I was showing my molars. But the saving grace was once again, the doubled up shorts! I was one of the only ones with out a butt crack sweat line down the back side of their apparel. So yeah I rocked it.
In case anyone was wondering, here is what the community center had to say about this class:

Zumba Master Class
A two hour Zumba dance class
full of hot salsa, meringue,
cumbia and much more. sWear comfortable
clothing and be prepared
to dance till you drop. Water and
light refreshments provided.
Pre-register by Sept 10 for a
1, 2 hour session Pre-reg $10/At door $15
September 12
2245.999 Sa 12:30-2:30pm

Notice the word MASTER in the description. Yeah, I totally missed that part! So while waiting for the class to begin I noticed a girl who had awesome shoes. So I had to tell her and we got to talking. Then she started doing all this warm up stuff and I was just sort of standing there thinking, what is she doing? Oh man do I wish I had joined her because now I keep thinking: yikes, I also signed up for regular Zumba classes, hopefully my legs will have healed from all the jumping around by then.... they are soooooooo sore. :O)


I can't wait to do this again on Tuesday, because as you all know, I enjoy making an ass of myself.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a Dance Party

I signed up for Zumba and it stats today. I have my reservations, what was I thinking? I am not this out going, I don't know anyone there?

For the last three weeks I have been renting dance/ workout videos at the library in an attempt to obtain some sort of rhythm and preparedness for this class. You should have seen me doing the salsa one, it was a riot. I actually fell twice. C was hysterical at that one. This week I borrowed a belly dancing one, that one was actually boring. The guru, who crept me out with her REALLY dirty feet, broke down all these steps to do these really slow movement. When they we slow, I swear a snail could do them. When she sped them up, I couldn't keep up. During the harder moves I just ended up doing some aerobics steps to pass the time. My plan didn't work, I am no more athletically inclined than I was three weeks ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Open Letter to The 3rd Grader

Dear Punk,

It was great to see you at the bus stop this morning. You seem like a very sweet and conniving little girl. I do not appreciate you telling me what to do and when to do it. You are 8, I am obviously not 8. So please go back under the rock you crawled out of.

It is true as you said, I have a dog. However you are in no way allowed to tell me I cannot bring my dog to the bus stop. My son, C, is the only child who crosses to our side of the street in the afternoon. You, your brother, and other assorted deviants stay on the side the bus drops you off on. Thus I can bring our family pet with us and stay across the street from the stop. If you don't like it, stay on your side of the street, where you belong. After all I wouldn't want you to get hit by a car while crossing to tell me you don't think it is "appropriate to have a dog because it scare people."

If you aren't nice you will grow into a bitter and ugly girl no one will like.

Have a great day at school.

You are a pain in the ass, no wonder your mother doesn't come to the bus stop with you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My dog is a dummy. I just got done cleaning up the kitchen. Last night I made spicy, really spicy Sloppy Joe's. (they were amazing) Anyway, I made them in the crock pot and forgot to clean that up. It still had the spoon in it. So today I put the pot to soak and open the dishwasher to shove the spoon in. Maggie runs into the kitchen anytime she hears the dishwasher door. She loves to lick the dirty dishes. I see her coming and tell her, "no, no Maggie, HOT" She licks the spoon anyway. I rinsed it but it was wooden so I knew it would hold onto some to the heat. Well she yelps, backs away and then starts barking at the dishwasher. My dog, the dummy.

But she also is pretty smart sometimes. Yesterday I walked her to the bus stop to wait for C to get home. The bus pulled up and I said "there's C" and she just started getting so excited. Then this morning when it was time to bring C to the bus stop she went and sat right next to the cabinet her leash was in. She wanted to go too. - So cute. But to her dismay I didn't take her, one of the parents complained yesterday that it really isn't allowed because someone might be allergic to dogs. I didn't see that in the rules anywhere. So, maybe I won't bring her in the morning because everyone just stands around waiting but in the afternoon there are no kids running around just a few grown-ups, and I am sure by the end of the week I'll be the only on there.

Speaking of the bus stop. There are a bunch of boys there wearing turban like things. Not like the big white ones I've seen before, these are black and really tight against their skin and there is this big knot on the top where there hair is twisted into it. On kids sister has Henna all over her hands. I don't know what religion or anything that is, but I sure am curious, I have never seen it before. The kids mother was at the bus stop yesterday morning, but not today. I should have asked, but I didn't want to sound like a rube. I tried to look it up on the Internet but got no where fast, turban head, and Indian religions didn't bring up what I thought it would. Dummy - right? LOL

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

S got home yesterday. I don't think I ever missed him so much. Boy, did he have stories for me. Some really funny and some centered around his parents which weren't funny at all. Over all he had a great time and that is really good, I am happy for him. Not to worry my dear fans, we got a chance to talk a lot about what is going on with me and in our lives right now. So, things are good.

He is kind of funny though, he doesn't read this blog. Isn't that strange? It is saved to the favorites, my friends and family read it. I don't hide my feelings (obviously) and just type what I feel in the moment, so it is all right there. I would be so darn nosey with that. LOL. But he just said, it's my business. For a guy, my husband is actually pretty complex. But I digress, the point is, I missed him, he had a great time, and we had a good night reconnecting and having fun with our son.

Something Funny, we had Pizza Hut for lunch yesterday. Then S said, at dinner, that C could pick out what we were going to eat because today would be his first day of school. So I said I would cook anything he wanted. C thought about it for a minute and said "well, all I really want is pizza." LOL - so S went out and got us a pizza. Twice in one day.

That would be why I am getting off this computer and going for a LONG run. Ahhhh the first day of school. I am almost giddy. Who am I kidding ... almost - HA.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

When You Have to Choose

About six weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend that is haunting me. It has been since the day she said it. She said she "chose God." She gave birth to a beautiful little girl, M, who died at 38 weeks before ever taking a breath. Doctors called it a structural defect, but basically M did a few somersaults that resulted in a very tight knot of her umbilical cord. My friend chose God. She chose to grieve, love, learn, share, and grown in Christ. She chose to take the hard road and not blame anyone.

I am not her. I didn't choose, I just sort of said, well Jesus, thanks but no thanks. And until last night hadn't prayed a prayer in his name other than recited words in church and ones people have requested for get wells, and the likes. So last night, It was nearing midnight and I wanted to go to sleep, but I was really thirsty and the dog had to go outside. So I grabbed a diet coke and went out on the deck. Maggie disappeared into the night chewing sticks and chasing her own tail. I was left with a starry night and my own thoughts. So I prayed my first real prayer since the miscarriage. I was really crying and sobbing and hardly getting the thoughts out when I just blurted out loud that I was broken and I didn't know what to do. I remember thinking "obviously I cannot challenge you, asking you for some sign I am going to misinterpret anyway, I just need some guidance, I'm so broken." Then I finished my Diet Coke called the dog over and went to bed. As I fell asleep I was still just thinking how broken I was and how I didn't choose I just let go.

Today, at church, our new church, the priest gave a half hour homily on people being broken and having to choose the holy spirit. I didn't hear anything else, not C making noises, no pages rustling, no A/C vents, no noises of any kind. I didn't see anything else, no movements, no people, no nothing. All I saw and heard for thirty minutes was this priest talking directly to me. In a church full of at least a thousand I was the only parishioner. It was all for me.

When we left I shook the priests hand and thank you. It was really all I could do. He used so many phrases and examples that I had prayed upon the night before. I have never had a such a direct experience. I'm choosing him. I am still not okay, but I choose him.

2 Things

Two things have made me feel better in the last ten minutes. One was an email from a friend about a mutual friend of our husbands, and I totally agreed with the subject matter, although not my point. My point: in my response I mentioned playing Rock Band naked. The images I have running through my head are hysterical. Don't ask - just go with it.

The second is my sisters new blog / writing website on Wordpress. She posted a new story, well new to us anyway. She is so talented, this she knows of course. But if you like to read you should check it out, and then of course tell everyone you know about her, especially super important editor and publisher friends. I just noticed that a copy of Smashing is posted. That is the one, the one to make it, I just know it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What the Hell is Wrong NOW?

I watched the Sex in the City movie tonight. I curled up with a Diet Coke, a blanket and the pup.

Charlotte got pregnant after she adopted and "stopped trying".

I wish I drank.

Sunday it's Church & That's IT

I swear, I make life so complicated sometimes. Neither S nor I have any concept of how long things actually take. I tend to be a little better sometimes, but certainly not when it comes to events like, games, flying, or parties. Anyway, today My plan was:

9:00 go to three yard sales in my neighborhood
10:00 look at car for sale in Woodbridge
10:45 go to yard sales ending up back in DC for 12:30
12:35 get pizza
1:00 meet friends at their hotel w/ pizza - they leave for their new assignment in Nebraska tomorrow.
3:00 head home, maybe stop at the store for some marshmallows (there is more to that story later)

Around nine I am rounding up C and getting my pocketbook in order when the phone rings. It is the guy in Woodbridge (40 ish miles away), he sold his car last night. I was a little annoyed, since in a way he had sold it to me - but honestly, it doesn't matter. If I got there and really couldn't stand the car, I wouldn't have bought it and the guy would be out a sale. So, anyway C and I head out anyway and go to the yard sales and then head out towards Bolling AFB and Andrews AFB (they are only about ten miles apart). Man did I get good sales! I finally got a nice dining room table and chairs and only paid 50.00. The family who I bought it from were so nice. The guy helped me take it apart and fit it in my car, which was no easy task considering at the last yard sale I bought a bike! Eventually we fit it in and I headed to Bolling to get pizza. I swear things just take so long, we did make it to my friends at 1:00 but imagine if I had actually gone to look at that car, I would have been so late.

We are always so busy. LOL - even when we are suppose to be just relaxing and visiting with friends. Anyway, on my travels I also got a fire pit and surprised C with marshmallows - we are going to roast them tonight. Should be really fun.

Tomorrow we are just going to rest. Although I might make C ride bikes to church with me. Got to get the bike rides in while S is away. Whose parents don't teach their children to ride bikes? Yeah, that would be my in laws.


Friday, September 4, 2009

The First Grade

I remember my first day of first grade. I was really excited and planned what to wear for a week before hand. I practiced all sorts of things to prepare and was sure I was going to be the teacher's favorite. One of the reasons I was so excited is because a week before school started my mother took me to meet the teacher. Her name was Mrs. Julius, you know like the orange Julius drinks that use to be in all the malls. Anyway, her husband was a dentist and she said that he would be visiting the class. This thought really pleased me because I knew I didn't have any cavities. Mrs Julius also told me she loved my romper.

For those two young to remember or to old to care, a romper was a one piece jump suit sort of outfit that was popular in the late seventies and early eighties. My "romper" was made of terry cloth and was a soft turquoise color and I had red jelly sandals, which have oddly made a come back in recent years in the preteen/ tween group. I was sure I needed to wear another thing the same color so the teacher would remember me. For the occasion my mother bought be a long sleeve dress shirt with a scalloped edged color that was a lighter version of my romper color, on one of its sides it said Cabbage Patch Kids. I wore this shirt for two years straight until it fell off in protest.

So, back to the first day of class, I wore the new shirt. It was only like 100 degrees that day, but I didn't care. Mrs Julius noticed and said "Jamie, I am glad to see you again, I like your shirt." I was in heaven. From there on I don't remember too much about grade one, other than the dentist day, mixing up Lion and Liar during reading groups, winning the super bowl challenge of guessing the score - I won pudding - everyone else got fruit, getting in trouble for talking too much and then lying to get out of it (now that is a good story), and playing endlessly on the playground. I loved the big old trees. Under them there were hollowed out nooks where the roots were and you could curl up in them, endless hours of house, Fraggles, Wuzzles, Little People, and Carebears were played there. I am not sure this was the year we saw Haley's comet or not, that may have been second grade. Either way I had Mrs. J for both grades.

The big lie went something like this:

"Jamie and So and So, it is time to quiet down and concentrate."

one minute passes

"Jamie stop talking."

one minute passes


one minute passes ... Mrs J comes to my desk and asks what is so important. I just casually smile and say "I'm sorry, I can't see the board."

The next thing I know Mrs. J is sending a note home telling my parents it is time to get an eye exam. Like two days later I had glasses, and I didn't even think I needed them! LOL, certainly I did - but that isn't' even close to what I was talking about. I was talking about, get this, Michael Jackson.

It was book day. That one day a month when the book orders come in and everyone gets a book from scholastic or where ever the school gets them from. Anyway, I had talked my mom into getting me the biography of Michael, pre Pepsi Injury. And I was telling my friend all about the book as I read it instead of doing what ever work I was suppose to be doing. Ahhh nostalgia.

So today I took C to his first teacher meeting in his new school. The teacher Mrs. T seems very nice, although there wasn't much meeting time - It was more of an open house set up. But C and I plodded around the classroom doing a make shift scavenger hunt and checking out where his seat was. From memory it was a lot different that when I was in school. The kids sit at tables, not desks. C is almost too big to sit at the table, good thing he is skinny but for height I know he is in the 95th percentile this year (he had his physical on Tuesday), but still he most likely won't be the tallest kid in there. His knees sort of hit the table when he tried to sit down. But he said he fit fine once he scooted the chair in. My son looked like a giant. LOL. But he is really excited and for a while I shared his excitement.

On the way home he asked for a haircut, ice cream, and how many days until he gets to go back. I am a pretty proud parent at the moment. Good Luck C.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy, Busy

I got an email from G money, also known as the putts. His initials are GM so it's either G Money or Speed Racer as a nickname, Putts just seems wrong if I accept his job offer. What to do, what to do? There is this whole pro / con list forming in my head. Just my luck it is even. I'll have to chew on this idea for a while.

In other news, Ebay is making a killing lately. Last month I only shopped three times and listed accordingly and made 162.00 profit, and that is after all the Ebay, paypal, and other seller fees. Plus some items I saved to list later, so the cost for them has already been subtracted. I have spread sheets all mapped out to calculate it all. Then there is craigslist, which I am no longer a fan of. My appreciation for it was certainly short lived, but still I did good. A friend gave me a bunch of ideas on how to list to avoid schemers and the likes, so I might try a few items that are too big to mail. Speaking of which - mail is expensive! I sold one pair of jeans for eight bucks, paid three and lost like seventeen cents on the deal after mailing and fees. Oh well, now I have the spreadsheet and know a much better price point for this month. I really do love shopping :P)

Well, better go, I actually have one left over item on Craigslist - listed before crazy guy, that is selling today - the lady should be here soon. Good bye old dog crate that we only used for three weeks! Hello 25.00 in cash :P)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Okay

I took two Tylenol PM's around nine and two more around eleven. At midnight I went to bed and slept like the dead until 7:30. The pain is gone, but I am worried it is going to come back. I put a call into the doctor and will have to leave it at that for now.

Also, my jeans smell and I need to change them. I wore them two days in a row, so I suppose that is the problem. I only have one pair that really fit, the others are too loose, and one is too small. The fall is hitting earlier than expected here. Sigh. Blah, blah, blah.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Either Way, It Will Be A Long Night

Alright, it is official: I cannot be around certain pregnant people or babies. Tonight we went to a 1st birthday party for A, a real cutie. There was a pregnant lady there, she was actually at the Melting Pot two weeks ago too, and I wasn't too fond of her then either, and she was complaining that she hopes "this one is a boy, they are so much easier, and I really want new baby stuff." She has two girls. Normal conversation for some, but not for me. I can't take it. S didn't pick up on it and I didn't tell him. He thought she was nice in her defense she probably is.

Also, I may need to go to the ER. I am not sure. I am trying to keep myself busy and just not think about it. But I am having really bad pains in my upper abdomen and upper back. Horrible pain. I am not really that big of a menstrual cramp type of person, if I have cramps it is just my lower sides and I can pop some Tylenol or Midol and forget about any real issues if need be. But this is killer, I am getting twinges and sever sharp pains. Because of the whole IVF/ Miscarriage deal I am at risk for a whole bunch of extra fun issues including twisted ovaries and Fallopian tube blockages among other things. Plus I never went in and had a sonogram after the miscarriage. So now I am paranoid, and since this is my first real period after the ordeal I am a mess. Its not fair. Other people can endure this crap knowing it is how their body works so they can have children. So what, I just get to pretend?