Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pirates Ahoy!

God only knows what I was thinking. S and I promised C a real birthday party this year. So, when the invite came months ago for my uncle's 50th on the same weekend we knew we'd either have to celebrate C's early or late. In the end we chose late - i.e. this weekend. So on Monday before school I filled out 21 pirate themed invites and stuck them in his back pack. We've gotten a few RSVP's (all girls) so far and it looks like we will probably have about ten kids there. So that is all well and good ... but then last night C gets a phone call from little Johnny (I forget the boy's real name already) and little Johnny says he can't go to the party because he is going to a baseball game. I had the phone on speaker for him, but then he rounded the corner and I couldn't hear the rest. When C gets off the phone I asked him the details and he says:

Well, Johnny called to say sorry he missed my party last weekend because he had a ball game to go to. I told him that was alright because my cousins were there and we did a lot of dancing.

J stinking C, I could have gotten away with no party! But instead I create Pirate Games, go to the store and buy Pirate themed crap and invite 21 kids and their siblings to our house. I ask you dear readers: What the hell is wrong with me?

Don't answer that.


Jamie said...


It'll be fun for him! And one he'll remember:) Especially with all those girls!

Kim said...

Sounds like a blast. LOL there is something w/ my boys always having the girls too. Seems like they have more friends as girls than boys.A pirate party sounds fun

I hope life can only get better said...

Don't you just love the birthday parties! They just get bigger and bigger. Is c popular with the girls?