Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Open Letter to Bryer's Ice Cream

I went to bed last night at 7. I was just exhausted. I woke up around 9 and vaguely remember downing some Tylenol and having a half of a Diet Coke. I must have woken up ten times again after that. I was actually relieved when C came in a 6:30. All night I just had wicked nightmares. Can't say I really remember any of them I just know they all had to do with death.

This "illness" I assume was completely brought on by emotional stress. Sob, sob. Yesterday I had a really bad headache. It was massive and I knew I needed more then Tylenol to even take an edge off. Then I realized I couldn't take anything harder because it had been more than 30 days since my last period. Of course I know I am not pregnant. It isn't possible. Still, I have strict instructions from the doctor to not take the medicine unless I know I am not. So I pee on a stick and even though I know there won't be two lines, I am still heartbroken when there isn't. Part of me wishes I just suffered through the headache. Pity, pity, blah, blah, I took two Vicodin and ate ice cream.

And now my open letter to Bryer's:

Dear Bryer's Ice Cream,

You do wonders with chocolate. As an emotional crutch you are top notch.

I'll take ten pounds over crying any day,

I thank you, and my ass thanks you.


I love Ice Cream.


Jamie said...

LOL as always you CRACK me UP. Sorry for the -
That stinks.

Kim said...

Oh that is funny. Chocolate is my relief too

I hope life can only get better said...

Ice cream, Ice cream, we all scream for ice cream! as I always say, ice cream cures all that ails ya. This past month I have bought my fair share, infact, headed for a bowl now. I wish life was not so complicated....