Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Birthday Present

My mother-in-law sent me a list of things my father-in-law wants for his birthday / Christmas. Aren't we a little old for these type of lists? Apparently not so much. On the list was an assortment of pure crap. Sweat pants? Mouse pad? For crying out loud does he live in a retirement home? These gifts sound like something you get off a gift tree at the back of church during Advent. But hey - ask and ye shall receive.

Mouse Pad = 2.99
Sweat Pants = 8.99
Transfer Paper = 9.99

Cheap presents. I used my computer to make this collage of family pictures, printed it out and ironed onto the mouse pad, it is super cute. Then I made a USAF name tag for the sweat pants and ironed that on. My father-in-law now officially has birthday presents and I have transfer paper left over to use for Xmas gifts.

Just in case you were wondering - I am pretty proud of myself.

In other news: Today at the library I farted. Yes it is true, I tooted. This was a surprise squeaker that made me turn around to see who it was only to find out it was me! I don't think anyone really heard but I did hear someone laughing in the distance. Needless to say I exited the row and went back to the kiddie section with C and read the newest Cosmo. Did you know that Kim Kardashian wants people to stop asking her if her ass is real? Yes, I was at the library filling the aisles with a funky smell and my brain with an ass load of knowledge - pun intended.

And speaking of ass loads, I had ass loads of laughs when I watched the move Proposal with Sandra Bullock and regrettably Land of the Lost with Will Ferrel. The proposals was predictable but surprisingly made me laugh and it was pretty clean. In one part Sandra Bullock says to her costar, "why didn't you tell me you were the Kennedy's of Alaska?" HA! Land of the Lost was vulgar and hysterical in parts - C LOVED it. Although when we started watching it I thought it was PG but within two minutes realized it must have been PG-13 because they say ass, bitch, and a whole slew of other swears before they even get into the plot. Still both movies made me laugh and had some pretty funny parts.


Jamie said...

Oh, J, thanks for providing me with gut-busting laughs once again! You are hilarious!!!!

I hope life can only get better said...

I needed a smile! My mother in law is so into those kind of lists also. And she always wants a list from the kids at christmas time. Really, I don't need the list. The mouse pad sounds cute, but you meant to tell me he did not have one? What's on here b-day list? lol